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Vacant, Orlando Hutton,

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195 28 92 30 75 00 Familieg 100. Services on Cal315 06

vert's Manor


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Chapel building.

Parish organized and Church built. 239 39 Rector has been in charge seven


h., Mechanicsville,
Holy Trinity Parish,
Queen Ann

Prince George Co. Henry S. Keppler,
St. John's

G. L. Mackenheimer,

John Martin,
St. Matthew's

William Pinkney,
St. Paul's

Joshua Sweet,
St. Philip's

Theodore P. Barber,
Trinity Ch., Upper Marlboro',

Henry W. Woods,
St. John's Parish,

P. Geo. & Charles, Alex. M. Marbury,
Christ Church Parish,

Queen Anne Co. John A. Thompson,
St. Luke's

Samuel R. Gordon,
St. Paul's

Henry Brown,
All Faith

St. Mary's County, Vacant,
King & Queen

John H. Chew,
St. Andrew's

William & Mary Parish,

Harvey Stanley,


Jos. J. Nicholson,
Spring Hill

William A. White,

James Chipchase,

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Bell bought, and money collected

for repairing Church.

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51 67
24 35

15 00
192 00 Both Churches painted and other-

wise improved.
Organ bought for St. Paul's Ch.,

249 00 Both church yards fenced in.--

$200 of debt paid.
56 00 Parish organized, Church plaister-
87 00 ed. Owes $200.
72 13
515 00 Ch. consecrated. Organ bought.
172 18 Communion plate increased.

Third service for colored people.

Communion plate presented.
20 00 $300 of debt paid.
45 50

Repori by late Rector.
Parish organized. Church ready

for consecration.
47 47 Bible class. Organ bought.
7 00



8! 119




1.22 14





15, 103

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Coventry Parish,

“ & Worcester John Crosdale, St. Michael's "

Talbot County,

Joseph Spencer, D.D.
St. Peter's

Hy. M. Mason, D. D.
St. John's

Washington Co. Theodore B. Lyman,
St. Andrew's Ch., Clear Spring,

Hanson T. Wilcoxon,
St. Paul's Church, Sharpsburg,

St. Thomas's Church, Hancock,

Alexander J. Berger,
All Hallow's Parish,


Wm. Henry Rees,
St. John's

St. Matthew's

Thos. R. B. 'Trader,

James Young,
Allegany County Mission, Allegany

John H. Kehler,


R. W. Goldsborough,
St. James's College,

Washington John B. Kerfoot,
Patapsco Female Institute, Anne Arundel Co. William H. Clarke,
Maryland Hospital,

Baltimore City, John N. MeJilion,
St. Mary's County Mission, St. Mary's County, John Claxton,

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298 34 Chapel enlarged. Increased ac147 00 commodations for students.

Divine service every Sunday.

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86 1223 666 196 112 252 464 6206 418 763 336 2322 $9434 974


Accounts of Convention, standing Arrearages of Parochial Contribu-

Committee on, 3, Report of, 43. tion, Report of Committee from
Treasurer's statement, 113. of Jast Convention upon, 33. sup-
Diocesan Missions, 31, Report of plemental Report, 44. Resolution
Committee on, 36. Treasurer's upon, ib. recommitted till next
statement, 123.

Convention, 53.
Acts, establishing S. Philip’s Parish Assistant Minister, iv. vi. bis. vii. bis.

in Apne Arundel and Prince number of, 8 and 9.
George counties, and Wicomico Assistant Secretary of Convention,

Parish, in Somerset county, 32. xvi. 3, 54.
Addison, Rev. Walter Dulany, de-
ceased, 4.

Bishop, Address of the, 4. parts of it
Adjournments, 26. 35. 42. 46. 53. referred, 50.' Committee, 51.

Bishop, Visitations of the, 14.
Admission of new Parishes and Con- Bishop of North Carolina, ordination

gregations, standing Committee held at request of, 9.
on, 4. S. Luke's Church, Balt. Bishop of Pennsylvania, ecclesiasti-
31. S. Mark's Church, Balt. 44. cal censures by, 22.
S. Philip's Parish, Prince George, Bishop of South Carolina, ecclesias-
32. Wicomico Parish, Somerset, tical censures by, 22.

