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BOSTON, MAY, 1844.





Sen. L. Iustimetrong, of Boston.



P. 3



Page of 19th Report.

Page of 19th Report. States in which Asylums for the Insane New Hampshire Asylurn for the Insane, 21 are established,... 7 Vermont Asylum for the Insane......

23 States in which Asylums for the Insane McLean Asylum at Charlestown, Mass., 24 are not yet established,.... 7 Boston Lunatic Hospital....

25 Efforts making in States where Asylums State Lunatic Hospital at Worcester,.. 26 are not yet established,.....

7 State Lunatic Asylum at Utica, N. Y... 27 Necessity for Legislative Action in Fa- Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane,.. 28 vor of Lunatics in Penitentiaries,.... 9 Maryland Hospital,

29 Legislative Action in Favor of Lunatics astern Asylum of Virginia,..

31 in Penitentiaries and elsewhere...... 12 Western Lunatic Asylum of Virginia,.. 31 Improvement and Enlargement of In- Ohio Lunatic Asylum,.....

32 sane Asylums,

17 | Tabular View of Fifteen Asylums,..... 34 Maine Insane Hospital,..



COUNTY PRISONS. Number of Prisoners, in the New Eng

tion in Common Jails,..

39 land States, in Proportion to the Pop- Diminution of Crime, as indicated by ulation,.. 35 the opinion of Jailers,....

42 Tabular View of twenty County Prisons, 39 Diminution of Crime, as indicated by the Neglect of Moral and Religious Instruc- Number of Prisoners in Penitentiaries, 44


PENITENTIARIES. General Conduct of Prisoners, Mode of Changes in the Pennsylvania System of

Treatment, and Mode of Punishment Prison Discipline, and Effects of these in Penitentiaries,....

47 Changes on the Body and the Mind Moral and Religious Instruction, Public of the Convict,..

63 Worship, Sabbath Schools, &c., in Tabular View of Fifteen Penitentiaries Penitentiaries,..... 56


in 1813,


HOUSES OF REFUGE. Documents,..

66 House of Refuge in New York City,... 67 House of Reformation at South Bos- House of Refuge in Philadelphia, ..... ton,

66 | Summary of the Houses of Refuge,.... 71

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74 75 77 78

APPENDIX. MR. BARRETT's Journal, containing Observations on Prisons and Asylums for the Insane, in the Western and Southern States,...




Prison Discipline Society.

ARTICI E 1. This Society shall be called the Prison DisCIPLINE SOCIETY.

Art. 2. It shall be the object of this Society to promote the improvement of Public Prisons.

Art. 3. It shall be the duty of this Society to take measures for effecting the formation of one or more Prison Discipline Societies in each of the United States, and to co-operate with all such Societies in accomplishing the object specified in the second article of this Constitution.

Art. 4. Any Society, having the same object in view, which shall become auxiliary to this, and shall contribute to its funds, shall thereby secure for the Prisons, in the State where such Society is located, special attention from this Society.

Art. 5. Each subscriber of two dollars, annually, shall be a Member. Art. 6. Each subscriber of thirty dollars, at one time, shall be a Member for Life.

Art. 7. Each subscriber of ten dollars, annually, shall be a Director.

Art. 8. Each subscriber of one hundred dollars, or who shall by one additional payment increase his original subscription to one hundred dollars, shall be a Director for Life.

Art. 9. The officers of this Society shall be a President, as many Vice-Presidents as shall be deemed expedient, a Treasurer, and a Secretary, to be chosen annually, and a Board of Managers, whose duty it shall be to conduct the business of the Society. This Board shall consist of six clergymen and six laymen, of whom six shall reside in the city of Boston, and five shall constitute a quorum

Every Minister of the Gospel, who is a Member of this Society, shall be enti tled to meet and deliberate with the Board of Managers.

The Managers shall call special meetings of the Society, and fill such vacan cies as may occur by death or otherwise in their own Board.

Art. 10. The President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, and Secretary, shall be, ex officio, Members of the Board of Managers.

Art. 11. Directors shall be entitled to meet and vote at all meetings of the Board of Managers.

Art. 12. The annual meetings of this Society shall be held in Boston, on the week of the General Election, when, besides choosing the officers as specified in the ninth article, the accounts of the Treasurer shall be presented, and the proceedings of the foregoing year reported.

