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Navy of the United States, Chaplain Port Tobacco Parish, Charles, iii.
in, iv. 8. P. R. 105.

x. P. R. 73.
New Parishes and Congregations; Prayer Book and Homily Society

Applications, for admission into of Maryland, 21,
Convention, 4. 37. for leave to President of the Convention, svi.
organize, 43. 56. Committee on

pro tempore xiv. ex officio, of the
Admission of, 4. Reports from Corporation for the relief of Wid.
Committee 31. 32. 44. 56. See ows and Children of the Clergy,
Admission, Committee and Leave xvi.
to organize.

President of the Diocesan Ecclesi-

astical Court, xvi.
Officers of the Convention, xvi. President of the Standing Commit
Ordinations held during the year, 8. tee, xvi. pro tempore, 55,
Order, Rules of, xiv, additional rule, Prince George's Parish, Montgom

ery, v. xi. P. R. 81.
Orders. See Holy Orders.

Principals of Colleges and School,

iii. bis. iv. bis. y. bis. vi. vi. 8. 9.
'Parish of the Ascension, Carroll, x. clerical Reports from 101. 107.
P. R. 70.

Parish of the Ascension, Washing. Professors in Colleges and Schools

ton D. C., ill. X. P. R. 75.

iii. iv. v. vi. vii., number of, e.
Parish of the Epiphany, Washing clerical Reports from, 102. 106
ton, D. C., v. X. P. R. 76.

Parish of the Holy Trinity, Balti-

more and Carroll, ix. resignation Queen Anne Parish, Prince George,
of late Rector, 10. P. R. 70.

iii. xii. P. R. 83.
Parishes and Congregations in the Queen Caroline Parish, Anne Arun-

Diocese, List of, viii. statistics of, del, iv, viii. P. R. 58.
129. visited by the Bishop, 15.
See New Parishes.

Reports of Committees; on Ac
Parochial Contributions, Committee counts, 43. on Accounts of Treas
on, 3. Report of, 110.

urer of Diocesan Missions, 36.
Parochial Reports; Form of, ii. to on Arrearages, 33. 44. on the

the Bishop, 57. Report of Stand Bishop's Address, 50.
ing Committee upon, 55. statis Canon of Vacant Parishes, 5l.
tical Summary of, 129. See also on collecting the Salaries of

under the respective local titles. Clergymen, 23.
Pastoral Letters on Missions, 19. tion of Deacons, 37. on Dioce-
Patapsco Female Institute (dioce san Missions, 53, 110. on Church
san,) vi. 15. 16. P. R. 98.

property in Dilapidated par-

OD 3

on the ordina.

nary, 55.


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ishes, 36. on Elections of Lay for transcribing and printing the
delegates, 29. on new parishes Journal of Convention, 54. re.
and congregations, 31. 44. 56. garding Minority-Reports from
on parochial Contributions, 110. Committees, 55. for printing an
on the Seats of clergymen in the extra number of the Report of
Convention, 27. on the state of Trustees of Episcopal Fund, 46.
the Church, 55. on Trusteeships directing the place of holding
in the General Theological Semi the next Convention, 54. ad-

mitting S. Mark's Church, Bal-
Reports of Minorities; on a Canon timore, 44. respecting Sales
of Vacant Parishes, 51 ; on the

of Church property,

36. of
ordination of Deacons, 39.

thanks the Secretaries, 54.
Report by the Secretary, of Absen in favor of the Sexton of S.

tees from two successive Conven Paul's Church, Baltimore, 54
tions, 26.

for a Committee to inquire into
Report of Tellers on the election of the Trusteeships of the General
Standing Committee, 41.

