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Also Mr. William Bradford, of St. John's College, was admitted Bachelor of Arts. Mr. Robert Newton, B.A. has been elected Fellow of Brazenose College. The Rev. J. Ford has been chosen Fellow; Mr. William Radford, Scholar; and Mr. Joseph Langley Mills, Exhibitioner of Trinity College. The above College prizes are adjudged as follows; “ Patriotism,”, an English sented by the Rev. Frodsham Hodson, M.A. and Fellow of the same College, on Richard Gumbleton, Esq. Gentleman Commoner of Brazenose College, presented by the Rev. John Dean, M.A. and Fellow of that College; on Richd. Bayley Marsh, Esq. Gentleman Commoner of Oriel College, presented by the Rev. Edward Copleston, M. A. Fellow of the same The Rev. Mr. Warburton, Dean of Ardagh, and chaplain to the duke of Bedford, is promoted to the bishoprie of Limeric, vacant by the death of Dr. Bernard. The Rev. Jonathan Cope, son of Sir Jonathan Cope, Bart. was lately presented to the living of Chilton, Berks, on the presentation of Mrs.Walker Heneage, of Compton House, Wilts. And also, to the living of Langridge, in Somersetshire, on the presentation of William Blathwayte, Esq. of Dirham Park. A dispensation has passed the seals, to enable the Rev. G.Swayne, A. M. domestic chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Gordon, to hold the rectory of Dirham, with the vicarage of Pucklechurch, both in the diocese of Gloucester: to the former of which he was presented by the late William Blathwayte, Esq. The Rev. James Thomas Hand, rector of Cheyeley, and formerly. of Emanuel College, Cambridge, is instituted to the rectory of Ousden, in Suffolk, on his own petitlon. The Rev.Benjamin Lumley, M.A. Fellow of Jesus College, has been presented by Mrs. Leybourn, to the rectory of Dalby, in the county of York, vacated by the death of the Rev. Thomas Lumley. The Rev. Edward Hulton, vicar of Nether Wallop, in the county of Hants, and late of Caius College, Cambridge, is instituted to the rectory of Mundesley, in Norfolk, on the presentation of the King, and to the rectory of Gaywood, on the presentation of Thomas Bagge, Esq. The Rev. Whitfield Curties, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, is instituted by the Lord Bp. of Chichester to the rectory and vicarage of Burwash, in the county of Sussex. The Rev. Mr. Boycatt, rector of Wheatacre Burgh, otherwise St. Peter, in Norfolk, is instituted to the rectory of Beeston St. Andrew, near Norwich, on his own petition. The Rev. George De Hague, B. D. Fellow of Bene’t College, Cambridge, is presented by the Master and Fellows of that Society to the rectory of Wilbraham Parva. And the Rev. John Hewitt, B. D.

Essay, to Mr. Twyford. “. Nelso

hus,” a Latin Essay, to Mr. Pa-
The Rev. Walter Williams, A.M.
and the Rev. Robert Landor, A.M.
have been elected Fellows of Wor-
cester College, on the foundation
of Sir Thomas Cookes, Bart. and
the Rev. Edward Collins Wright,
A. M. and the Rev. Henry Watts
Wilkinson, A. B. are also elected
Fellows; and Messrs. Simpson,
Miller, and Halward, elected Scho-
lars of the same Gollege, on the
foundation of Mrs. Sarah Eaton.
12. Charles Mary Wentworth,
M. A. and Student in Law, of Bra-
zenose College, was admitted
Bachelor of Law.
William Hulme Bodley, M.A. of
Peter-house, Cambridge, was in-
corporated M.A. of Queen's Col-
legé. Mr. Robert H. Inglis, of
Christ Church, was admitted Ba-
chelor of Arts.
13. Charles Mary Wentworth,
Bachelor of Law, of Brazenose
College, was admitted Doctor of
Law." Danson Richardson Currer,
Esq. of Christ Church, was ad-
mitted Bachelor of Arts, Grand
Compounder. Also, Newton Dick-
enson H. Newton, Esq. of St. Mary
Hall, admitted Bachelor of Arts,
Grand Compounder; Messrs.
John Hamer, of All Soul’s Col-
lege; Anthony St. John Baker, of
Christ Church; Maurice Smelt,
and George Hanway, Standert of
Trinity College; Christopher Bird,
of St. Alban Hall; and W. Wilcox,

