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Mount Savage and the Maryland Mining Company's works, in Allegany county, where he is discharging his ministry, as I have reason to believe, with much efficiency and success.

The dismissions from the diocese, beside that already mentioned, have been five; of the Rev. Enoch Bayley, late Principal of the Academy at Denton, to the diocese of Delaware; of the Rev. Adolph Frost, late Assistant Minister of St. Timothy's Church, Catonsville, to the diocese of New Jersey; of the Rev. Thomas B. Flower, late Rector of St. Paul's Parish, Kent county, to the diocese of Virginia ; of the Rev. Edward C. Jones to the diocese of Pennsylvania ; and of the Rev. Horace Stringfellow, late Rector of Trinity Church, Washington, D. C., to the diocese of Vir. ginia.

I have received by letters dimissory from the Bishop of South Carolina, the Rev. Carter Page, who has been called to the Rectorship of Cranmer Chapel, in this city; from the Bishop of Tennessee, the Rev. James Young, who has been elected Rector of Worcester Parish, Worcester county; from the Bishop of Virginia, the Rev. Henry W. Woods, who has been chosen Rector of St. John's Church, (in the valley) Baltimore county ; from the Bishop of Alabama, the Rev. Lucien B. Wright, who has settled in Baltimore county, on the outskirts of St. Paul's Parish, with the intention and prospect of raising a congregation; and from the Bishop of Massachusetts, the Rev. Clement M. Butler, who is officiating in Trinity Church, Washington city.

Other changes in the diocese have been as follows: The Rev. John P. Bausman has resigned the Rectorship of Christ Church Parish, Calvert county, intending, as I am told, to reside in the city of Baltimore; the Rev. Philip Berry has resigned the Rectorship of St. Andrew's Church, Clear Spring, and is now on a visit to Europe. Both these changes, as I learn, (for I have received no direct information on the subject) continue vacant. Both greatly need the presence of effective, faithful pastors, willing to take hard labor for little wages; and I am sure that each, in its

several kind and degree, would reward the pains of such a pastor with a return of affectionate docility and visible fruit of his exertions.

The Rev. Samuel G. Callahan has resigned the Rectorship of William and Mary Parish, St. Mary's county, upon an invitation to the Principalship of the Charlotte Hail Academy. The Rev. John Claxton, having resigned the Principalship of that Academy, has been appointed missionary in parts of All Faith and St. Andrew's Parishes, in St. Mary's county, with the consent of the respective rectors, with a view to the formation of a new parish out of parts of those parishes lying too remote for access to the parish churches. The site of a former chapel of All Faith Parish will thus be re-occupied, and although the work will at first be slow and difficult, yet the well known zeal of the missionary and his perfect knowledge of the ground, with other favorable circumstances, afford good prospect of success.

The Rev. Benjamin Franklin has accepted the Rectorship of St. John's Parish, Harford county, in connexion with which he continues to render his efficient and valuable services to the Church in the editorship of “The Church Times."

The Rev. Matthias Harris, to my great regret, was not met in his overture to establish a Floating Chapel for Seamen in the port of Baltimore, mentioned to the last Convention, with the interest and liberality on the part of Churchmen which might bave been anticipated. An avowed preference in influential quarters for another mode of operation, by which the services of the Church should be commingled with those of other religious bodies, defeated our brother's hopes, and broke up his design. He has recently engaged in services in the southern part of the city of Baltimore, with what prospect of success there has hardly yet been time to ascertain. • The Rev. Meyer Lewin has resigned the Rectorship of Dorchester Parish, and accepted that of St. Michael's Parish, Talbot county, vacated by the resignation of the Rev. Dr. Spencer.

The Rev. James A. McKenney has resigned the Rectorship of Great Chuptank Parish, Dorchester county, and associated himself with Dr. Spencer in the establishment of St. John's Institute, an incorporated Church School at Mount Alban, in Prince George Parish, Montgomery county and District of Columbia; where also a congregation gathered from the neighborhood, worships under their charge as Missionaries.

The Rev. Robert M. Mitcheson has relinquished the charge of Durham Parish, and is for the present without a cure. The Rev. Cleland K. Nelson, also, compelled by repeated and severe attacks of illness, has resigned the rectorship of Trinity Church, Upper Marlborough, and removed to the District of Columbia. There I have sanguine hope that his improved health will allow him to engage in a new and very promising field of labor, for the establishment of a sixth congregation in the city of Washington on a spot where it is much wanted and many inducements combine to encourage the undertaking.

