Reports of the Debates of the House of Assembly of the Province of New Brunswick, During the Session of 1865[-1866 ...

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G.W. Day, 1865

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Strona 111 - ... to every subject of the Queen, of whatever race or faith, resident in those Provinces; and have arrived at a conclusion destined to exercise a most important influence upon the future welfare of the whole community. Animated by the warmest sentiments of loyalty and devotion to their Sovereign, — earnestly desirous to secure for their posterity throughout all future time the advantages which they enjoy as subjects of the British Crown, — steadfastly attached to the institutions under which...
Strona 53 - In order to prevent so notorious a perversion of justice, the House consented to submit the exercise of its privilege to a tribunal constituted by law, which, though composed of its own Members, should be appointed so as to secure impartiality and the administration of justice according to the laws of the land and under the sanction of oaths. The...
Strona 24 - Master of long ago, namely, that "a prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, and in his own house.
Strona 147 - ... doubt that the newly-enfranchised freeholders will show they deserve the trust reposed in them, and that in its exercise, there will be no more emulation on all sides, than a desire to prove the soundness and moderation of their principles, the extent and devotion of their loyalty. " Gentlemen of the Council, Mr. .Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly : " You are now about to return to your homes, at a moment which, after the experience of last year, it is impossible not to feel to...
Strona 1 - Gentlemen of the Legislative Council ; Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Assem%,— . " I congratulate you on the enactment of several useful laws to which I have just assented.
Strona 66 - Thousand. Extract from the Journals of the House of Assembly of New Brunswick, 1849. Resolved, That an humble Address be presented to His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, praying that His Excellency will be pleased to invite Professor Johnston to visit this Province, for the purpose of examining the several Counties therein, and reporting on the Soil, and its capabilities for Agricultural purposes.
Strona 118 - ... a union, either partial or complete, should hereafter be proposed with the concurrence of all the Provinces to be united, I am sure that the matter would be weighed in this country both by the public, by Parliament, and by Her Majesty's Government, with no other feeling than an anxiety to discern and promote any course which might be the most conducive to the prosperity, the strength, and the harmony of all the British communities in North America.
Strona 91 - An act to explain and amend an act, entitled " An act for registering and clearing vessels, regulating the coasting trade, and for other purposes...
Strona 1 - To His Excellency the Honorable Arthur Hamilton Gordon, CMG, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of New Brunswick, &c.
Strona 111 - Such an event is in the highest degree honourable to those who have taken part in these deliberations. It must inspire confidence in the men by whose judgment and temper this result has been attained ; and will ever remain on record as an evidence of the salutary influence exercised by the institutions under which these qualities have been so signally developed.

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