Theological Seminary, 55.
Report of Trustees of the Episco- Resolutions offered and not adopted ;
pal Fund, 45.

regarding a proposed Canon of
Resolutions ; for adjournment, 54. Vacant Parishes, 52. regarding
56. remitting certain arrearages, Salaries of Clergymen, 49. 50.
34. 44. of recommittal, 34. Con touching the ordination of Dea.
tinuing the Arrearage Committee cons, 26, 41.
till the next Convention, 53.
referring certain parts of the S. Andrew's Church, Baltimore, iv.
Bishop's Address, 50. appoint ix. P. R. 65.
ing a Committee for compil. S. Andrew's Church, Clear Spring,
ing and publishing Canons, 27. vi. xiii. 13. P.R. 94.
inviting Clergymen and Candi. S. Andrew's Parish, S. Mary's, xii.,
dates for Holy Orders to attend resignation of late Rector, 11. P.
the Convention, 29. respecting

R. 88.
the Church History by Dr. Jar- S. Anne's Parish, Annapolis, vi. viii.
vis, 48. for going into Elec 12. resignation of late Rector, P.
tion of the Executive Committee R. 58.
of Missions, 54. for Election of S. Augustine's Parish, Cecil, x.
the Standing Committee, 37. of S. Bartholomew's Parish, Mont-
leave for a new Congregation in gomery, iv, xi. P. R. 82.
Harford county, 45. for a new S. George's Church, Mount Savage,
parish in Washington, D. C., 56. P.R. 57. 101.

S. George's Parish, Harford, vi. xi. resignation of late Rector, 12. P.
P. R. 80.

R. 95.
S. James's Church (African) Balti. S. Luke's Church, Baltimore, vi. ix.,
more, v. ix. P. R. 66.

4, 12. admission of, 31. P. R. 66.
S. James's Parish, Anne Arundel, v. S. Luke's Parish, Queen Aone, v.
viii. P. R. 59.

xii. 10. P. R. 87.
S. James's Parish, Baltimore, v. ix. S. Margaret's Westminster, A. A.
P. R. 68.

vi. vii. P. R. 60.
S. John's Church, Georgetown, D. S. Mark's Church, Baltimore, ri.
C., xi, vacant, 13.

ix. 12. 37. admission of, 44. P.
S. John's Church, Howard District, R. 102.
iv. viii. P. R. 62.

S. Mark's Parish, Frederick, xi. re-
S. John's Church, Huntingdon, vi. signation of late Rector, 10.

ix. Consecration of, 22. Institu- S. Mary's Hall, 17.

tion of Minister at, 22.P. R. 107. S. Mary Anne's Parish, Cecil, iv.
S. John's Church, S. Bartholo x. P. R. 72.

mew's Parish, iv, xii. P. R. 82. S. Mary Whitechapel Parish, Caro-
S. John's Church in the Valley, vii. line, x.

ix. 10, resignation of late Rector, S. Matthew's Parish, Prince George,
13, P. R. 69.

iv. xii. P.R. 84.
S. John's College, Annapolis, Presi- S. Matthew's Parish, Worcester,
dent's clerical Report, 100.

S. John's Institute, Mount Alban, S. Michael's Parish, Talbot, iii. xiii.,
D. C., vii. bis. 9. 13. 16.

resignation of late Rector, 12.,
S. John's Parish, Baltimore and Har. leave of absence to Lay-delegate
ford, iii. x. P. R. 70.

of, 48. P. R. 92.
S. John's Parish, Carolinc, x. S. Paul's Church, Balt. 1., place
S. John's Parish, Harford, vi. xi. holding next Convention, 54.

Institution of Minister at, 22. S. Paul's Church, Maryland Mining
S. John's Parish, Prince George, Co's Works, Allegany, P.R. 58,
vi. xii. P. R. 84.

S. Jobu's Parish, Prince George S. Paul's Church, Sharpsburg, xiii.

and Charles, iv. xji. P. R. 86. S. Paul's Parish, Baltimore, iii. viii.
S. John's Parish, Washington, v. · P. R. 63.

xiii. proposed to hold next Con. S. Paul's Parish, Calvert, vii. x. 10.,
vention in, 54. P. R. 93.

leave of absence to Lay.delegate
S. John's Parish, Washington, D. of, 29. P.R. 72.
C., vi. xi. P. R.76.

S. Paul's Parish, Frederick, si.
S. John's Parish, Worcester, xii. S. Paul's Parish, Kent, v. xi. 10. P.

R. 81.

R. 93.

S. Paul's Parish, Prince George bave the Journal transcribed and
vi. xii.

published, 54.
S. Paul's Parish, Queen Anne's, iv. Secretary of the Corporation for re-
xii. P. R. 87.

lief of widows and children of the
S. Peter's Church, Baltimore, v.

v. ix.

