Obrazy na stronie


Lettres d'une Peruvienne, en Francois et compte de Fouchecour, 3s. 6d. boards. Italien, où l'on a accentué tous les Mots Lackington and Co. pout donner aux etrangers la facilité d'en The Lounger : a periodical paper, pubapprendre la Prosodie, par M. Deodati, lished at Edinburgh in 1785-6. New edi3s. 6d. boards, Lackington and Co. and tions, 2 vols. 8vo. 143. boards, 3 vols. 12mo. Da Ponti, Pall-Mall,

10s. 6d, boards. Cadell and Davis. Hints to Legislators; proving the re- Mottos : or Imagery of Life, by W. Rohviewers to be nuisances to society, And a son, of Castle Carey, Is. 6d. Parsons and letter concerning illuminations and mobs, by Son, and Hatchard. W. P. Russel, Verbotomist, 12mo. le. Badcock.

POETRY The Necessity of the Abolition of Plura. Thoughts on Happiness, a Poem, in 4 lities and Non-residence, with the Employ. Books, 12mo. 3s. Rivingtons, &c. ment of Substitutes by the beneficed Clergy; The Rosciad for 1802. A poem dedi. demonstrated in an enquiry into the princi- cated to Mr. Kemble, by Geo, Builer, 410, ples and consequences of the establishment of 3s. R. Butler, Bruton-street, curates, 8vo. 78. 6d. boards, Mawman. The Wreath, or Poetical Gleanings, by

Claims of Literature: the origin, motives, C. Earnshaw, 8vo. 45. 6d. boards. Mawman. objects, and transactions of the Society for The Works of Alex. Pope, Esq. With the Establishment of a Literary Fund, with Notes and Illustrations, by Joseph Warton, all the poems in honour of the institution, by D. D. and others, 9 vols. 8vo. with a Pora a Committee of the Society, 8vo. 7s, 6d. trait and full length Sketch. Price 31. 12s. boards. Miller.

boards, Johnson, Rivingtuns, &c. Le Journal de Poche, a l'usage des Da- Poems and Ballads, 3s, 6d. Brook and mes, ou Calendrier Interessant pour l'anne Lancashire, Mawman, 1802. Prix 3s. 6d. bien relié, et 5s, 6d. Smart's Horace, 2 vols. 75. boards. Maw, en moroquin. Boosey.

Select Translations of Homer and Horace, NATURAL HISTORY.

with original Poems, by Gilbert Thompson, The Natural History of Quadrupeds, in. M. D. i vol. 12mo. Zs. 6d. boards.' w, cluding all the Linnæan class of mammalia; Phillips, to which is prefixed a general view of nae The Methodist, a Poem, 12mo. 1s. Butture for the instruction of young persons, in ton and Son. two vols. 8vo. 14s, bound. Johnson,

Union, a Poem, in commemoration of the Dr. Shaw's Zoology, vol. jii, containing Union of Ireland with Great Britain; with a description of the animals which come an emblematical engraving, 2s, 6d. boards. under the denomination of amphibious, in Chapple, Walker, &c. two parts, with upwards of 140 plates from Songs on the Peace, by J, Bisset, Birmingoriginal drawings, engraved principally by ham, Hurst, Mr. Heath, price 21. 185. 6d, large paper, Ode to Peace; to which is added the 31. 163. boards. Kearsley:

Negro's Appeal, by J. H. Colls, 18. LongMineralogy of Derbyshire: with a de- man and Rees, scription of the most interesting mines in the The Poetical Works of Englefield Smith, North of England, Scotland, and in Wales; Esq. 12mo. 5s, Johnson, and an analysis of Mr. Williams's work, en. London, a Poem, Satirical and Descriptitled “ The Mineral Kingdom," with a tive; with notes, 2s. 6d. Lawrence, Glossary, by John Mawe, 6s, boards. W, Poetry explained, for the use of young Phillips.

people, by R. L. Edgeworth, Esq. 2s. Plants of the Coast of Coromandel, from Johnson. drawings and descriptions presented to the Court of Directors of the East-India Com- The substance of the Speech of the Right pany, by W. Roxburgh, M. D, No. 7. Hon. Lord Grenville, in the House of Lords, (being the 3d of vol, ji.) 11. 1s. plain, Nov. 13, 1801, on the Motion approving of the 31. 10s, coloured, boards, Nicols,

convention with Russia. To which is added

an Appendix and Notes, price 3s. 6d. CorNOVELS, ROMANCES, TALES, AND BELLES

bett and Morgan.

