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There proud their conqu’ring banners seem to rise,
And fann'd by shadowy triumphs flout the skies :

But lo! th' avenging pow'r appears,
His victor-flag immortal Nelson rears;
Swift as the raven's ominous race
Fly the strong eagles o'er th' ethereal space.

The Gallic barks the billowy deep divide,
Their conquests lost in air, o'erwhela'd in shamc their pride."

The hour of vengeance comes---by Gados' tow'rs,"

By high Trafalgar's ever-trophied shore,
The god-like warrior on the adverse pow'rs

Leads his resistless feet with daring, prore.
Terrific as th’ electric bolt that flies
With fatal shock athwart the thund'ring skies,
By the mysterious will of Heaven

On man's presuming offspring driven,
Full on the scatter'd foe he hurls his fires,
Performs the dread behest, and in the Aash expires---

,, . VI. .
But not his fame---While chiefs who bleed
For sacred duty's holy meed,
With glory's amaranthine wreath,
By weeping Victory crown'd in death,
In Hist'ry's awful page shall stand
Foremost amid th' heroic band,
Nelson! so long thy hallow'd name
Thy country's gratitude shall claim;
And wbile a people's pæans raise
To thee the choral hymn of praise,
And while a patriot Monarch's tear
Bedews and sanctifies thy bier,
Each youth of martial hope shall feel

True valour's animating zeal;
With emulative wish thy trophies see,
And heroes yet unborn, shall BRITAIN owe to thee.


· A Dissertation on the Prophe- cipally to Young Persons, delivered

cies, that have been fulfilled, at the annual Lecture, at Carterare now fulfilling, or will hereafter be Lane, Jan. 1, 1806. By Joseph fulfilled, relative to the great Period Barrett. 1s. of 1260 years; the Papal and Mo- Sermons on various Subjects and hammedan Apostasies, the tyran- Occasions. By Alexander Grant, nical reign of Antichrist, or the In- D. D. Vol. III, 8s. fidel Power; and the Restoration of Lord Nelson's Funeral Sermon, the Jews. By George Stanley Fa- preached in Norfolk, near the Birthber, B. D. Vicar of Stockton-upon- place of this great Man. By the Tees, 2 vols. 8vo. 16s.

Rev. George Cook, M. A. Fellow The Destiny of the German Em- of St. John's College, Cambridge. pire; or an Attempt to ascertain the 4to. 2s, 6d. Apocalyptic Dragon, and to shew A Sermon preached at St. John's that the binding of the Dragon, Church, Blackburn, Lancashire, on called the Old Serpent, and the Thursday, Dec. 5, 1805. By the Devil and Satan, and the Millenary Rev. S. Sterenson, A. B. 1s. State, are likely to be altogether A Sermon preached at the Parish different from what Christian Wri- Church of Chertsey, in Surry, on ters have taught us to expect. By the 5th of December, 1805. By J. Bicheno, M. A.

the Rev. John Stonard, M. A, 1s.6d. - An Address to Methodists, and A Sermon preached at the Great all other honest Christians, who Synagogue, Duke's Place, on the conscientiously secede from the 14th Kislay (A. M.) 5565, answerChurch of England. By the Rev, ing to Thursday, Dec, 5, 1805, beW. Cockburne, M. A. Fellow of St. ing the Day appointed for a GeneJohn's College, Cambridge, and ral Thanksgiving. By the Rev. SoChristian Advocate in that Univer- lomon Hirschel, presiding Rabbi sity, 1s. 6d.

(erroneously styled the high priest) A Sermon preached in the Parish of the German Jews in London, Church of St. Andrew, in Holborn, 4to. 1s. 6d. on Sunday, January 5, 1806; on A Sermon preached on the Day occasion of the Death of the Rev. of Thanksgiving. By the most Charles Barton, M. A. late Rector Rev. T. L. O‘Beirne, D. D. Lord of the said Parish. By the Rev. Bishop of Meath, 2s Charles Pryce, M. A. 1s.

The Duty of Thanksgiving, a · A Serinon sacred to the Memory Serinon. By S. Sinallpage, M. A. of the honoured Dead; and parti- Vicar of Whitkirk. 4to. Is. cularly of the late James Currie, A Discourse delivered at West M. D. F. R. S. By the Rev. G Walton, in the County of Norfolk. Walker, F. R, S, and President). on Thursday, Dec, 5, 1805. Bý the Literary and Philosophical o- George Burgess, Ą. B. 1s. ciety of Manchester, 1s. 6d.

