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vices of the Church; and the Rector feels confident that it will increase. The children are regularly catechized every Sunday.

CYRUS WATERS, Rector. Millersville P. O.

Grace Church, Elk Ridge Landing, Anne Arundel county. Baptisms infants, white

11 Communicants

14 Funerals—white 1,

1 Sunday School-white, teachers

6 scholars,

39 colored, teacher 1, attendants,

16 to 25 Offerings : Fund for Infirm clergymen,

$3 663 Diocesan Missions,

6 324 Offertory on 3 occasions,

12 041

The condition of this parish has decidedly improved. The church has undergone many desirable changes. It is awaiting consecration, which by appointment, will be held on June 15th. The attendance at service average about 80. A growing interest in the Church is very manifest in the community, and with the blessing of its Divine Head, will be turned to the salvation of many souls.

J. ELLISON VAN BOKKELEN, Minister. P. O. address, Elk Ridge Landing, A. A. Co.

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Grace Church, Ellicoll's Mills. Baptisms-infants

10 Communicants-added 8, present number

14 Funerals

1 Sunday School-teachers

5 scholars Weekly offerings,

$18 77 The undersigned took charge of this congregation the 1st of November. They found the church edifice unfinished, not even plastered, and with a judgment for nearly $1400 hanging over it, and liable to be sold under the


hammer at any moment. By personal application to individuals in Baltimore, Annapolis and Elkridge, they have succeeded in raising in small sums, for the most part not exceediug five dollars, in all about $500, which with $200 from the Rev. Mr. Atkinson, $50 from the Rev. Mr. Pyne, and $20 from the Rev. Mr. Harrison, and small sums from a few other of their clerical brethren, and a loan from a friend of the Church, (a candidate for Holy Orders,) of $600, has enabled them to pay off the judgment, and another debt of $200. There are a few more small debts, but these can lie for the present. They are now in pressing want of $300, to enable them to finish the Church, and for this they must appeal to their more favored brethren.

When they took charge of the congregation, they found it well nigh broken up, and the few that remained dispirited and irresolute. They have held service every Sunday, and with the exception of a short time in mid-winter, both morning and evening. The congregation is steadily in. creasing, and its spiritual condition apparently improving. Three are awaiting Confirmation at the expected visitation of the Bishop on Whitsunday.

E. J. STEARNS, Rector.

JAMES MOORE, Asst. Minister. P. O. Ellicole's Mills, Md.

St. John's Church, Howard District.
Baptisms-infant, white 2, colored 1,

3 Communicants—last reported 25-died 3-removed 2-added 2– present number,

22 Marriages,

2 Funerals,

7 Sunday offerings,

$196 77 Appropriated as follows: Prayer Book and Homily Society,

$3 37 Diocesan Missions,

57 19 Domestic

35 32 Constantinople,

43 19 Parocbial purposes, including Bishop's and Con. Fund, 57 70

$196 77 HUGH T. HARRISON, Recior.

Elicott's Mills, May 31st, 1848.


St. Pauls' Parish, Baltimore. In St. Pauls' Parish, Baltimore, during the year commencing 1st June, 1847, and ending 1st June, 1848—there have occurred: Baptisms,

54 Communicants,

369 Marriages,

13 Funerals,

31 W. E. WYATT.•


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The Church of the Ascension, Baltimore. The Rector of this Church having received a call to the diocese of Rhodo Island, presents his report to the Convention for that portion of the Ecclesiastical year, ending with Easter, at which time his official connexion with the parish ceased. Baptisms—adult, white 4-infant, white 29,

33 Confirmed-white,

11 Communicants-last reported 119-added 21-died 4-removed and withdrawn 40, present number

96 Marriages-white,

2 Funerals,

24 Sunday School-male teachers 11-female 16,

27 scholars 91-female scholars 135, 226 Weekly collections are taken up for the support of the Church, and amount to about $175 per annum.

Collection for the Prayer Book and Homily Society was taken up by the Bishop on the Sunday after Christmas, amounting to

One Sunday School, by the mite system, has been enabled to make two remittances to China, ip aid of Missions, and during the year purchased an addition to the library of some 300 vols.

FRANCIS PECK, Rector. Baltimore, Easter, 1848.

Christ Church, Baltimore.


54 31


20 Communicants,

355 There are about forty-five additional communicants who probably ought to be reported, bringing the number of this communion up to 400; but as the latter have never been duly enrolled, they are not entered on the above statement.

The benevolent institutions of this congregation, viz: Sunday Schools, Asylumn for destitute children, Female Missionary, Tract and Hannah More Societies, have all been well sustained.

The Rector can perceive no material change in the general condition of this Church, and whilst he desires to record his gratitude to Almighty God, for the fruits of his grace bestowed thus far, would humbly commend his charge of immortal souls, to the care and protection of the Great Head of the Church, for the future,

HENRY V. D. JONES, Rector. May 31st, 1848.


Ri, Rer. Sir :

Since my connexion with Crapmer Chapel, I have found remaining of former Communicants, twelve-eight have since been added, making the present number

20 Baptisms-adults 1, infants 21,

22 Funerals,

6 Sunday School scholars that have been present once or oftener within the last two months,

224 Average attendance of do.,

116 In December last, there were ninety names on the list. The average attendance was fifty. Teachers at present,

18 I rejoice in the persuasion, that the field in which I have been placed, is one that, under the Divine blessing may become productive of much good to souls. Your obedient servant,


Ballimore City, May 29th, 1848.

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Mount Calvary Church, Ballimore.
Baptisms-ndolts, white 7; infunts, white 33 ; colored 4,
Communicants- last reported 85-added 22-removed 16

-present number,
Marriages- white 1, colored 1,
Funerals-white 11,
Sunday Schools-male teachers 6, female I,

scholars 64, female 87,
Collections-Special, for Missions,

Episcopal Fund,
• Prayer Book Society,
“ Education of Candidates for Orders,
“ Sunday Schools,
“ Corporation for Widows and Orphans,
" Fund for superannuated Clergy,

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$125 40

42 64 16 17 20 06 42 39 14 00 16 12

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$276 78 Other “ Church offerings" about,

350 00 During the year the spire has been completed, and sundry improvements have been made to remedy defects in the original construction of the building—the interior of the walls being dewly coloured. The whole expense had exceeded $2,200; of which, a large portion has been raised from members of the congregation, and the balance has been received from old and tried friends of the Church, to whom we are greatly jodebted for many previous acts of liberality. Indeed, the whole history of our Iofapt Church has so far illustrated the truth of how much can be done where willing minds and generous hearts, touched by the grace of God, unite to accomplish a work for His Glory. May He who sees in secret, reward them openly.


Rector Mount Calvary Church.

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130 29

Received into tho Church who had been baptized by a Ro-
mish priest,


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