An Estimate of thc Comparative Strength Delaval: a novel, 2 vol. 12mo. 8s. sewed. of Great Britain, and of the losses of her Lane and Newman.

Trade from every war since the Revolution, Wakefield Castle: a tale, by Jane Har. With an introduction of previous history: vey, 3 vols. 12mo. 13s. 6d. sewed.) Lane To which is now added, Gregory King's



State of England, with notices of his life, by St. Mary's Abbey, 2 vols. 75. Bade G. Chalmers, F. R. $. S. A. medium sro, cock.

new edition, 10s. 6d. Stockdale. Historical Tales, curious and instructive, The Income Tax scrutinised, and some 12mo. 45. 6d. boards. Johnson,

amendments proposed to render it more Rasselas Prince d'Abissinie, Roman trae agreeable to the English Constitution, by I. duit de l'Anglois du Dr. Johnson, par le Gray, LL. D. 8vo. 2s. H. D. Symonds,

and Co.


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Observations on the Factions which have 410. 4 vols. 31. in boards, 41. in calf. Wil. ruled Ireland, &c. by T. E. Devereux, Esq. liams. Richardson and Ridgway.

The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan, A Dissertation on Landed Property, so with original notes by T. Scott, Chaplain to far as respects farms, mills, and timber, by the Lock Hospital, 2d edition, with 11 plates, Robert Serie, 8vo. 2s. 6d. Hatchard. 8vo. demy 11s. royal 18s. Sceley.

The Iinpolicy of returning Bankers to Zion's Pilgrim, by R. Hawker, D.D. Parliament in the ensuing General Election, Vicar of Charles, Plymouth, 8vo. Crosby by a Friend to the Poor, &c. Is. Jordan. and Co.

Adresse aux Vrais Hommes de Bien; & No. 1. Of the Christian Observer, Misceux qui gouvernent, comme a ceux qui cellaneous, Literary, and Historical (a new sont gouvernés, par M. Herrenschwand, 8vo. Monthly publication) conducted by mem. 5. Dalau and Co.

bers of the Church of England, 8vo. price Prolusion of Paper Money not deficiency 1s. Hatchard.' in harvests; taxation not speculation, the Glorious Prospects opened up in North principal cause of the sufferings of the peo. America, favourable to ihe views and wishes ple: with an Appendix, by a Banker, 8vo. of all persons friendly to the interests of huIs Jordan.

manity and religion, 8vo. 6d. Button and Address to every class of British Subjects, Son. and particularly to the Legislators and Co- The Door of Knowledge opened in a spilucists of the British Empire; in which ob- ritual campaign, by John Allen, author of servations are offered on the Slave Trade, the Spiritual Magazine. A new edition, 1s. and a mode of abolition recommended, by Higham. Dennis Reid, Esq.of Jamaica, 1s. Stockdale. Scripture Illustrated by Engravings, re

Letters to the Right Hon. H. Addington, ferring to Natural Science, Customs, Maz. en the fatal effects of the Peace with Bona- ners, &c. 4to. Part 2, 5s. C. Taylor. parte, by W. Cobbett, 3s. Cobbelt and Apology for adherence to the doctrine, Morgan.

discipline, and communion of the church of

England, in two dialogues between John Helps to Composition, or Five Hundred Newman and Peter Waver. Price 28. or Skeletons of Sermons, by the Rev. Charles 14s. per hundred. Hazard, Bath; Hatchard, Simeon, M. A. Fellow of King's College, London. Cambridge : in two parts, large 8vo. price An Essay on the sign of the prophet 16s. boards. Matthews.