The Rev. William N. Pendleton has resigned the rectorship of St. John's Church (in the Valley) Baltimore co., to which the Rev. Mr. Woods from Virginia, has succeeded. The Rev. Robert Piggott has discontinued his services for the new congregation of the Church of the Redemption in Baltimore, which, so far as I know, can hardly be considered as having any longer an ecclesiastical existence. Mr. Piggott has accepted a professorship in the Newton University, and officiates statedly in St. James's (First African) Church in this city. The Rev. Robert Prout has resigned the rectorship of St. Paul's Parish, Calvert co., and accepted again the charge of Durham Parish, Charles co., whence he had removed to his former charge. St. Paul's Parish, after continuing vacant for some months, is about, as I have reason to hope, to obtain a supply through which we may look for its resuscitation from its present languishing condition: To the no small discredit of the parish, its church was left unconsecrated at my late visit, because a pitiful balance of some two hun


dred dollars of debt incurred in its erection remained unpaid.This state of things, I trust, will not long continue. I wish thero were no other parishes or congregations to which similar disgrace attached !

The Rev. Harvey Stanley has resigned the rectorship of Som. erset Parish, and accepted that of William and Mary Parish, St. Mary's county. The Rev. Cyrus Water, has resigned the rectorship of Christ Church Parish, Qucen Annc county, and accepted that of Dorchester Parish. His support, though very slender, is derived exclusively from that and the neighboring parishes; and the prospects of the Church in that long desolate field are, is not bright, at least as encouraging as at any previous period for ycars, The Rev. Thomas J. Wyatt, having accepted an invitation to succeed Mr. McKenney in the rectorship of Great Choptank Parish, has resigned St. John's, Harford county. The Rev. Richard Whittingham, of the diocese of New York, having accepted a parish in his own diocese, has ceased to officiate as assistant minister in St. Mary Anne's, Cecil county. I am not without hope that the place thus vacated, although not easy to fill, will not remain long without supply. The Rev. Daniel Henshaw, of the diocese of Rhode Island, having been for some time officiating as assistant to the Rector of St. Peter's Church in Baltimore, is in daily expectation of the Letlers dimissory which shall transfer him to this diocese.

The candidates for Holy Orders are at this timc nineteen. Of these, five have been admitted since the last Convention, viz. Erastus Franklin Dashiell, Cornelius Edwin Swope, Thomas B. Sterling, Lorenzo Septimus Russell, and Henry John Windsor. One candidate, Dr. Edward J. Rutter, has withdrawn with my sanction and concurrence, but very much to my regret. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Lynd are officiating as lay readers in vacant parishes, license to that effect having been granted to the latter within the present year. Temporary licenses as lay readers havo

also been granted to Mr. E. T. Perkins, and to Mr. J. P. Ham. mond, candidates for Holy Orders in the diocese of Virginia.

My visitations since the last Convention, have been more extensive than in any preceding year: comprising fifty-five parishes, of which twelve have been canonically visited twice; and twenty congregations, two twice visited. Beside thesc, occasionol serrices have been rendered, so that in all, I have officiated during the year at one hundred and nine churches, chapels and other places of public service, and in all the counties of the state, cxcept Frederick and Montgomery. In these visitations and services, I have administered the Holy Communion eighty-five times; the sacrament of Baptism, twenty-two times, to seven adults and thirty-three infants; the rite of confirmation eighty-seven times, to five hundred and eighty-one persons; I have said Morning or Evening Prayers fifty-five times; preached one hundred and sixty-one times, and delivered addresses of various kinds on eighty-three other occasions; attended eight Convocations of the clergy, in six districts; consecrated three churches; instituted three rectors; laid one corner stone of a new church; married three couples; and attended one funeral.

The names of the parishes and churches visited, are as follows: in Allegany county, Emmanuel Parish, and St. George's Church, Mt. Savage; in Anne Arundel co., All Hallows', Qucen Caroline, Severn, St. Ann's, St. James's and St. Margaret's Westminster Parishes, Grace Church, Elk Ridge Landing, and St. John's Church, Sloward District; in Baltimore county, St. Paul's, St. James's, and St. John's Parishes; St. John's Church, Huntingdon; St. John's Church in the Valley ; St. Timothy's Church, Catonsville, and Sherwood Chapel; in the city of Baltimore, Christ Church; St. Peter's, St. Andrew's, St. Stephen's, Mount Calvary, Trinity, the Church of the Ascension, and Craumer Chapel; in Calvert, All Saints', Christ Church and St. Paul's Parishes. In Caroline county, although neither of the parishes has ever been brought into union with the Convention, the two or three scatter

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