A Sermon preached at the Scots * Moral Reflections and Anticipa- Church, London Wall, Dec. 5, 1805. tions of the Opening of the present By Bobert Young, D.D. 25. Year. A Sermon addressed prina



FESSORScott of Aberdeen is preparing for the press a work entituled, “Elements of Intellectual Philosophy; or, an Analysis of the Powers of the Human Understanding, tending to ascertain the Principles of Rational Logic.” In the Electoral Library at Munich have been discovered the Four Gospels, and a Liturgy of the 11th century, in small folio, on fine white parchment, written in a beautiful distinct character, and in the highest state of preservation. They are very splendidly bound, and ornamented with precious stones and pears- the clasps are of gold; and they are lettered on the back with Ivory.

The New East India 'College at Hertford is now ready for the students. The terms are 100 guineas per annum, with extra expences for books, French, drawing, and fencing masters. The candidates for admission are expected to be well grounded in arithmetic; and qualified to be examined in Caesar and Virgil, the Greek Testament, and Xenophon. The vacations, and times for examination, are Christmas and Midsummer. No student to be admitted under fifteen years of age. This Institution will in a few years supersede the necessity of the college at Calcutta. The ident is the Rev. Samuel Henley; and the master, the Rev. Mr. Loosemore.

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Christ Church, and Samuel F.Ifdale of Lincoln college, B. A. were admitted masters of arts. Messrs. John Mavor of Lincoln college, and John Loveday of Brasenose college were admitted Bachelors of Arts. 23.-Messrs. Thomas Edward Bridges, Samuel Whittingham, and F dward Tugwell Williams, of Cor{. Christi College, and the Itev. scorvo Gleed, B.A. were admitted Masters of Arts. CAM with bor, JANua RY 17. The subjects appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Sir William thowne's Prize Medals, for the prescut year are, For the odes . . . . . Mors Nelson1. Porton Aus. . . . . . . Moy &yay. The subject of the dissertation to the Hulsean prize, for the pre

sent year, is—“The propagation of Christianity was not indebted to any secondary causes.”

This day, '. Bachelors' Commencement, the following 92 gentlemen, from the undermentioned colleges, were admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts.

King's College.—Messrs Davies, Tomkins.

Trinity College.—Messrs. Acomb, Bolland, Caldwell, Crawford, Dent, Fisher, Hodges, Hustler, Jackson, Keily, Knox, Lloyd, Lomax, Maberly, Mansel, Mathews, Pollock. Prime, Pugh, Rham, Streatfield, Tripp, Warburton

t. John's College.—Messrs. At

lay, Fane, Fenwick, Fiott, Foster, Gee, George, Grose, Harrison, Jephson, Ludbey, P. Moore, Nunn, Owen, Pawsey, Rooke, Russell, Ryder, Tatham, Turner, Vale, Wade, Walter.


St. Peter's College---Messrs. Hogg, Cambridge, one of his Lordship's, Pemberton, Tilbrooke.

domestic Chaplains. Clare Hall.-Messrs. Dugdell, The Rev. William Deighton, B.A. Hartley, Raper, Williamson. is instituted to the Rectory of Whin-,

Pembroke Hall.-Messrs. Mit- burgh, with Westfield, annexed in chell, Wodsworth.

Norfolk, vacant by the resignation Caius College.--Messrs., Love, of the Rev. George Thomas, on the Paddon, Pemberton, Siely, Turner, presentation of the Right Hon. LaTylden, Williams.

dy Howard. Trinity Hall.-Mr. Bankes. The Rev. Thomas Williains, is ap

Bene't College.-Messrs. Cham- pointed Chaplain of Landguard bers, Dennis, Finch, Owen.

Fort, on the resiguation of the Rev. Queen's College.-Messrs. Brown- William Browne of Saxmundham. ing, Buddicom, Cockin, Cox, Horse The Rev. Mr. Saunders has been fall, Jowett, Rhodes.

presented by the Lord Bishop, to Jesus College. - Messrs. Arce the Prebendal stall of Yatesbury, deckne, Brackenbury, Wilson, in the Cathedral Church of SalisWright.