Jonah; intended to remove the deistical ubDr. Evans's Sermons on the Christian jection concerning the time of our Saviour's Temper; a new edition : with his life, by burial; in attempting to prove, that the preDr. Erskine, 2 vols. 12mo, 8s. boards. diction relates to the duration of his mje Baynes.

mistry upon earth, by L. James: with a Sermons by J. B. Massillon, Bishop of letter to a friend on Rev. xii. 6, 21. 8vo. Clermont. Selected and translated by Wil. 1s. 6d. James, Bristol; Button and Son, liam Dickson, the 2d edition. To which is London. prefixed the Life of the Author, 3 vols. An Introduction to Christianity, designed Ilmo. 10s. 6d. boards. Baynes.

to preserve young people from irreligion and The Dying Christian fleeing for Refuge to vice, 12mo. 2s. 6d. Butterworth. the Lord. A sermon, occasioned by the The Backslider : or an Enquiry into the death of Miss Nancy Wilson, by J. Bowden, Nature, Symptoms, and Effects of Religious 8vo. Is. Matthews.

Declension ; with the means of recovery, Discourses at the Ordination of the Rev. by A. Fuller, 2d edition, 12mo. Is. Bui. J. Clayton, Jun. by the Rev. W. Hum. tun and Son. phreys, J. Clayton, sen, and W. Nicol, 8vo. Verité et Excellence des Ecritures, Ex1s. 6d. Williams.

traits tires des Ecrivains Francois. 3d. Wile The Difficulties and Supports of a Gospel liams. Minister ; and the duties incumbent on a Doctrines et Devoirs de la Religion Chre. Christian Church: a charge by J. Ryland, tienne. Extraits des Ecritures Saintes. Sd. D.D. and a sermon by J. Hinton, at the Williams, ordination of T. Coles, A.M, at Bourton The Books of Prophecies and inspired on the Water, 8vo. 1s. Button and Son. writings of Joanpa Southcult, of Excice,

The Memory of the Just: a Sermon on foretelling the immediate destruction the Death of the Rev. J. Angus, Dec. 22, Satan's kingdom, and the immediate esta 1801, by W. Chaplin, is. Conder.

blishment of Christ's kingdom of Peace va The introductory Discourse, by the Rev. earth. Field, Broad Court. R. Stevenson; the Charge, by the Rev. J, A summary view of the nature and tenCochin; and the Sermon, by the Rev. Joel deney of Sunday Evening Lectures in the Ray, at the Ordination of the Rev. C, Dewn parish churches of populous or large manis. hirst, Bury St. Edmund. Conder,

facturing cities and towns; or a serious and THEOLOGY.

candid Appeal to the members of the esiaAnnotations on the Holy Bible, by the late blished church ; with an account of some of Rer. and learned Me. Poule, and others, the causes which have prevented tbeir esta.

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blishment, and suggestions for removing Imporied by. J. Debofje, Gerrard Street, those causes in future, ed edition, 8vo, 6d. Annales des Arts and Manufactures, ou Crosby and Co.

Memoires Technologique sur les decouA few plain Reasons wliy we should be vettes modernes concernant les Arts, Manulieve in Christ, and adhere to his Religion, factures, &c. 8vo. fig. br. 2de Année. addressed to the Patrons and Professors of

11. 16s. the New Philosophy, by Richard Cumber. Charles & Marie, par l'Auteur d'Adele de Jand, Esq. 8vo. 1s. 6d. Lackington, Allen, Senanger. Par. 1802, in 12mo, br. 2s. and Co.

Connoissance des Tems pour l'Ap. XII. Form of Unitarian Worship, for the use 8vo. br. 78. of a Society of Disserters at Witham, 2s. Essai sur l'Art de rendre les Revolutions Conder.

utiles. 2 vol. Svo. Par. 1801. 19s. The Epistle of Paul to the Romans ana

Etat (de l') de la Culture en France, et do lyzed, from a developement of the circum- l'Amelioration dont elle est susceptible, par stances by which it was occasioned, by Depradt, Par. 1802. ? vols. Svo. 10s. John Jones, 5s. Jobnson.

