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Chap. II. Account of Fire continued ; Pain physically described,

185 Chap. III. The Opinion of the Ancients con

cerning Fire, adopted by Bishop Berkeley, and

confirmed by Modern Experiments, 197 Chap. IV. Fire 'not a Quality, but a' created Entity, of a positive Nature and permanent Existence. Heat bow produced, Vilette's Mirror, its Construction and furprising Effects,

209 Chap. V. A new and brief Theory of the Office

of the Sun; with Remarks on Motion, 231 Chap. VI. Opposites, a principal Cause of very

considerable Operations of Nature. - Account of the Freezing of Quicksilver,



PART the Third. Chap. I. Being a new Plan of Philosophy, found

ed on the late discover'd Subtile Medium; and countenanced by the Authority of a very inge

nious modern Author, Chap. II. Abstract of Mr. Jones' Ellay, : 263 Chap. III. Abstract of Mr. Jones' Eljay continued,

272 Chap. IV. Mr. JonesAnimadverfions - on the : Doctrine of a Vacuum, and the vis inertia of Matter,

287 Chap. V. The Doctrine of Resistances considered,

and other Arguments for a Vacuum examined and refuted,

299 Chap. VI. Animadversions on Mr. Barrow's Aca



count of Æther,

313 Chap. VII. The Opinion of Sir Isaac Newton,

and of some of the most eminent of bis Followers, relating to Attraction and Gravity, consider'd at large,

322 Chap. VIII. An Examination of the Question, whether Attraction be a Cause or an Effect,

331 Chap. IX. Attraclion, a material force in the

Judgement of some Authors;. an immaterial force in the Judgement of others; and sometimes both one and the other in the Judgement of the same Authar.

344 Chap. X. The Attraction of Gravity, understood as an universal property or quality in the parts of Matter, bath received no proof from Geometry,

362 Chap. XI. A Specimen of Dr. Hales' Method

of converting gross Bodies into Air by means of Distillation, &c.with some Remarks of the Author thereupon;

380 Chap. XII. The Author's Account of the Effects

of Dr. Hales' Experiments Chap, XIII. Gravity, with Respect to falling Bodies, considered,

398 Chap. XIV. A Summary of Mr. Jones' Ejay,

411 Chap. XV. A brief Account of Magnetifm, 420 Chap. XVI. Cohesion considered as to its physical Cause,


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Chap. I. A brief Theory of the North Magnetic

Pole; and of the Mariner's Compass-Needle, 447 Chap. II. The Cause of the Deflexion of the Mag

netic Needle from the Meridian, 451 Chap. III. Principles on which the following Theory is founded,

453 Chap. IV. Definitions,

459 Chap. V. Of a Meridian Line,

491 Chap. VI. Of the greatest Variations that can

happen at different Parallels of Latitude, 505 Chap. VII. Modern Geography, or Geography

improved by means of the magnetic Theory, 509

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