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in the hands of every parent, and every young man and woman.

An Hour's Conference with Fathers and Sons, in Relation to a Commen and Fatal Indulgence of Youth. Boston: Whipple and Damrell, No. 9 Cornhill, 1840. Duodecimo; pages, 88. -This book, also, is written by a physician of great intelligence and experience in the treatment of insanity; one great cause of which is here exposed. It is proper to add, that the authors of the books last named stand at the head of two of the most important institutions in New England. It would be wise for teachers of youth universally, as well as parents, to read what they have written, and for the young themselves to search out this cause of insanity.


Report of the Warden, Physician, and Chaplain, of the New Hampshire State Prison, June Session, 1841. Cyrus Barton, State Printer, Concord, N. H. Octavo ; pages, 10.

Documents relative to the State Prison at Charlestown, Massachusetts, presented to the Legislature, January, 1841. Dutton & Wentworth, Printers, Boston. Octavo ; pages, 21.

Two Semiannual Reports of the Inspectors of Prisons for the County of Suffolk, on the House of Correction, House of Reformation, Jail, Lunatic Hospital, and House of Industry. June and December, 1840. John H. Eastburn, City Printer. Octavo; pages, 48.

Report of the Directors of the Connecticut State Prison to the General Assembly, May Session, 1841. Document No. 4. Courant Office, Hartford, Conn. Octavo; pages, 28.

Annual Report of the Inspectors of the Mount Pleasant State Prison, January 13, 1841. Assembly's Document, No. 42. Octavo; pages, 29, with 12 tables.

Annual Report of the Inspectors of the State Prison at Auburn, to the Legislature of New York, January 13, 1841. Assembly's Document, No. 28. Octavo; pages, 72.

Reports of the Inspectors of the State Prison, and of the Joint Committee on State Prison Accounts, January, 1841. Printed by Sherman & Harmon, Trenton, N. J. Octavo ; pages, 35.

Report of the Directors of the Maryland Penitentiary, made to the Executive, and by him communicated to the Legislature, December, 1840. James Lucas, Printer, Baltimore, Md. Octavo; pages, 8, with 10 tables.

Twelfth Annual Report of the Inspectors of the Penitentiary of the District of Columbia, January 30, 1841, communicated by the President to Congress. Document No. 92. Octavo ;

pages, 10.

Report of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Penitentiary, communicated by the Executive to the House of Delegates, December 18, 1839. Document No. 3. Quarto; pages, 21, with tables.

Annual Report of the Keeper of the Penitentiary, Frankfort, Kentucky, December 7, 1840. Octavo ; pages, 5.

Report of the Superintendent of the Tennessee Penitentiary, to the General Assembly, October 12, 1839. Octavo ; pages, 15.

Report of the Principal Keeper of the Georgia Penitentiary, October 29, 1840.

Report on the Penitentiary of Louisiana, to the House of Representatives, December 31, 1839.

Sixteenth Annual Report of the Managers of the Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents, to the Legislature of New York, 1841. Mahlon Day, Printer. Octavo; pages, 48.

Report on the Subject of County Prison Discipline in Common Jails, made to a Convention of Delegates at Brooklyn, Conn., December 9, 1840; by A. T. Judson. Octavo; pages, 16.




The first hospital for the insane was built at Williamsburg, Virginia, before the Revolution; and the buildings were used as barracks for the troops during the revolutionary war. One department of the Pennsylvania Hospital, in Philadelphia, was used for the insane as early as 1752.

Asylum for the Insane at Frankford, Penn., May, 1817.
McLean Asylum at Charlestown, Mass., 1818.
Asylum for the Insane at Bloomingdale, N. Y., 1821.
Asylum for the Insane Poor at Lexington, Ken., 1824.
Connecticut Retreat for the Insane, opened April, 1824.
Dr. White's Private Asylum, Hudson, N. Y., 1830.

State Lunatic Hospital at Worcester, Mass., opened January, 1833.

Asylum for the Insane Poor at Brattleboro', Vt., opened December 12, 1836.

Asylum for the Insane at Nashville, Tenn., built in 1838.

Ohio Lunatic Asylum at Columbus, opened December, , 1838.

Asylum for the Insane Poor of the City of New York, on Blackwell's Island, opened 1838.

Boston Lunatic Hospital at South Boston, opened December 11, 1839.

Asylum for the Insane in Baltimore, Maryland, having been used as a hospital, was improved, enlarged, and devoted to the insane, 1839.

Maine Insane Hospital at Augusta, opened October 14th, 1840.
Georgia Asylum for the Insane at Milledgeville, 1840.
New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane, being built in 1841.

Asylum for the Insane Poor, two miles west of Philadelphia, opened 1841.

State Asylum for the Insane Poor in Pennsylvania, provided for by law, 1841.

State Asylum for the Insane Poor at Utica, N. Y., located in 1837; building, 1840 and 1841.

Asylum for the Insane at Columbia, S. C. ; unknown.
Asylum for the Insane Poor in Connecticut; no decisive action.
Asylum for the Insane Poor in New Jersey. Do.
Asylum for the Insane Poor in District of Columbia. Do.

From the above statement, it appears that one institution was established, and another used for the insane in the 18th century: two were established in the first twenty years of the 19th century; three from 1820 to 1830; eight from 1830 to 1840; six are opened, provided for, or being built, in 1840 and 1841 ; besides much preparation for three others : by which it appears that about four times as much has been done, and is being done, in the two last years, for the insane, as was done in the whole of the 18th century, and about four times as much as was done in the first twenty years of the 19th century, and about four times as much now, in two years, as was done in ten years from 1820 to 1830, and about as much now, in two years, as in ten years from 1830 to 1840.