État Genéral & Carte Geometrique des

Routes de la Republique Françoise, pour TOPOGRAPHY.

l'An. X. 12mo, br. 3s. Willis's Survey of St. Asaph; consider- Gaillard Histoire de la Rivalité de la France ably enlarged, and brought down to the pre- & de la Espagne, Par. 1801. 8 vols. 12mo. kent time, with a second Appendix, con- II. 8s. taining an historical account of subjects re- Notice des Manuscrits de la Bibliotheque ferred to in the body of the work; and the Nationale, Par. An IX. tome 6e. 4to, br. ll. life and portrait of the author, by Edw. Ed

Principes du Droit Politique mis en Opwards, A. M. Vicar of Llanarnan, &c. position avec ceux de J. J. Rousseau sur le 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. boards. Baynes.

Contrat Social. Par. 1801. Svo. br. 6s. Picture of London for the present year, Renelle, Roman Pastoral, par Colleville, with useful tables, maps, and views, 5s. Par. 1801. 18mo. fig. 2s. Phillips.

Sermons de Reybez, Ministre du St. Evan

gile à Gêneve, Par. 1801, 2 vols. 8vo. avec Travels through the Southern Provinces Portrait. 10s. of the Russian empire in 1793-4. Trans. Tables trigonometrique decimales, par lated from the German of Professor Pallas, Borda, augmenteés par Delambe, Par. An. Counsellor of State to the Emperor of Russia, IX. 4to. br. 11. ls, &c, vul. 1. 4to. with numerous plates aud Zelomir par Morel, Par. 1501, Smo. hg. maps, mostly coloured, price 31. 3s, boards, br. 3s. royal, with proof impressions 41. 43. Longman and Rees, Cadel and Davies, Mur- Imporled by T. Bonsmy, Broad Street, Royal ray and Highly.

Callendrier François, pour l'An. 10.

Memoires du Regne de Louis XVI. par Imported by Ganwau and Co. Albemarle Street. Soulavie, avec tigures, 6 vol. 8vo. 21. 2s.

Voyage dans la Troade, par le Chevallier, Histoire de Russie, 8 vol. 8vo. avec 1 vol. nouvelie edit. 3 vol. 8vo. & un vol. 4to. 410. fig. et cartes. 21. 16s. Atlas, 21. 55.

Tableau des Operations de Bonaparte. 5s. Vie de Beaumarchais, I vol 12mo. 3s. 6d. La France, comme elle est apres ce quelle

Histoire des Generaux Dessaix & Kleber, a été, par Paucouchè. 6s. 1 vol. 12 mo.'ös. 6d.

Precis de l'Histoire Universelle, par Arsenne & Florimond, 1 vol. 18mo. 2s. Anquetel, 12 vol. 12mo. 21. 2s. Le Nouveau Bureau d'Esprit. 1s. 6d. Dictionaire des Synonimes François, 3 sols,

Comedies, Proverbes, & Chansons de Se- 12mo. 10s. 6d. gur le jeune. 1.vol. 8vo. 5s.

Origines Gauloise, par Corret, 6s. Moyse en Egypt, 18mo. 25.

Lettres de Sevigné (nouvelle ed.) 10 vols. L'Art de formuler selon les Regles de U. 15s. da Chimie. 12mo. 3s.

Traite du Stylé, par Thebault, 2 vol. 12s. Idilles et Romans de Berquin, 2 vol. 18mo. Histoire des Revolutions de France, 2 vols. Papier velin, hg. 18. Dte. Jos.

75. Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis Lettres a Soppie a l'Histoire, 2 vol. 12s. de Le Vaillant, 2me livraison, 21. 105. Recreations Mathematiques par Guiot, 3

Histoire des Perroquet, par le même, 3me vols. Svo. hg. 11. 4s. livraison. 21. 58.

