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Anno 1547. The archbishop's influence upon the university. Some of St.
John's college apply to him upon the apprehension of a dan-
ger. Offended with some of this college, and why. The
ill condition and low estate of the university. An address
of the university to the archbishop. The sum thereof.
success of the university's address to him and others.
other address to him against the townsmen. Roger As-
cham's application to him for a dispensation for eating flesh.
Favourably granted by the archbishop. The archbishop's


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The archbishop entertains learned foreigners.

Anno 1549. The archbishop harbours learned strangers. Bucer writes in the
archbishop's family. The archbishop's guests. Martyr dedi-
cates his lectures at Oxon to the archbishop. The archbishop
writes to Bucer to come over. Bucer and Fagius professors

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Hoper nominated for bishop of Gloucester. He and Ridley con- Anno 1550.
fer about the habits. The archbishop writes to Bucer for his

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