of St. John's College, were ad-
mitted Bachelors of Arts.
Messrs. Amphlett and Skinner
have been elected Scholars of Wor-
cester College, on the foundation
of Sir Thomas Cookes, Bart.
16. William Hulme Bodley, of
Queen's College; James Tattersall
and Richard Simmons, of Christ
Church, Masters of Arts, and Stu-
dents in Medicine, were admitted
Bachelors; and also, to practice in
medicine, Mr. Francis Charles
Parry, and the Rev. Richard Rid-
ley, of University College; and
Mr. Joseph Stephenson, of Queen's
College, B. A. were admitted
Masters of Arts. Messrs. Henry
Eyre, of University College; Geo.
Loach, of Oriel College; Henry
Brereton and George Morgan, of
Queen's College, and John Ans-
truther, of Christ Church, were
admitted Bachelors of Arts.
18. The Vice-Chancellor, the
Noblemen, the Heads of Houses,
octors, and Proctors, met in the
Convocation House, and from
thence proceeded in formal order
to the Theatre, where, after the
business of the day had been
opened by the Vice-Chancellor,
the following presentations took
place. -
The honorary degree of D.C.L.
was conferred on George Fre.
derick Stratton, Esq. of Tew Park,
high sheriff for the county of Ox.
ford, Master of Arts at Cambridge,
and Fellow of the Society of Anti-
quaries, presented by the Rev.
Richard Laurence, LL.D. of Uni-
versity College, and Deputy Re-
gius Professor of Law. The hono-
rary degree of Master of Arts was
conferred on the Right Hon. the
Earl of Kinuoul, of Christ Church,
presented by the Rev. William
Corne, M. A. Student of Christ
Church; on Sir Oswald Mosley,
Bart. Sir James Matthew Strange,
Bart. and Sir James Gardiner,
Bart of Brazenose College, pre-

College, and Professor of Poetry.

in this University. After the Presentation to degrees, the annual speech in celebration of the benefactors to the University, was delivered by Mr. Crowe, of New College, the public orator.

The prize . were then recited in the following order; viz. The Latin verses “Trafalgar,” by Mr. John Latham, Commoner of Hrazenose College; and the English Essay on “Posthumous Fame,”

by Edward Gerrard Marsh, B. A. Fellow of Oriel College; the English verses “Travels of Discovery into the Interior of Africa,” (a private donation) by Mr. Henry A. Johnson, Conmoner of Christ Church; and Sir Roger Newdigate's prize English Verses “On the Study of Grecian and Roman Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting, by John Wilson, Esq. Gentle

man Commoner of Magdalen Col

lege. The versification of Mr. Latham was remarkably correct and classical; and in expatiating on his proud and triumphant subject, he very successfully embraced the opportunity of making many splendid and pathetic allusions to the hero of Trafalgar. There was considerable elegance and polished propriety in the English poetry of Messrs. Johnson and Wilson. The former had evidently availed himself of every thing communicated upon the subject of Africa by Mr. Mungo Parke; and we heartily wish success to the harsky exertions

of that gentleman, who is now, for the second time, engaged in the dangerous task of exploring that country. Mr. Marsh, in his Essay, took a very comprehensive view of the subject, and with great force contrasted the permanent importance of “Posthumous Fame” with the capriciousness and inconstancy of popular applause. His style was eminently plain and perspicuous: and at a time when most writers are searching after ornament, and the tinsel and glitter of language, his composition was recommended by the chaste simplicity which distinguished the immortal writings of Addison. All the prizes were received with warm applause. 19. The Rev. Charles John Spencer, of St. Edmund Hall; Mr. James Boswell; the Rev. John Clavering, and Robert Henry Johnson, of Brazenose College, B.A. were admitted M. A. Messrs. Henry Barnes, of Exeter College; and Griffith Phillips, of Jesus College, were admitted B. A. 21. The Rev. Dr. Hughes, principal of Jesus College, is admitted Pro-Vice-Chancellor, in the room

[blocks in formation]

Leke, in Nottinghamshire, and Chaplain to Earl Moira, has been admitted to the degree of Doctor in Divinity. June 3. Mr. Thomas Henry Lloyd, of King's College, is elected Fellow of that Society. 11. The following gentlemen have been admitted to the Degrees undermentioned: Bachelors in Divinity.—The Rev. Charles Rushworth, the Rev. Jas. Brown, and the Rev. Amos Hayton, Fellows of St. John's College. Bachelors in Civil Law.—Francis Palmer and James William Geldart, Esqrs. of Trinity Hall; and the Rev. John Robert Tunney, of Bene’t College. Bachelors of Arts.-Messrs. Wm. Henry Taylor, of Beng't College; Percival Swan, of Trinity; Trehayne Symons Read, of Magdalen; and Charles Turner, of Caius College. The members four prizes, value 15 guineas each, are this year adjudged to Mr. Raleigh Trevelgan, of St. John's College, and Mr. Charles Wray, of Trinity College, senior Bachelors; the subject, E tot dependitis Humaniorum Literarum apud Graecos, et Romanos Monumentis, quanam prae ceteris sint desideranda? and to Mr. Wm. Langley, of St. John's, and Mr. William Grant Cantley, of Pembroke, Middle Bachelors; the subject, Utrum certamina publice in Gracia spectata plus utilitatis an damni secum ad tulerint % The late Sir William Browne's

three gold medals, value five gui

neas each, are a judged as follow, to Mr. Charles James Blomfield, of Trinity College, for the Greek Ode: to Mr. Thomas Hughes, of St. John's, for the Latin Ode: and to Mr. Joseph Kirkman Miller, of Trinity College, for the Epigrams. . The subscriptions for the intended University statue of Mr. Pitt, amount now to 7414l.15s.

Fellow of the same College, is also presented by that Society to the vicarage of Granchester, vacated by the death of the Rev. William Butts.

