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St. James's (African) Church, Baltimore. Baptisms-infants 3; adult 1,

4 Marriages,

3 Communicants,

49 Burials,

J. N. MCJILTON, Rector.
ROBERT PIGGOTT, Assistant Minister.


St. Luke's Church, Baltimore.
Baptisms-infant, white 12; colored 1,

Confirmed-white 1,
Communicants—last reported 6, added 15, died 2, suspended
1, present number,

Marriages-white 2,

2 Funerals-white 5, colored 1,

6 Sunday Schools—male teachers 5, female 6,

11 scholars, male 32, female 46,

78 Amount of collections for the different Institutions connected with the Church,

$57 35 The undersigned respectfully reports to the Bishop that the Congregatio worshipping in a small Meeting house on the N. E. corner of Hollips sol Oregon streets, was regularly organized on the 18th day of October, (Feast of St. Luke,) 1847, into a congregation called St. Luke's Church. A Rector, Vestry, and Churchwardens were then duly elected. The regtlar services of the Church are held morning and afternoon. That the eligió ble site offered some time since by one of the members of the Vestry has been secured, and that measures are now in progress to obtain requisito means for the erection of a Gothic Church, with about 600 sittings.

REUBEN RILEY, Presbyter.


St. Peter's Church, Baltimore.
Baptisms—adults, white 7 ; infants, white 44,

51 Confirmed-white,

28 Communicants-last reported 345, added 57, died 12, removed 34, withdrawn 2, present number,

354 Marriages-white 19, colored 1, Funerals—white 34, colored 1,

35 Sunday Schools—male teachers 17, female 26,

43 male scholars 97, female 129,

226 The collections for Church objects have been larger this year, than during any other of the incumbency of the present Rector.


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St. Stephen's Church, Baltimore.
Baptisms-infants 35; adults 4,


50 Marriages,

15 Funerals,

14 J. N. MCJILTON, Rector.

Trinity Church, Baltimore.
Baptisms-adults 2, infants, white 25, colored 1,


Communicants-last reported 71, added 22, (from other

churches 12, new 10,) died 5, removed 7, withdrawn 2,
suspended 1, present pumber


20 Sunday School-teachers, male 8, female 8,

16 scholars, male 44, female 42,

86 Amount of Sunday collections for Church expenses,

$259 00 Domestic Missions,

11 50


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Muryland Hospilal.

Divine service in the Chapel every Sunday.

J. N. MCJILTON, Chaplais

St. James's Parish, Baltimore county.
Baptisms-adults 1; infants 7,
Communicants-added 3, died 4, present number


2 Funerals,


MATHIAS L. FORBES, Rector. St. James's P. O., Ballo. Co.

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SL. Thomas's Parish, Ballimore county.


8 Communicants,

17 Contribution to Missions,

Congregation of regular attendants on public worship increased and at tentive.

CHAS. C. AUSTIN, Recior, P. O., Owings' Mills.

$50 M

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To the Right Rev. W. R. Whiltingham, D. D.:

In obedience to the 1st Section of the 8th Canon of the General Codrea•

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tion of 1841, the Rector of St. John's Church, in the Valley, Baltimore county, reports: Communicants-last reported 6, added by removal 1, present number

7 Marriage-colored,

1 Funerals-adult 1, child, white 1,

2 Families—so far as ascertained 5, adult persons, about

Attendance on public worship varics from 15 to 30. A service on Sabbath afternoons for the colored people has been well attended. He has reason to be very grateful to his parishioners since his remoral here—which was the last week in February-for their exceeding kindness. On the whole, the prospects are encouraging. With God nothing is impossible.

ETHAN ALLEN, Rector. P. O., Reisterstown, Ballimore county.



St. Timothy's Church, Ballimore county. Baptisms—adults, white 6; infants, white 20

26 Confirmed, white,

14 Communicants- last reported 37, removed 7, died 2, added 22, (new 10) present number

50 Marriages,

5 Funerals,

7 Sunday School-teachers, male 5, female 5 scholars, male 30, seinale 25

55 Offerings-Domestic Missions,

$30 50 Foreigo,

7 00 Diocesan,

3 00 Prayer Book and Homily Society,

4 69 Support of Bishop,

12 00 Infirm Clergy,

3 69 Parochial purposes,

60 00

$120 88 During the past year a bell weighing 558 pounds, has been purchased.

LIBERTUS VAN BOKKELEN, Rector, May 31st, 1848.


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Parish of the Holy Trinity, Carroll county.
Baptisms-infants, white 2; colored 1,
Communicants—last reported 10, added 2,


3 12

1 $21 80

Parish of the Ascension, Carroll county.
Baptisms-adult, white 1; infants, white 2, colored 2,

Communicants— Jast reported 16, died 3, present number 13

1 Funerals-white 5, colored 3,

8 Offerings,

$26 07 The undersigned avails himself of the opportunity afforded by a visit to his late parishes in Carroll county, to obtain from the records the foregoing statistics. He resigned the parishes in November last, upon ac. cepting, by advice of the Bishop, an invitation to another part of the diocese. At the time he left there was every assurance that the vacancy would immediately be filled--a clergyman having already accepted an invitation to take charge of the parishes. He, however, failed to do so, and the parishes have up to this time been unsuccessful in the efforts they have been constantly making to obtain a pastor. The parishes have had the services of a clergyman only about four months during the past year. The people, however, have during their sad destitution been doing what they could to sustain the Church-and their late rector cannot but express the great pleasure he has experienced in witnessing the noble spirit and zeal for the Church that now animates those little flocks. He most earnestly hopes and prays that they may soon be blessed with the holy ministrations of the Church to which in their bereavement they so warmly cling.

D. HILLHOUSE BUEL. June 15th, 1848.

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St. John's Parish, Baltimore and Harford counties. The Rector of St. John's Parish, Baltimore and Harford counties, would state that as for several years past, death has fallen with a heavy hand upon the Communicants of his charge, and deprived the Church of several of her highly esteemed and valued members. But, notwithstanding the death

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