Metamorphoses d'Ovide, nouvelle edition, Vie Polemique de Voltaire, 1 vol. 8vo. 2 vols. 410. avec 138 gravures.' 15s. 6s. 6d.

Nouveaux Melanges, extrait des Manu. scrits de Mad. Necker, 2 vol. 8vo. 108. 6d.

GERMAN BOOKS, Analyse des Blessures d'Armes a Feu, et

Imported by J. Bohn, Frith Street. de leur Traitement, par Duscuast; 1 voli Adolung's Deutsche Sprachlehre für Schu. avo. 75.

lea, 8vo. Benin. 45. 6d.


Auspruche des reipen Herzens und der Two Prints; Going to School and After
Philosophieren den der Vernuft, gesemelt School; Maria Spilsbury, pinx.; C. Turner,
von Wyttenbach und Nevrohr, 3 band. 8vo. "sculp. E. Orme.
Leipsic. 11. 70s.

The Ancient Greek and Roman Statues; Krog's Bruchstütie ausmijer Lebens Phi- designed by Zanetti, from the celebrated losophier, 2 band, Berlin, 9s.

Originals in St. Mark's, and other public Idyllen von Voss. Königsberg. 89. Collections in Venice, engraved by the most

Höchs Noth und Hüfstabellen für Hand. eminent Italian Masters, on 100 Royal Folio verket, folio. Leipzic. 12s.

Copper Plates, half bound, 21. 12s. 6d. Kotzebue, das neue Jahrhundert. 2s. Lackington, Allen and Co.

die Kluge Frau inde Walde. A Collection of Prints from the Works of 45

the following celebrated Masters Parmedie beiden Klingsberge. 3s. gianino, Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Paul Vorlege-blätter, oder Methodischer Un- Veronese, &c. engraved on 49 Royat-Folio teriebt im Schon-schreiben, 4to. Leipsic. 75. Plates, half bound, 11. 11s. 6d. Lackington,

Allen and Co. imported by V. Griffiths, Paternoster Row. The Cries of Venice ; 60 humorous and

Marcband's Neueste Reise un die Welt in highly characteristic Plates, engraved by den Tahren, 1790-92, 2 band, ävo. Kupf. Zompini, with descriptions in Italian and 153.

English Verse; folio, half bound, 11. 15. or Archenholz's Gustavus Vasa, 2 vol. 8vo. 11. 185. in colours. Lackington, Allen and sered. 173, 6d.

Co. Augusti Theologischke Monatchrist for Perspective View for the Design of a Cast 1801. 153.

Iron Bridge over the Thames, in lieu of the Merkel's briefe uber, Hamburgh and Lu- present London Bridge; drawn by Telford beck. Hamburgh. Ts. 6d.

and Douglas, engraved by Malton and LowReise im laaere von Africa, von Momus.

rv. 21. 2s. Ackerman, Strand; Taylor,

Holborn, Bode algem Betrachtungen uber den Welt Bonaparte reviewing the Consular Guard; Getäide. 53.

painted by J. Masquirer, Paris; engraved Schiller's Raaheer Neue Auflage. 2s.

by C. Tumer, London, 11. Ils. 6d. Turner, Dieterich's Wintergartner. 43. 6d.

Warren Streer.



MAPS AND CHARTS. Four Children at various Employments :

Smith's New English Atlas, No. 8, con. intended to form a set of six, including the taining Maps of Warwickshire, Sussex and For Cutter, &c. (14} inches by 124.) Dorsetshire, 6s. 6d. stained 8s. Smith, painted by Westall, engraved by Gaugain, Strand; Clarke, New Bond Street, exhis.6d. Boydells.

The Boar that killed Adonis, entangled by Cupids and brought to Venus. An uprighi,

Vocal. (co by 20;) painted by Westall, engraved

The Orerture and Music of Urania; the by Hall. Boyrells.

Words by W. Spacer, Esq, the Music by The Judgment of Midas; painted by J. Spencer, Esq. and M. Kelly Kelly, Pall Murasti, engiaved by Facius (24 by 19.)

Mall, 15. Boydells.