Clergy, xvi. of Diocesan Eccle-
9. P. R. 67.

siastical Court, ib. of Standing
S. Peter's Church, Lonaconing, viii. Committee, ib. of Trustees of the
S. Peter's Parish, Montgomery, xii., Episcopal Fund, 45.

resignation of late Rector, 13. P. Senior Presbyter in the Diocese, 5.
R. 82.

Severn Parish, Anne Arundel, iii.
S. Peter's Parish, Talbot, iv. xiii., viii. P. R. 60.
Consecration of church in, 21. P. Sexton of S. Paul's Church, resolu-

tion in favor of, 54.
S. Philip's Parish, Prince George, Sherwood Chapel, Baltimore, iv. ix.

xii. 4; Act to establish, 32. P. R. 12. P. R. 103.

Shrewsbury Parish, Kent, iv. xi. P.
S. Stephen's Church, Baltimore, v.ix. R. 81.
P. R. 67.

Somerset Parish, Somerset, vi. xii.
S. Stephen's Parish, Cecil, iii. x.P. P.R. 88.
R. 73.

Spring Hill Parish, Somerset, vi.
S. Thomas's Church, Hancock, vii. xiii. P. R. 89.
xiii. 10. P. R. 94.

Standing Committee of the Diocese,
S. Thomas's Parish, Baltimore, iii. xvi. 37. 41. Report on the state
viii. P. R. 68.

of the Church from, 55.
S.Timothy's Church, Baltimore, vii. Standing Committees of the Con-
ix. 9. P. R. 69.

vention, 3.
S. Timothy's Hall (diocesan) vii. bis. Stepney Parish, Somerset, vi. xiii.
9. 16 and 107.

P. R. 89.
Salaries of Clergymen, Report of Superannuated and Infirm Clergy-

committee on the best method of men, Trustees of the Fund for,
collecting, 23. 48.

xvi. 55.
Sales of Church property, Commit-

tee to procure a legislative enact-
ment touching, 36.

Tellers appointed, 37. Report of, 41.
Seats in Convention, viii. 3. 27. Theological Seminary, Trustee ap-
Secretary of the Convention, xvi. 3. pointed for General, 55.

Report of absentees by, 26. to act Treasurer of Convention, xvi. Com-
as agent for the Church History mittee's Report upon accounts of,
of Dr. Jarvis, 48. authorized to 43. Statement of account by, 113.


Treasurer of Corporation for the re Vacant Clergy, number of, 6. cleri-

lief of widows and children of the cal Reports from, 98.99. 103. 104.
Clergy, xvi.

Vacant Parishes and Congregations,
Treasurer of Diocesan Missions, AC Canon of, 43. 52. number of, 6.

count handed in, 31. Committee's Vienna Parish, Dorchester, xi.
Report, 36. statement of account Visitations, Episcopal, 14.

by, 123.
Treasurer of the Episcopal Fund,
xvi. Accounts of, 115.

Walnut Grange, female School at,
Trinity Church, Baltimore, v. ix. 15.
P. R. 67.

Washington Parish, D. C., xi. P.
Trinity Church, Elkton, iv. x. P. R. R. 75.

Wicomico Parish, Somerset, xiii. 4.
Trinity Church, Upper Marlbro', xii. Act to establish, 32. P. R.91.
13. P. R. 86.

William and Mary Parish, Charles,
Trinity Parish, Charles, iv. x. P. R. v. X. P. R. 74.

William and Mary Parish, S. Mary's,
Trinity Parish, Washington, D. C., v. xii. P. R. 88.
vii. xi. P.R. 76.

Worcester Parish, Worcester, vii.

Trinity School, 17.

xiii. P. R. 96.
Trustees; of the Episcopal Fund,

xvi. Report from, 45. election
for, 50; of the Fund for Super- Zion Parish, Frederick, iv. xi. As.
annuated clergymen, xvi. 55 ; of sistant Minister in, 12. P. R. 79.
the General Theological Seminary Zion Parishı, Prince George, iv. xii.

P. R. 84.

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