Bishop of Virginia, applications for
All Faith Parish, S. Mary's, xii. va Holy Orders to, 14. ecclesiastical
cant, 11.

censures by, 23.
All Hallows' Parish, Anne Arundel, Bishop of Western New York, ec-
v. viii. P.R. 58.

clesiastical censures by, 22.
All Hallows' Parish, Worcester, vi. Board of Trustees of the Fund for
xiii. P. R. 95.

Superannuated and Infirm Clergy
All Saints' Parish, Calvert, iv. X. P.

men, xvi. 55.
R. 71.
All Saints' Parish, Frederick, vi. xi., Candidates for Holy Orders, number
resignation of, 12. P. R.79.

of, 13. remitted from this Dio-

cese to that of Virginia, 14. invi actual parishes and congregations,

ted to attend the Convention, 29. viii. absent from two successive
Canon of Vacant Parishes and Con. Conventions, 26.

gregations, introduced, 43. Com- Clergymen added during the year,
mittee upon, 51. passed as amend 7. dismissed, 8. provision for Su-
ed, 52.

perannuated and Infirm, xvi.
Chaplains; of the Maryland Hospi. Clerical changes, 10.

tal, v. Report from, 68; of the College of S. James (diocesan) v.
Patapsco Female Institute, vi. bis. vi. 15, 16. clerical Reports
Report from, 98; in the U. S. from, 101. 106. Annual Report
Navy, iv. 8. and Report from, 105; of Rector, 108.
in S. John's Institute, Mount Al- Committees ; on Accounts, 3, and
ban, vii.

Report from, 43 ; on accounts of
Chester Parish, Kent, iii. xi. P. R. Treasurer of Diocesan Missions,

31, and Report from, 36; (from
Christ Church, Balt. iii. ix. P. R. last Convention) on Arrearages,

33. 44. continued with instruc-
Christ Church, Easton, consecrated, tions, 53. new member of, 54; on

the Bishop's Address, 50; on a
Christ Church, Georgetown, D. C. Canon of Vacant Parishes, 43. Re-
v. xi. P. R. 77.

port of, and of Minority, 51 ; for a
Christ Church, Harford, ii. xi. certain compilation and publica-
Christ Church, Washington Parish, tion of canons, 27; (from last
D.C., P. R. 75.

Convention) on collecting the Sal-
Christ Church Parish, Calvert, vi. x. aries of clergymen, Report from,
12. P. R. 71.

23. reorganized with instructions,
Christ Church Parish, Queen Anne, 50 ; on the ordination of Deacons,
vii, xii. P.R. 86.

32, Report of, and of Minority, 37;
Church of the Ascension, Balt. ix. (from last Convention) on Church
resignation of late Rector, 12. P. property in Dilapidated parishes,

Report of, 36 ; on election of lay-
Church of the Redemption, Balt. delegates, 3. Jeave asked for, 27.
iv. ix. P. R. 105.

Report of, 29; (Executive) of
Church property, proposed modifica. Missions, xvi. 53, 54. Report of,

tion in future sales of, 36. in di 111; on Trusteeship of the Gen-
lapidated parishes, ib.

eral Theological Seminary, 55; on
Church schools pot diocesan, 16, 17, the admission of New Parishes and
Clergy of the diocese, Ecclesiastical Congregations, 4. Report from, 31.

List of, iii. List of, under their Acts from, 32. petition referred

R. 63.

ter, xi.

to, 37. Reports from, 44. 56; on Diocesan Newspaper, Editorship of,
Parochial Contributions, 3. 29. 18.
Report of, 110; on future Sales Diocesan Schools, 15.
of Church property, 36 ; on the Displacements of Ministers, 22.
rights of clergymen to Seats in the Dorchester Parish, Dorchester, xi.
Convention, 3. Report of, 27; vacant, 13. P. R. 78.
Standing Committee of the Dio- Durham Parish, Charles, iïi. x. P.
cese, xvi. 37.41. Report of, on the

R. 73.
state of the Church, 55.
Congregations; see Parishes. East Newmarket Parish, Dorches-
Consecration of churches ; Christ

Church, Easton, 21. S. John's Ecclesiastical Court, Diocesan, xvi.
Church, Huntingdon, 22.