Love in a Village, the Overture and Songs, Portrait of Wm. Markham, Archbishop

with the new Duet sung by Mrs. Billington ct York; painted by Romney, engraved by

and Mr. Ineledon; composed by J. Maze j. Ward. 10s. 6d. Boydells.

zinghi. 6s. Goulding and Co. Tire Annual Ceremony of administering

Twelve Canzontts for the Voice and the Oaths to the Lord Mayor Eiect, contain

Piano-forte, composed and dedicated by per193 1:30 portraits (32 by 24;) painted by mission to the Duke of Leeds, by Dr. Millar, Wilier, Engraved by B. Smith. 31. 35. 10s. 6d. Goulding and Co. Budells.

Six Songs and two Duets, sung by Mrs. His Majesty reviewing the Volunteer Billington and Mr. Incledon, composed by Corps in Hyde Park; (36 by 25) painted . J. Mazzinghi. 63. Goulding and Co. by A. Smirke engraved by Earlom, 11.11s.6d;

Graeff's Canzonets, 8s. Clementi and Co. calcured, 41. 45. Boydells.

Davy's Vocal Duets. 59. Ditto. Seven Prints from Shakspeare's Seven

Two favourite Duets, with all the Graces Aget: painted by R. Smirke, Esq. R. A.

sung by Mrs. Billington and Mrs. Mountaithe engraved by Messrs. Tbew, Simon, Ozborne, arranged for the Piano-forte, by Dr. Buslby. Tomkins and Leney (21 by 18.) 51. 55.

s. Longman. Bædelis.

Drawings from Nature, in the manner of The Creation, an Oratorio, composed by Black Chalk, drawn and engraved by J. Haydn, adapted for Voices and Piano-forte, Bryant. 178. 60. Ryan and W. Clarke. by Muzio Clementi. 11. 6s. Clementi and

A Striking Likeness of Toussaint L'Ouver- Co. ture, from an original Drawing. 18. plain, Eli! Floi! or the Death of Christ, a 11. 64. coloured. Parson and Willianı sunt, soleron Dirge for Passion Week, by H. Har.


'ington, Bath. 2s. 6d. W. M. Cahusac, Beethoven's Trio with accompaniments London; Lintern, Bath.

for a Violin and Violoncello, Op. 1. No. ). Sunday's Amusement: a Selection of Sa. 4s. Broderip and Wilkinson. cred Music, as Sung at Bedford Chapel. Two Sonatas with a Military Rondo, dediCompused, selected, and arranged for the cated tu Mrs. R. Marshall, by J. L. Dussek, Voice and Piano Forte, by T. Costellow, or- Op. 47. 6s. Broderip and Wilkinson. ganist of the Chapel. Music 410.5s. Riley. Three Sonatas by Ignace Pleyel, Op. 38.

7s, 6d. Broderip and Wilkinson. SONGS.

Le Retour de Wandsworth, a Sonata, by The New Duet sung by Mrs. Billington L. Von Esch. 5s. Broderip and Wilkinson. and Mrs. Kelly, in Love in a Village. The A Military Divertimento by Ditto. 45. words by W. Penn, Esq. the Music by Mr. Broderip and Wilkinson. Kelly: arranged for the Harp by Madam La Colombe Retrouvé, Rondo, by Ditto, Dussek. 2s. Kelly.

1s. 6d. Broderip and Wilkinson. The Cabinet : the admired Song sung by Impromptu Duo, by Ditto 1s. Broderip Signa. Horace.' “ The Bird in yonder Cage and Wilkinson. confined;" composed by D. Corri. Is. Corri. Broderip's Organist's Journal, No. 1 to 4,

Poor Ellen. A Ballad, set to Music by 4s. Broderip and Wilkinson. M.P. King. 1s.6d. Birchall.

