The Pamphleteer, Tom 9

Przednia okładka
Abraham John Valpy
A. J. Valpy., 1817

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Strona 413 - ... rusticus expectat, dum defluat amnis: at ille labitur et labetur in omne volubilis aevum.
Strona 219 - ... sufficiency for his subsistence, or the means of procuring it: and as no fixed laws for the regulation of property can be so contrived, as to provide for the relief of every case and distress which may arise, these cases and distresses, when their right and share in the common stock...
Strona 19 - Somers, in the banker's case, will see he bottoms himself upon the very same maxim which I do ; and one of his principal grounds of doctrine for the alienability of the domain in England ', contrary to the maxim of the law in France, he lays in the constitutional policy of furnishing a permanent reward to public service ; of making that reward the origin of families ; and the foundation of wealth as well as of honours.
Strona 34 - Ordinary service must be secured by the motives to ordinary integrity. I do not hesitate to say, that that state which lays its foundation in rare and heroic virtues, will be sure to have its superstructure in the basest profligacy and corruption. An honourable and fair profit is the best security .against avarice and rapacity ; as in all things else, a lawful and regulated enjoyment is the best security against debauchery and excess.
Strona 477 - They are required to discharge the functions of magistrates, judges, ambassadors, and governors of provinces, in all the complicated and extensive relations of those sacred trusts and exalted stations...
Strona 575 - ... to which the children of all such as demand relief of the parish, above three and under fourteen years of age, whilst they live at home with their parents and are not otherwise employed for their livelihood by the allowance of the overseers of the poor, shall be obliged to come.
Strona 478 - ... man to India at the earliest possible period. Some of these young men have been educated with an express view to the civil service in India, on principles utterly erroneous, and inapplicable to its actual condition...
Strona 16 - ... which was made of that part of its prerogative occasioned parliament frequently to interpose; and particularly, after the crown had been greatly impoverished, an act passed, whereby all future grants, for any longer term than thirty-one years, were declared void.
Strona 474 - To dispense justice to millions of people of various languages, manners, usages and religions ; to administer a vast and complicated system of revenue throughout districts equal in extent to some of the most considerable kingdoms in Europe ; to maintain civil order in one of the most populous and litigious regions of the world ; these are now the duties of the larger proportion of the civil servants of the Company.
Strona 576 - From this method the children will not only reap the fore-mentioned advantages with far less charge to the parish than what is now done for them, but they will be also thereby the more obliged to come to school and apply themselves to work, because otherwise they will have no victuals, and also the benefit thereby both to themselves and the parish will daily increase; for, the earnings of their labour at school every day increasing, it may reasonably be concluded that, computing all the earnings...

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