Christ's College. -Messrs. Ber- The Rev. Mr. Forward has been nal, Day, Entwisle.

instituted to the Rectory of WamMagdalen College.-Messrs. Gret-, brouk, Dorset, on the presentation ton, Ion.

of Charles Edwards, Esq. of Chard, Emanuel College-Messrs. Eyre, in Somersetshire. Napier, Pochin, 'Towne, Young. i The Rev. Henry Whytehead,

Sidney College.-Messrs. Henry, B. A. is licensed to the Curacy of Pullan.

Bindforth near Easingwold, vacant The Senior Wrangler this year is by the death of the Rev. ArchdeaMr. Pollock of Trinity College. con Pierson, and in the gift of his

The Rev. Dr. Kearney, Pro Grace the Archbishop of York. vost of Trinity College, Dublin, The Rev. E. Gibbs Walfirl, is promoted to the Bishopric of M. A. Chaplain to the Earl of Ossory, vacant by the death of the Guilford is presented by his Lord. Right Reverend Dr. Hamilton; and ship to the Vicarage of Shottles. he is succeeded in the Provostship well, in the county of Warwick by the Rev. G. Hall.

and diocese of Litchfield and, CoThe Rev. Edward Seagrave, ventry. B. A. of Magdalen Hall, Os The Rev. William Tilney, M. A. ford, has been inducted to the Rec- a senior Fellow of Caius College tory of Westcotte Burton, in that Carnbridge, is presented by the diocese, vacant by the death of his Master and Fellows of that Society, father the late Incumbent and Pa- to the Rectory of Hockwold, near tron thereof.

Wiltnn in Norfolk, vacated by the The Rev. Charles Wedge, B. A. death of the Rev. Edward White. of Caius Collcge, Cambridge, is The Rev. Thoinas Fenwick, M.A. instituted by the Lord Bishop of of St. John's College, Cambridge, Ely, to the Rectory of Burough- has been instituted by the Lord Green, in Cambridgeshire, on the Bishop of Worcester, to the Reca presentation of the Earl of Ayles tory of Northfield, with the Chapford.

elry of Cofton Hackett thereto anThe Earl of Jersey has been plea- nexed, in the county of Worcester, sked to appoint the Rev. William void by the death of the Rev. Mr. Money, Vicar of Wiggenhall, St. Jervoise. Mary, formerly of Christ College, The Rev. Henry Pepys, B. A.

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void by the death of the Rev. Cadwallader Jones. The Duke of Cambridge has ap

lo the Rev. Samuel Birch,

I. A. Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Curate of Ibstock, in Leicestershire, to be one of his domestic Chaplains.

of Trinity College, Cambridge, is appointed a Fellow of St. John's, in the nomination of the Lord Bishop of Ely, and void by the marriage of the Rev. W. Cockburn. The King has been pleased to resent the Rev. John Jope, to the ectory of St. Ives, in the county of Cornwall and diocese of Exeter,


JAN to Any Q3, 1806. A'. a quarter past four o'clock in the morning, at his house near Putney, the Right Honorable WILLIAM Pi 11, first Lord of the Treasury, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, high steward, and one of the representatives of the University of Gambridge. The death of so illustrious a personage, so pre-eminent a statesman, and so virtuous a minister, would at any time have called forth the sympathetic anxiety of every lover of his country. At this pe— culiar moment, however, when the fate of all that is near and dear to us, seems to hang in a most perilous situation of suspence, such a loss is dreadful, we had almost said that it was the seal of dreadful destruction. It would appear as if it augured to an ungrateful nation the loss of those blessings, which it has too generally treated with contempt. But we turn from the croud of unpleasing reflections which this most melancholy and portentous event has obtruded upou our minds, to a hasty sketch of the life of the truly great character whose death

we, with every honest man in the

united kingdom, cannot but sincerely deplore. William Pitt, the youngest son of the illustrious earl of Chatham, was born on the 28th of May 1759. His father paid the greatest attention to his education, and particularly to his classical studies, which he pursued under the direction of a private tutor at the place of his nativity, Burton Pynsent in the county of Somerset, which was the residence of his family, For the purpose of accustoming him to deliver himself with precision, elegance, and force of argument, the earl used frequently to enter into little disputations with him, and he was wont to encourage him to converse with others upon subjects which seemed far beyond his years, At the age of fourteen he was placed under the care of the Rev. Mr. (now Dr.) Wilson, a clergyman of great merit; and soon ofter he was sent to Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, where he was admitted under the tuition of Messrs Turner and Prettyman. The former of whom is now dean of Norwich, . and the latter bishop of Lincoln.


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