Clementi's Selection of Practical HarO Lady fair! a Ballad for 3 Voices, the mony, Vol. 1. 11. 2s. Clementi and Co. Words and Music by T. Moore, Esq. 3s. Clementi's Introduction to the Art of Carpenter.

playing the Piano-forte. 10s. 6d. Clementi La Schusa. A favourite Italian Canzonet, and Co. composed by A. G. Erbaci. 1s. Riley. Cramer's Sonatas, Op. 26. 4s.

La Lonbonange, dieto, ditto. ls. Riley. Dussek's Sonatas; Op. 46. 8s.
La Constanza, ditto, ditio. 1s. Riley. The favourite Music of Heliska ou la fille

A favourite Glee introduced in the Tra- Soldat. Arranged as 6 divertisements for gedy of Alfonso, composed and arranged the harp, piano-forte, and flute, composed by for four voices, with an accompaniment for C. Bossi, 5s. Monzani and Cimader. the Piano-forte hy Dr. Bushby. Is. Riley. The Music of Irza, a grand ballet, nov

The Negro Boy, a ballad. The Words performing at the King's Theatre, Haymar. by J. H. L. Hunt. The Music by G. E. ker, composed and adapted for the piano. Williams. Is. Thompson.

forte by C. Bossi, 8s. Monzani and Co. This pour wounded Heart; composed by A favourite Waltz, arranged for ditlo, by Hook. Is. Clementi and Co.

ditto, Monzani and Co. Bring me Time; composed by Wilkins. Twelve Airs, selected from the new grand Clementi and Co.

Spectacle cailed Fair Rosamond, or Woud. Softly ye Gales; composed by Paddon; stock Bower, as perfornied at Astley's New Is. Clementi and Co.

Royal Amphitheatre, composed by J. SanGo Julia, gu most lovely maid; composed ders, 2s.6d. Riley. by Ross. Is. Clementi and Co.

Gyrowitz's Sonatas, Op. 34. 8s. ClemerPeace. A Canzonet. Composed by Hook. ti and Co. Is. Clementi and Co.

Haigh's 12 pieces, Op. 32. 8s. ditto. Tantivy, Hark forward, I. O.; composed Masi's Sonatinas, Op. 7. 63. ditto. by Ware. ls. Clementi and Co.

King's Sonatas on Peace, Rondo, Ss. ditto. Farewel to the Nymph of my Heart; Holnıayer's Waltz, 25. ditto. composed by Paddon. Clementi and Co. Twelve Sonatas for the piano-forte, cam.

When first in lovely Emma's ear; by J. posed by Mozart, 4s. Rolfe.
Hamilton; Is. Rolfe.

Ten Waltzes, by H. B. Schroeder, 5s. ditto. Henry; a Canzonet; by A. Betts Is. No 24. Apollo et Terpsichore, 1s. ditto. Rolfe.

Sinfunia, by Mozart, 2s, ditto. The Fisher; a ballad; by Richards. 1s. Overture to Harlequin Amulet, by T. *Rolle.

Show, 2s. Caulfield. Sweetly blooms the op'ning Rose. 1s.

DUETS. Rolfe.

Cramer's Duet, for Piano-Forte, or Great Jure through Olympus a Banquet Piano-Forte and Harp, 6s. Clementi and proclaim'd; by J. Hamilton. ls. Rolfe.

Co. When I beheld thy blue Eyes slune;

Haigh's and Graaff's single Duet, each Haigh. Is. Longman.

Ss. Clementi and Co. The Spirit Sung; by Dr. Haydn. ls.

Haydn's Grand Chorus from the Crea. Jones.

tion, for two Performers on the Piano Forte, Survey my fair yon lovely Rose; with an

by Clementi, 3s. Clementi aud Co. Accompaniment, by J. Ross. 1s. Preston.

The Praise of God, by Clementi. Ditto, Farewel to Glenuwen; a Glee for four voices; by J. Prali. 2s.6d. Prestun.

*** We are extremely sorry that the uri

expected length of this Month's Catalogue PIANO FORTE, HARP, ORGAN, &c. Maguire's Sonala, Op. 1. 4s. Bruderip Music, and the whole of our Literary notices,

obliges us to postpone several articles of and Wilkinson.

til next month.


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