Art. 13. The Managers shall meet at such time and place, in the city of Boston, as they shall appoint.

Art. 14. Åt the meetings of the Society, and of the Managers, the President, or, in his absence, the Vice-President first on the list then present, and, in the absence of the President and of all the Vice-Presidents, such Member as shall be appointed for that purpose, shall preside.

ART. 15. The Secretary, in concurrence with two of the Managers, or, in the absence of the Secretary, any three of the Managers, may call special meetings of the Board.

Art. 16. The minutes of every meeting shall be signed by the Chairman or Secretary.

Art. 17. The Managers shall have the power of appointing such persons as have rendered essential services to the Society either Members for Life or Directors for Life.

Art. 18. No alteration shall be made in this Constitution except by the Society, at an annual meeting, on the recommendation of the Board of Managers.

The Nineteenth Annual Meeting of the Prison Discipline Society, having been previously notified according to law, was held in Park Street Vestry, on Monday, May 27, 1844, at 3 o'clock, P. M

A quorum being present, the Rev. Dr. JENKS, the oldest Vice-President then present, took the chair, and opened the meeting with prayer.

The Chairman, in the absence of the Treasurer, Amos A. LAWRENCE, Esq., read the Treasurer's Report, and the certificate of its correctness by the Auditors, James MEANS, Esq. and William W. Stone, Esq., which Řeport, as thus audited, was accepted.

Mr. DANIEL SAFFORD was appointed a committee to distribute and collect the votes for the officers of the ensuing year.

Before collecting the votes, a letter was received from Mr. LAWRENCE, the Treasurer, resigning his office; which resignation was accepted, and the Hon. SAMUEL A. Eliot was nominated to fill the vacancy.

The committee then proceeded to collect the votes for the officers of the ensuing year, when it was found that the officers of the previous year were reëlected, together with the Hon. SAMUEL A. Eliot, as Treasurer, Amos A. LAWRENCE, Esq. and Rev. CHARLES A. BARTOL, as Managers. Mr. Bartol subsequently declined.

The meeting then adjourned, to meet in Park Street Church, on Tuesday, May 28, at 11 o'clock, A. M., to hear the Report and Addresses, after prayer by the Rev. Mr. Aiken.

The Nineteenth Public Annual Meeting of the Prison Discipline Society was held in Park Street Church, according to adjournment, at 11 o'clock, on Tuesday, May 28. The Rev. FRANCIS WAYLAND, D. D.

, President of the Society, took the chair, sustained by Rev. Dr. JENKS and John TAPPAN, Esq., Vice-Presidents.

At the request of the President, the Rev. ANSEL D. Eddy, of Newark, N.J., opened the meeting by reading the Scriptures and prayer.

The Rev. Mr. Aiken, of Boston, read the Report of the Treasurer, and the Certificate of the Auditors.

The Secretary read the Annual Report of the Board of Managers.

The first resolution, for the acceptance of the Report, and referring it to the Managers to be printed, was offered by SAMUEL GREELE, Esq., accompanied by a speech, and seconded by the Rev. Mr. Perkins, Chaplain of the McLean Asylum.

The second resolution, namely, “ Resolved, That lunatics in Penitentiaries claim the earnest attention of the Government,” was offered by Rev. ROBERT C. WATERston, of Boston, and seconded by the Rev. FREDERIC W.HOLLAND, of Rochester, N. Y.

The third resolution, namely, “ Resolved, That, in the present state of Prison Discipline, we regard the employment of humane, intelligent, exemplary, and moral assistants, under-keepers, and attendants, of all kinds, as the most efficient of reformatory means," was offered by the Hon. HORACE MANN, accompanied by a speech.

The fourth resolution, namely, “ Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to present a Memorial to the City Government of Boston, on the condition of the Prison in Leverett Street," was offered by WALTER CHANNING, M. D., and seconded by Rev. Dr. JENKS.

A Committee to prepare the Memorial was then appointed, namely, the Hon. SAMUEL T. ARMSTRONG, Hon. SAMUEL A. Eliot, Louis Dwight, SAMUEL GREELE, Esq., and Dr. WALTER CHANNING. Mr. ARMSTRONG subsequently declined serving as Chairman, and Mr. Eliot performed the duty in a most effective manner.

The meeting then adjourn d.

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