Convention Fund ; see Arrearages. Ecclesiastical List of the Clergy of
Convention Sermon, 1.

the Diocese, iii.
Corporation for the relief of widows Election of Lay-Delegates, Com-

and children of the Clergy, xvi. mittee on the, 3. 27. 29.
Court, Diocesan Ecclesiastical, xvi. Ellicott's Chapel, Patuxent Forge,

Anne Arundel, vi. viii. resignation
Coventry Parish, Somerset and of late Rector, 10. P. R. 60.

Worcester, v. xiii. P. R. 92. Emmanuel Parish, Allegany, v. viii.
Cranmer Chapel, Balt. iv. ix. 10, re resignation of late Rector, 10. P.
signation of late Rector, 12. P.R.

R. 57.

Episcopal Fund; Treasurer of the,

xvi. Statement of, 115. Trus-
Deacons under Canon V. G. C. 1847; tees of, xvi. and their Report,

Resolution introduced respecting, 45. see Arrearages.
26. referred, 31 ; Report of Com- Episcopal Visitations, 14.
mittee and of Minority upon, 37. Executive Committee of Missions,
Resolutions and substitute, 41. xvi. 53. 54. Report of, 111. See
whole subject referred to the next Accounts and Treasurer.
Convention, 43. motion to recon-
sider the reference, 48.

Form of Certificate for Lay-Dele-
Dilapidated Parishes and Churches,

gates, ii.
property in, 36.

Form of a Parochial Report, ii.
Diocesan Ecclesiastical Court, xvi. Fund; Episcopal, xvi. 33. 44. 45. 53.

115; for Superannuated and lo-
Diocesan Missions, 19. See Ac firm Clergymen, xvi. 55.

counts and Executive Committee.

General Theological Seminary, Leave to organize, a new Congrega-
Trusteeships in, 55.

tion in Harford county, 45. a new
Grace Church, Elk Ridge Landing, Parish in Washington city, 56.

Anne Arundel, vii. viji. Minister
of, 9. P. R. 61 and 107.

Maryland Hospital, Chaplain of, v.
Grace Church, Ellicotts' Mills, Anne P.R. 68.

Arundel, v. viii. resignation of late Ministers; Assistant, iv, vi. bis. vii.
Rector, 11. Assistant Minister of, bis. 8. 9; Deacon vii. bis.; degrad-
12. P. R. 61 and 105.

ed in the Diocese of Virginia, 23;
Grace Church, Hungary Neck, displaced in other Dioceses, 22;
Somerset, vi.

instituted, ib. not members of
Great Choptank Parish, Dorchester, Convention, invited to attend, 29.
iv. xi. P. R. 78.

Minority of Committees; Reports of,

to be published in the Journal of
Hannah More Academy, 15, 16. Convention, 55. Report of, on
Holy Orders, Candidates for, 13. ordination of Deacons, 39; on a

Candidates for, remitted to the Canon of Vacant Parishes, 51.
Bishop of Virginia, 14.

Missionary ; in allegany county, v.
Holy Trinity Parish, Prince P. R. 97 and 101. in All Saints'
George, iv. xii. P. R. 83.

Parish, Frederick, iv. P. R. 106.

in Caroline county, iii. P. R. 99.
Ingleside, School for girls, 17. in Frederick county, relinquish-
Institution of Ministers, 22.

ed, 13.

Laurel, Prince

George county, vi. 112.
Journal of Convention, to be trans Mount Savage, and the Maryland
cribed and published, 54.

Mining Company's Works, Alle-

gany county, vii. 9.12. in Prince
King and Queen Parish, S. Mary's, George's Parish, Montgomery and
x. xii. P. R. 87.

District of Columbia, vii. 9. in

S. Mary's county, iii. P. R. 99.
Landon Female Institute, 17.

in Worcester county, vii. P. R.
Lay-Delegates to Convention ; form 95.
of Certificate for, ii.

Missions; Executive Committee of,
Lay-Delegates at the Convention, xvi. 53. 54. Report of, 111.

List, under their respective Par Treasurer's Accounts, 31. 36. 123.
ishes, viji. See Committee and Pastoral Letters on Diocesan and

General, 19.
Lay-readers licensed, 14.

Mount Calvary Church, Baltimore,
Leave of absence from the Conven vi. ix. P. R. 65.

tion, 29. 48.



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