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Maine Asylum, at Augusta. BENJAMIN Brown, Reuel WILLIAMS, William C. LARABEE, directors; superintendent; CHAUNCEY Booth, JUN., assistant physician; HENRY Winslow, steward; CATHARINE WINSLow, matron.

New Hampshire Asylum, at Concord. John Conant, JOSEPH Low, CHARLES J. Fox, GEORGE W. KITTREDGE, IRA ST. CLAIR, SAMUEL SWASEY, CHARLES H. PEASLEY, trustees. Superintendent not yet appointed.

Vermont Asylum, at Brattleboro'. William H. ROCKWELL, superintendent; CHAUNCEY Booth, Jun., assistant physician.

McLean Asylum, at Charlestown, Mass. EDWARD TUCKERMAN, president; JONATHAN Phillips, vice-president; HENRY ANDREWS, treasurer ; William Gray, secretary ; CHARLES AMORY, William APPLETON, GEORGE BOND, N. I. BowDITCH, MARTIN BRIMMER, EBENEZER CHADWICK, G. M. DEXTER, HENRY EDWARDS, Robert HOOPER, JUN., Thomas Lamb, FRANCIS C. LowELL, IGNATIUS SARGEANT, trustees; Luther V. Bell, physician and superintendent; John Fox, assistant physician ; COLUMBUS TYLER, steward ; MARY E. TYLER, matron ; HOMER GOODHUE, male superior ; Relief R. BARBER, female superior.

Massachusetts Asylum, at Worcester. ABRAM R. THOMPSON, A. D. FOSTER, MATURIN L. Fisher, Daniel B. King, HENRY GARDNER, trustees; Samuel B. WOODWARD, physician and superintendent; George Chandler, assistant physician; A. D. FOSTER, treasurer ; Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, steward and matron; GEORGE Allen, chaplain.

Asylum for Poor Lunatics at South Boston. John S. BUTLER, superintendent; Mr. and Mrs. Crosby, steward and matron.

Connecticut Retreat, at Hartford. Thomas C. BROWNELL, president; DAVID WATKINSON, vice-president; JAMES WARD, treasurer; JAMES B. HOSMER, auditor; CHARLES SHELDON, secretary; AMARIAH BRIGHAM, physician and superintendent; THOMAS H. GALLAUDET, chaplain ; JOEL F. Erving, apothecary; Virgil CORNISH, steward ; Mrs. CORNISH, housekeeper ; Mary Sheldon, matron.

Connecticut Asylum for the Insane Poor. Not yet organized.

New York Asylum, at Utica. Superintendent not yet appointed.

New York Asylum, at Bloomingdale. William Wilson, resident physician.

New York Asylum, on Blackwell's Island. Dr. McLELLAN, superintendent; Mr. and Mrs. Bishop, steward and matron.

New York Private Asylum, at Hudson. D. S. WHITE, and his son Dr. G. H. White, physicians and proprietors.

New Jersey Asylum. Not yet organized.

Pennsylvania Asylum, at Frankford. John C. RICHMOND, superintendent; CHARLES Evans, attending physician ; Pliny Earle, resident physician.

Pennsylvania Asylum, two miles west of Philadelphia. Thomas L. KIRKBRIDE, superintendent.


Pennsylvania Asylum for Poor Lunatics. A state institution. Superintendent not yet appointed.

Maryland Asylum, in Baltimore. William Fisher, superintendent.

District of Columbia Lunatic Asylum. Superintendent not yet appointed.

Virginia Asylum, at Williamsburg. Philip J. Barziza, superintendent.

Virginia Asylum, at Staunton. FRANCIS T. STRIBLING, superintendent.

South Carolina Asylum, at Columbia.
Georgia Asylum, at Milledgeville.
Kentucky Asylum, in Lexington. John CATHERWOOD, keeper.

Tennessee Asylum, at Nashville. James Overton, M. D., superintendent.

Ohio Asylum, at Columbus. William M. Awl, superintendent; SAMUEL M. Smith, assistant physician.

The names of the superintendents and physicians of these institutions, such as Rockwell, Bell, Woodward, Brigham, White, Wilson, Stribling, and Awl, we believe, as far as known, to be dear to the friends of humanity.


The following table, prepared by Dr. Brigham, superintendent of the Connecticut Retreat at Hartford, froin the late census of the United States, gives the number of insane and idiotic at public and private charge, white and colored, in each of the states and territories. It furnishes the most dense and complete view on the subject which has been published.

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207 330

631 501,793 1 to New Hampshire, 180 306 8 11 505

284,574 1 “ Massachusetts,

600 27 173 1271 737,699 1 “ Rhode Island, 117 86 8 5 216

108,830 1 " Connecticut, 114 384 20 24


310,015 1 “ Vermont, . 135 252 5 2 394

291,948 1 “ New York, 683 | 1463 138 56 2340 2,428,921 1 “ New Jersey, 144 225 46 27 442

373,306 1 • Pennsylvania,


1477 | 132 55 2133 1,724,022 1 “ Delaware, 22 30 21 7 80

78,085 1 " Maryland, 134! 255 97 42

528 469,232 1 " Virginia,

317| 731 | 326 58 1432 1,239,797 1 “

795 563 580 503 572 740 1038 844 808 976 888 865

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