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The roll was called, and the minutes of yesterday afternoon's proceedings were read and approved. The Rev. Sam'l. Buel,

Rev. Henry M. Mason, D. D.
Thomas Barrow,

« Richard H. Phillips,
John Crosdale,

66 Robert Prout,

6 J. M. Todd, not present yesterday, answered to their names this morning.

The following lay delegates presented their testimonials and signed the declaration. Their election was reported favorably on by the Committee, and took their seats accordingly: Wm. U. Purnell,

Wm. S. Blackistone, Wm. W. Johnston,

Wm. B. Scott, George S. Atkinson,

George Dent, Thos. W. Stone,

Allen Thomas, E. F. Chambers,

J. G. Chapman, Wm. A. Patterson,

A. Randall, W. Williams,

D. W. Middleton, John J. Dashiell,

E. J. Middleton, Lewis Medtart,

Pearson Chapman, Stevens Gambrill,

John P. Ingle, Wm. F. Smyth,

Thos. C. Risteau. Horatio Beck,

The Committee on the rights of clergymen to seats in this convention reported in favor of the following gentlemen :

Rev. James Abercrombie, " Henry Aisquith

Thomas Atkinson,

Charles C. Austin,
• Francis Asbury Baker,
" Theodore P. Barber,

Thomas Barrow,
Henry H. Bean,
William F. Brand,
Henry Brown,

Rev. James A. Buck,
5. D. H. Buel,

Samuel Buel,
Samuel G. Callahan,
John H. Chew,
James Chipchase,

Wm. H. Clark,
" John Claxton,

S. W. Crampton,
John Crosdale,

Rev. Matthias L. Forbes,

Benjamin Franklin, “ John W. French,

Stephen G. Gassaway, " Levin I. Gilliss, “ Robert Lloyd Goldsborough, " Robert W. Goldsborough, " Samuel R. Gordon, “ Richard C. Hall, “ Wm. A. Harris,

Hugh T. Harrison, " John F. Hoff,

Alfred Holmead,
" Hector Humphreys, D. D.,
" Orlando Hutton,
" H. V. D. Johns, D. D.,
- Wm. P. C. Johnson,
" Clement F. Jones, D. D.,
" John R. Keech,
" Joho H. Kehler,

Henry S. Keppler,
* John B. Kerfoot,
" Samuel C. Kerr,

George A. Leakin,
Meyer Lewin,

Dwight E. Lyman,
" Theodore B. Lyman,
" Malcolm McFarland,

George L. Mackenheimer,
“ Alexander M. Marbury,
" John Martin,

Hepry M. Mason, D. D.,
" John N. McJilton,
" James A. McKenney,
* Alfred A. Miller,
" Joshua Morsell,
" Cleland K. Nelson,

Joseph J. Nicholson,
John Owen,

Rev. Carter Page,

Francis Peck,
.. Joshua Peterkin,

Wiliam N. Pendleton,
• Richard H. Phillips,
" Robert Piggot,
" Wm. Pinkney,
• Robert Prout,
" Smith Pyne,

Wm. Henry Rees,
" Samuel Ridout,

Reuben Riley,
« Jobo P. Robins,
“ Alexander Shiraz,

Joseph Spencer, D. D.,

Harvey Stanley,
" Joshua Sweet,

John M. Todd,
James C. Tracey,
Thumas R. B. Trader,

Joseph Trapnell,
" Joseph Trapnell, Jr.,
“ Russell Trevett,
" E. M, Van Deusen,

Cyrus Waters,

Richard H. Waters,
" James C. Wheat,

William A. White,
“ Hanson T. Wilcoxon,
• John Wiley,

Henry Williams,
Lemuel Wilmer,
Thos. W. Winchester,
Henry W. Woods,
George F. Worthington,

Thomas James Wyatt,
" William E. Wyatt,
" James Young.

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Leave was granted to the Secretary to make the following reports:

The Secretary, in compliance with the 5th canon, reports to the Convention the names of the following clergymen who were absent from the Conventions of 1845 and 1846 : Rev. Walter D. Addison,

Rev.John P. Robins, “ Saml. G. Callahan,

F. W. Taylor, " Alfred Holmead,

" John M. Todd,
" Leonard H. Johns,

James C. Wheat.
“ J. H. Kehler,
Respectfully submitted,

H. COLBURN, Secretary. May 27, 1847.

The Secretary respectfully reports, that by Resolutions of the last Convention, he was "requested to procure three copies, if possible, of all the records, journals, and other documents of the Convention up to the year 1840; and that he also procure for their safe keeping in future, an iron proof chest to cost not more than $100, which is hereby appropriated for this purpose."

“ That he also procure six copies of the last revision of the canons for the use of the Convention."

Immediately after the adjournment of the Convention, an iron proof chest was purchased for $60.50, and six copies of the last revision of the canons.

In reference to the journals, documents, &c. previous to the year 1840, in a circular which he has addressed to the clergy, he has requested them, so far as they can procure either, or any of them, to hand them to him during the present session. He has also made the same request in the Church Times.

