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worship, assisted in the administration of the Communion six times, administered the Communion twice, baptized three children, and burried three, and married one couple of coloured persons.

The above offices were all performed at the request of the rectors of the churches in the parishes where they occurred.


Presbyter f. President of St. John's College. Annapolis, May 31, 1848.

The undersigned respectfully reports the following services during the past year, at different missionary stations at the request of the Rev. Mr. Kehler : Sermons,

2 Services,

2 In Cumberland, at the request of the Rev. Mr. Buel : Sermon,

1 At Mount Savage Iron Works, at the request of the Bishop, he assisted in the imposition of hands at the ordination of the Rev. Mr. Tracey, in the administration of the Sacrament, and in the other services of the occasion.

At the Maryland Mining Works, on the following day, he also assisted in the services. Baptisms,

2 Marriage,

1 lo the institution under his care: Pupils-males 30, females 17,

. 47

L. H. JOHNS. Cumberland, May 29, 1848.

To the Right Rev. the Bishop of Maryland:

The undersigned respectfully reports, that during the past year be has been constantly engaged in his duties as the Rector of the College of St. James. In that capacity he has regularly officiated in the College chapel, and in the catechetical instruction of the students. He has also performed clerical services in the Diocese of New York and Pennsylvania. He has

has baptised two infants and two adults ; married two couples ; and interred three persons. In the clerical services of the College he has been regalarly assisted by the Rev. Messrs. Trevett and D. E. Lyman.


Rector of the College of St. James. May, 31, 1848.

To the Right Rev. the Bishop of Maryland:

The undersigned respectfully reports, that he has during the past year been employed as usual in his duties as Assistant Professor of Languages in the College of St. James. Besides performing as chaplain the usual daily services, he has shared with the other clerical officers of the College, in the religious instruction of the students. He has officiated at three funerals, and assisted at two others. He has also baptised one (colored) infant. All which is respectfully submitted,

DWIGHT E. LYMAN, Presbyter, College of St. James, May 29th, 1848.

To the Rt. Rev. Wm. R. Whittingham,

Bishop of the Diocese of Maryland: Right Rev. Sir :--As a missionary laboring in the Western part of the city of Baltimore, my duty is to report to you the result of my labors.

On the 14th day of February, 1847, the building designed for a Suo. day School and lecture room for the Church of St. Mark's, was opened for Divine service; since then Divine service has been duly performed twice every Lord's day, and since the month of September last a lecture has been delivered once a week. Although the congregation is at present small, still there has been a gradual increase; there is a Sunday School of about eighty scholars, and an average attendance of fifty-five to sixty. With a superintendent and eight teachers. Baptisms-white,

10 Confirmations,

3 Communicants,

13 Funeral,


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To the Rt. Rec. the. Bishop of Maryland :

Io the month of June, soon after the adjournment of the last Diocesan Convention, the undersigned removed to the city of Baltimore. In reading prayers, preaching and administering the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, be rendered to his clerical brethren in that city and its vicinity, such assistance as they desired, until the first of January, when he accepted an invi. , tation to the rectorship of Sherwood Church. Since that time his labors bave been devoted exclusively to said church, and he humbly trusts that they have not been entirely unattended by the blessing of God. The num. ber of attendants has increased, and they manifest a growing interest in the services of the sanctuary. A Sunday School has recently been organised, which promises to be useful to the rising generation, if we can only obtain for it the hearty and persevering support of the adult members of the congregation.

J. A. McKENNEY, Rector

of Sherwood Church, May, 29th, 1848.

To the Right Rev the Bishop of Maryland :

The undersigned respectfully reports, that though without a regular charge, he has during the past year delivered thirty-eight sermons, and said the service seventy-six times.

ROBT. M. MITCHESON. Philadelphia, May 30, 1848.

