Embracing Travail: Retrieving the Cross Today

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Bloomsbury Academic, 1 maj 1999 - 224
In Embracing Travail, Cynthia Crysdale explores the mystery of redemption through the central Christian symbol of the cross. Traditionally, the cross has been understood by male theologians as redeeming humankind from sin as arrogant ambition. Yet the difficulties of understanding sin primarily in this way, especially for women and those on the "underside" of history, has been recognized for several decades. Rather, argues Crysdale, by virtue of life experience, people - women as well as men - enter the drama of the cross and resurrection at different points: some through repentance, seeking forgiveness, and others through a courageous claiming of self-identity, seeking healing. In an approach that is both anecdotal and analytical, personal and theological, Crysdale provides a renewed understanding of Christian redemption for preachers and Christian educators as well as the general public.

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