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and removal of so many members, in late years, the Churches are still well attended, and the congregations attentive to the administrations of the word and sacraments. The services of the Rector are sought after to an extent far beyond his ability or that of any individual to supply. Private communions in sick chambers, have become much more frequent, and many persons, not members of the Church, in various directions, seem disposed to avail themselves of her holy services. At no period of his ministry have his duties been more numerous or more pressing than during the past year. Under these circumstances, he has looked with unmingled satisfaction upon a movement in a part of his parish to erect a new Church and organize a new Parish; and he hopes the day is not far distant when a separation will take place between the two parishes now under his charge, and each be provided with a minister of its own. Baptisms-adults 2, children 6,

8 Communicants—last reported 70, added 4, deceased 5, withdrawn 1, present number

68 Marriages-white 5, colored 1,

6 Funerals,

8 Catecumens-about

20 Besides defraying various incidental expenses, $55 have been appropriated to the funds of the General Missionary Society, and $3 27 to the fund for the relief of aged and infirin Clergymen of the Church.

JOHN R. KEECH, Rector. Bel Air, May 28th, 1848.

All Saints' Parish, Calvert county.
Baptisms—adults, white 2, children, white 13; colored 22, 37
Communicants—added 3, died 2, present number

51 Marriages—white 1, colored 1,

2 Burials—white,

11 Offerings,

$43 121

HENRY WILLIAMS, Rector, Sunderland P. O., May 28th, 1848.

Christ Church Parish, Calvert county.
Baptisms infants, white 11; colored 22,
Marriages-white 1, colored 1,


Funerals-white 5, colored 5,

10 Communicants-added 3, present number

67 Collections,

$32 55 Appropriated as follows: Diocesan Missions,

$5 00 Prayer Book and Homily Society of Maryland,

2 00 Ladies' Tract Society of Baltimore,

1 00 Tax on the parish for Bishop's sund,

5 00 Balance for uses within the Parish.

The above report dates from last January, when the present Rector took charge of the Parish.

MEYER LEWIN, Rcclor. St. Leonard's P. O., Calvert county, Md.

St. Paul's Parish, Calvert county. 1 commenced officiating in St. Paul's Church, Calvert county, about the 1st of Feb. 1848, and since that time I have performed divine service and preached regularly on every Sunday morning. Communicants,

20 Baptisms,

· 5

F.R. HANSON, Reclor. Prince Frederick, May 29th, 1848.

St. Mary Anne's Parish, Cecil county.

17 2


[blocks in formation]

St. Stephen's Parish, Cecil county.

Baptisms-infants 12; adult 1,

13 Communicants,

26 Marriages,

5 Though the outward condition of the parish has undergone no material change, yet the hope is indulged, that the regular offering of prayer, the administration of the Sacraments, and the preaching of the Word, have not been without their sanctifying power.

JOHN WILEY, Rector. May 31st, 1848.

Durham Parish, Charles county.

Baptisms—white 11; colored 17,

28 Communicants-added 4, died 2, present number

45 Marriages-white 2, colored 3,

5 Funerals-white 11, colored 4,

15 Domestic Missions

$10 A neat enclosure has been placed around the Church, and other important repairs are in progress, such as painting the interior of the Church and putting new sash and glass in the windows, which, when completed, will put oor sanctuary in a complete state of repair. The ladies, with praiseworthy zeal, will carpet and furnish the Chancel.

ROBERT PROUT, Rector. Nanjemoy P. o.

Port Tobacco Parish, Charles county.

Sunday Schools,

90 210

8 17



Trinity Parish, Charles county.
The Rector respectfully reports to the Bishop of the Diocese :
Baptisms—infants 41; adult, colored 2,


12 Communicants—last reported 128, added 13,

141 Marriages-white 7, colored 4,

11 Funerals,

29 For Missions,

$26 93 The Chapel is soon to be thoroughly painted.

JAMES ABERCROMBIE, Rector. Charlotte Hall P. O.



William and Mary Parish, Charles county.
Baptisms-infants, white 13; colored 17,
Communicants— last reported 43, added 4, died 2, removed 6,

present number
Marriages-white 3, colored 2,

Offerings to Missions--Domestic,


Other Offerings-about

39 5 9

$10 00 10 00 10 00

9 00 12 00

$51 00

JNO. M. TODD, Rector.

Milton Hill P. O., May, 1848.

Rock Creek Parish, District of Columbia.
Baptisms—infants, white 11; colored 3,
Marriages-white 2, colored 1,
Funerals-adults 5, infants 7,

14 40



Contributions for Domestic Missions,

$10 00 African Mission,

10 00 Episcopate,

10 00 Convention Fund,

8 00 Society for the relief of superannuated and infirm Clergymen,

11 00

$49 00 W. A. HARRIS, Rector.

May, 1848.

Church of the Ascension, Washington City. Since his last report, the Rector has had the satisfaction of witnessing some additional evidences of his usefulness in this Parish. At every celebration of the Eucharist, some have been added to the Church, of such we trust, “as shall be saved." He is happy also, to see among those committed to his charge, an increased attention to the means of grace-attachment to the distinctive principles of the Church, and a spirit of unostentatious piety. The contributions of this congregation, to the various institutions of the Church, have been as large as could be reasonably expected from so young a congregation. Baptisms,

21 Communicants-last reported 94, removed 14, added 24, present number

104 Marriages,

8 Funerals,


L. I. GILLISS, Rector. May 30th, 1848.

Christ Church, Washington Parish, Washington City.
Sunday School-teachers, male 8, female 13,

scholars, male 114, female 91,

24 100


12 21 205

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