H. COLBURN, Secretary. May 27, 1847.

On motion, it was ordered that the reports of the Secretary be entered upon the minutes.

The Chair stated that the Rev. F. W. Taylor, the Rev. Leonard H. Johns, and the Rev. J. H. Kehler, had satisfactorily accounted to him for their absence.

The delegate from All Hallows' Parish, Worcester county, stated that the Rev. Mr. Robins is prevented from attending the present Convention by sickness.

On motion, Resolved, That the election of Standing Committee and delegates to the General Convention, be made the order of the day for to-morrow morning, at 10 o'clock.

The Committee on the election of lay delegates presented their report, which was, on motion, accepted.

The Committee on the qualifications of lay delegates, respectfully report, that the following named gentlemen appear to have been duly appointed lay delegates to this Convention:

Jas. Usher, St. Mary's, Whitechapel, Caroline county.
Richard F. Hemsley, St. Peter's Parish. Talbot county.
Stephen N. C. White, St. Peter's, Montgomery county.
Wm. G. Ridgely, St. John's, Georgetown, D.C.
Dr. G. T. Martin, St. Stephen's, Baltimore.
Allen B. Davis, St. Bartholomew's, Montgomery county.
Wm. Lynch, St. Mark's, Frederick county.
Capt. N. Christopher, Trinity Church, Baltimore.
John T. Veazey, St. Stephen's, Cecil county.
James Carroll, Christ Church, Baltimore.
Wm. H. Warfield, Holy Trinity, Carrol county.
J. Robt. Ward, St. Andrew's, Clear Spring, Washington county.
Edward L. Focke, Cranmer Chapel, Baltimore.
Armon W. Davis, St. John's, Harford county.
Jno. H. Bayne, St. John's, Prince George county.
Hanson Penn, St. Matthews', Prince George county,
Edw. A. Howard, St. John's, Baltimore county.
Saml. H. Dorsett, All Hallows', Anne Arundel county.
Wm. Woodward, Church of the Ascension, Baltimore.
Washington Vanbibber, Parish of Ascension, Carrol county.
Fred. W. Brune, Jr., Mount Calvary, Baltimore.
Dr. Fred. Dorsey, St. John's, Washington county.
Benj. Mullikin, Ellicott Chapel, Anne Arundel county.
Jas. Gibson, St. Timothy's, Baltimore county.
Hezk. Miller, Christ Church, Georgetown.
J. A. M. Duncanson, Church of Ascension, Washington, D. C.
Richard H. Owen, St. Thomas's, Baltimore county.
Jno. Brown, St. Luke's, Queen Anne county.
Saml. Sprigg, Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George county.

John E. H. Marshall, Worcester Parish, Worcester county.
Dr. Jas. Bordley, St. Paul's, Queen Anne county.
Wm. R. Barker, St. Paul's, Prince George county.
Geo. W. Dobbin. Grace Church, Elkridge Landing.
Dr. Jos. F. Shaw, All Faith Parish, St. Mary's county.
Saml. Cheston, St. James's, Anne Arundel county.
Thos. Hayward, Great Choptank Parish, Dorchester county.
John Lowry, St. Andrew's, Baltimore.
Geo. W. Waring, St. John's, Howard District.
Smith Thompson, St. Mark's, Prince George county.
Dr. Wm. W. Duvall, Holy Trinity, Prince George county.
Thos. F. White, Emmanuel Parish, Allegany county.
Robt. Neilson, St. Peter's, Baltimore.
John Gibson, St. John's, Huntingdon, Baltimore county.
Richard Thomas, William and Mary Parish, St. Mary's county.

Hugh Daven Edson; } St. Paul's, Baltimore.

Saml. J. Donaldson, S
Henry Chamberlaine, St. Mary Anne's, Cecil county.
Parker H. Lee, Christ Church, Harford county.
J. H. C. Coffin, Epiphany Parish, Washington, D. C.
E. F. Chambers, Chester Parish, Kent county,
George Dent, William and Mary Parish, Charles county.
Wm. B. Scott, St. John's Parish, Washington, D. C.
Wm. S. Blackistone, King and Queen Parish, St. Mary's county.
H. Beck, St. Paul's Parish, Kent county.
Wm. Williams, Coventry Parish, Somerset and Worcester counties.
Wm. F. Smyth, Shrewsbury Parish, Kent county.
Stephens Gainbrill, Severn Parish, Anne Arandel county.
Lewis Medtart, All Saints' Parish, Frederick county.
J.J. Dashiel, Spring Hill Parish, Somerset county.
Wm. A. Patterson, St. George's Parish, Harford county.
Wm. W. Johnston, Somerset Parish, Somerset county.
Thos. W. Stone, Grace Church, Somerset county.
Geo. S. Atkinson, Stepney Parish, Somerset county.
Wm. W. Purnell, All Hallows' Parish, Worcester county.
Henry E. Ballard, St. Margaret's, Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel

county. Allen Thomas, Christ Church, Queen Caroline Parish, Anne Arundel


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