Walter Minion's Therapy

Przednia okładka, 3 mar 2010 - 227
A saga of high adventure, sex, madness, catharsis and exploration of human relationships in a crazy world.Walter Minion is an archetypical retired Englishman. His life is gentle and domesticated. But gradually little stresses mount, culminating in breakdown. His enforced therapy is to undertake a voyage that will test him to the extreme limits of his courage, fortitude, love and erotic resistance.A wondrous girl mysteriously joins him. She is feminine perfection, but Walter discovers that she is also weirdly unnatural.The two are caught up in a series of wild adventures as they cross oceans, make exotic landfalls and survive terrifying dangers. They encounter more people: good, evil and mad. Throughout their odyssey Walter faces tantalising prospects of submission and erotic rapture. He wrestles with the emotional conflicts that ensue, and with humanity’s stupidity and hatred, beauty and love. Walter’s therapy sails to a surprising finale, a counterpoint of tragedy and joyful triumph.

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