The Rev. Dr. Edward Hay Drummond has been collated by the Abp. of York, to the prebend of Rampton, in the collegiate church of Southwell.


- T Inverary Castle, May 24. of toic stroke, having reached the 84th year of his age, his Grace the Duke of Argyle. This nobleman married Elizabeth, daughter of John Gunning, Esq. one of the most celebrated beauties of her time, and relict of James, Duke of Hamilton. By her he had issue, George, Marquis of Lorn, and another son, and two daughters. The Duke of Argyle was a Field-Marshal in the army, Colonel of the third regiment of foot guards, &c. His Grace was born in 1722; and is succeeded by his eldest son, George, now Duke of Argyle. The following day died also, at Rosineath, Colin Campbell, Esq. an old and intimate friend and faithful servant of his Grace, in the character of Chamberlain and Baillie of Rosineath. He had completed his 94th year in February last. His Grace and Baillie Campbell had both been of the old Highland Watch, and were the only survivors of that famous corps.

At Wimbledon, in the 84th year of his age, the Right Rev. Dr. Thomas Bernard, Bishop of Limerick, who, when Dean of Derry, was one of the celebrated literary club with Dr. Johnson, Mr. Burke, Sir Joshua Reynolds, &c. and so pleasantly delineated by Goldsmith, in his poem of Retaliation. Aged 71, the Rev. Anthony Trollope, rector of Cothered and Rushden, in Hertfordshire, son of the late Sir Thomas Trollope, bart. and uncle to the present baronet. IIe was formerly of Pembroke College, B.A. 1758, M.A. 1761. The Rev. John Ilsley, rector of Tunworth, near Basingstoke. Aged 65, the Rev. John Wills, D.I). Warden of Wadham College, Oxford, rector of Tydd St. Mary's, Lincolnshire, and of Seaborough, Somersetshire. The bulk of hi property he has left to Wadham College. Four hundred pounds per annum, in addition to the headship, with all his books and furniture. Two exhibitions of 100l. each, annually, to two Fellows of the College, students in law and physic; and two exhibitions of 20l. each, annually, to two scholars, students in the same professions. . To a superannuated Fellow, not having property of his own to the amount of 75l. per annum, an annual exhibition of 75l.; to ene other superannuated Fellow, not having of his own property 100l. per annum, an annual exhibition of 50l. Divinity Lecturer of the College, thirty guineas per annum, to read lectures on the thirty-nine articles. Five or six pounds value in books, per annum, to the best reader of the lessons in the chapel. He has also left public benefactions as follows: an estate in Lincolnshire, of about 150l. per annum, to the Vice-Chan

To the

In his 83d year, the Rev. Hunphrey Smythies, rector of Alphetow, in Suffolk, and of Little Staughton, in Bedfordshire, formerly of Emanuel College, Cambridge, B.A. 1743, M.A. 1782. At High Halden, in Kent, the Rev. Daniel Wilcox, rector of that parish, and vicar of Betrisden, in the same county. Both the livings are in the patronage of the Abp. of Canterbury. At Bishop Auckland, aged 77, Peter Bowlby, LL.D. register to the Dean and chapter of Durham. At Allenheads, in the county of Durham, the Rev. Joseph Carr, M. A. aged 58. At Egton, Yorkshire, the Rev.

T. Robinson, M. A. rainister of

cellor for the time being, in aid of Egton, Glosedale, and Goatland,

the great burden of his office; 100l. per annum to the senior Bodleian Librarian; 100l. per annum to the theatre; and 1000l. stock in the 3 per cents. to the Infirmary. . The residue of his fortune, exclusive of private legacies to relations, friends, and servants, he has bequeathed to the College, to establish a fund to accumulate for the É. of purchasing or benefiting ivings for that College. At Broughton, in Oxfordshire, in his 79th year, the Rev. John Marcy, rector of that parish, vicar of Hellidon, in the county of Northampton, and chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Say and Sele.

near Whitby. At Nottingham, aged 70, the Rev. Nathaniel Haines, D. D. prebendary of Southwell, vicar of St. Mary's, in Nottingham, rector of Cotgrave, and perpetual curate of Shenton, in the county of Nottingham; perpetual curate of Tong, in Yorkshire, and domestic chaplain to the Earl of Manners. He was presented to St. Mary's in 1770; and has resided in the vicarage for thirty-five years. At Donnington, in the county of Salop, the Itev. Daniel Dewar, vicar of Uppington. The Rev. H. C. Jeffries, rector

9f Minchinhampton and of Red

George Daubeny, Esq. an alder-borough, in Gloucestershire.

man, and formerly one-of-too-->

preseutatives is parliament for the city of Bristol. He was a respec

table merchant; and brother to

the worthy Archdeacon of Sarum.

The Rev. John Bewsher, vicar of St. Neots, Huntingdonshire. The vicarage is in the patronage of the crown.

At Canterbury, aged 85, the Rev. G. Hearne, rector of St. Alphage, vicar of St. Mary, Northgate, and one of the six preachers in the cathedral of that city.

At Bristol Hot-wells, the Rev. Thomas Hughes, A. M. of Monmouth.

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