Rt. Rev. W. R. Whiltingham, D. D., Bishop of Maryland :

Soon after the adjournment of the last Convention I entered upon a temporary engagement as assistant to the Rector of St. John's Church, in the city of Washington, wbich expired near the end of the summer, when I returned to my former residence in Baltimore, and as occasion was given, assisted my brethren in the ministry, in the various churches in the city and surrounding country, until the middle of October, when I removed to Ellicott's Mills, and became associated with the Rev. E. J. Stearns in the joint charge of the Rock Hill Institute, a boarding and day school for boys. In this institution, in addition to my having charge of the boarding department as head of the family, I am regularly engaged as an instruc

tor of youth. Grace Church, Ellicott's Mills, having become vacant, by the resignation of the Rev. Alfred Holmead,—the vestry invited the Rev. Mr. Stearns and myself to take charge of it, which we accordingly did on the first of November; he as Rector, and I as Assistant Minister, wbich arrangement will be continued until I obtain Priest's Orders; when, as it is proposed by my reverend colleague, I shall have the sole charge of the congregation as Rector. For an account of the present condition and prospects of Grace Church, I respectfully refer you to the report of Rer. Mr. Stearns. Faithfully and affectionately, yours, &c.

JAMES MOORE, Deacon. Ellicott's Mills, May 29, 1848.

Rt. Rev. and Dear Sir :

After leaving Baltimore last summer, I was solicited by some of the Church people in this vicinity to undertake the religious instruction of their servants, and as there appeared very promising prospects of usefulness among that neglected portion of our brethren, I did not feel at liberty to decline the invitation. I entered on my labors among them the first of October, and have had regular services for them twice a month, at an Epis. copal Church in the neighborhood, and on the other two Sundays of the month I have instructed them at the place of my residence, in a room which has been fitted up for that purpose. Besides the Sabbath services, I meet the servants attached to two familes once a week, when I impart to them catechetical instruction. The servants turn out in large numbers to attend my services, and though I am convinced it will be an extremely difficult thing to persuade them to embrace the peculiarities of our branch of the Church of Christ, the decided interest which they seem to evince in the services, leads me to hope that my labors among them will not be in vain in the Lord. The compensation which I receive for midisterial services being inadequate to my support, I have found it necessary to take a school. My address is Ætna P. O., Hanover Co., Va.

Faithfully and truely,
Your friend and brother in the Ministry,

C. PAGE. Caroline county, Virginia.

e Rt. Rev. Wm. R. Whittingham, D. D.,

Respected and Dear Sir:- The subscriber would report, that he has, E during the past year, officiated in the public exercises of his ministry 169

times; has baptised 12 children; has celebrated 2 marriages, and officiated at 3 funerals. Affectionately yours in the Gospel,

ROBERT PIGGOTT. Baltimore, May 31st, 1848.

To the Right Rer. the Bishop of Maryland:

The undersigned respectfully reports, that from the adjournment of the last Convention he was engaged in teaching in the city of Baltimore, and officiated almost every Sunday in some one of the city churches until the first of November, when he removed to Ellicott's Mills, and took charge of the Rock Hill Institute, and soon after was called to the rectorship of Grace Church. His doings since then will be found under the appropriate head.

E.J. STEARNS, Presbyter.

Rl. Rev. and Dear Sir :

I perceive, by reference to the Register, that the Maryland Convention meets on the last Wednesday of this month. I myself wished to be present at the Convention, and I had so determined, but circumstances will provent me. My cruise in the Flag-ship of the Gulf Squadron gave me opportunities of religious effort in an extensive field, as it was my custom occasionally to preach on board the different vessels of the two largest classes of the fleet, or the frigates and sloops-of-war. While the Flag-ship Cumberland, therefore, was my particular charge the firigate to which I was attached, I also preached aboard the frigates Raritan and Mississippi, and the sloops-of-war John Adams, Fairfield and St. Mary's. From the fleet I buried the dead-some officers and many men; and had the melancholy duty of attending one man in his last hours, who was executed at the yard-arm of the U. S. ship Saint Mary's.

The attention on board of our ships of war has always been given with apparent interest during the religious services, and in some individyal cases, I trust, too, to the saving efficacy of the preached word. There


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