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day, for the purpose of amending it, which was granted. The committee returned their report to the Convention, with the withdrawal of the names of the Rev. Messrs. Mitcheson and Winchester.

On motion, it was Resolved, That the Convention now proceed to the election of the Standing Committee.

The chair appointed the Rev. Mr. Gassaway and William Holmes, Esq., tellers.

The following gentlemen were nominated :

For the Western Shore, the
Rev. Dr. Wyatt,

Rev. William Pinkney,
6 L. I. Gilliss,

66 Thumas Atkinson.
For the Eastern Shore,
Rev. Dr. Spencer,

Rev. James A. McKenney.
6 Dr. C. F. Jones,

The Rev. Mr. Gilliss declined being a candidate for re-election, whereupon the Rev. E. M. Van Deusen was nominated to fill the vacancy for the Western Shore.

The roll was then called, when 61 of the clergy, and 55 of the laity deposited their ballots.

The chair announced the following committee :
Committee on the revision of Canons:

Rev. Mr. Atkinson, Rev. Mr. Pinkney, Samuel J. Donaldson, Hugh Davy Evans, and James Carroll, Esqs.

On the Committee on admission of new churches or parishes, the chair appointed B. T. B. Worthington, Esq., in the place of Mr. Cheston, who had declined to serve.

It being stated that the time of the annual meeting of the corporation for the relief of widows and orphans of deceased clergymen had arrived,

On motion, the Convention adjourned to meet at 7 o'clock.

THURSDAY EVENING, May 28th, 1846. The Convention re-assembled at 7 o'clock.

On motion, the call of the roll was dispensed with, and the minutes of the afternoon's session were read and approved.

The tellers on the election of the Standing Committee reported that the whole number of votes cast was of the Clergy,

61 Laity,




116 Necessary to a choice 59. And that for the Western Shore, the Rev. Dr. Wyatt received

109 66 Thomas Atkinson,

109 William Pinkney,

6 Edwin M. Van Deusen, 84 For the Eastern Shore, the Rev. Dr. Spencer received

105 " J. A. McKenney,

102 5 Dr. Jones,

- 90 The above named gentlemen were declared to be duly elected.

The following resolution was offered :

Resolved, That the congregation of Christ Church, Hagerstown, be admitted into union with this Convention.

A motion was made to lay the above resolution on the table, and the ayes and noes were called for. On calling the roll, there answered: In the affirmative, of the clergy,

47 laity,


80 In the negative, of the clergy,

18 laity,




Rt. Rev. W.R. Whittingham, D. D. Rev. Thomas Barrow,
Rev. James Abercrombie,

Henry H. Bean,
Henry Aisquith,

" M. L. Forbes, « Charles C. Austin,

S. G. Gassaway, • Enoch Bayley,

" Levin I. Gilliss, · Philip Berry,

• Matthias Harris, " Wm. F. Brand,

• John F. Hoff, “ D. H. Buel,

“ H. V. D. Johns, D. D. o Samuel Buel,

George A. Leakin, " John H. Chew,

“ John Martin, “ John Claxton,

" Joshua Morsell, " John Crosdale,

" C. K. Nelson, Adolph Frost,

“ Francis Peck, " R. L. Goldsborough,

• Joshua Peterkin, " R. W. Goldsborough,

“ W. N. Pendleton, " S. R. Gordon,

“ H. Stringfellow, “ Wm. A. Harris,

" Joseph Trapnell, Jr. 6 Orlando Hutton,

Samuel Ridout.

-18. “ Wm. P. C. Johnson, " John R. Keech, “ John B. Kerfoot, “ Samuel C. Kerr,

Meyer Lewin,

Dwight E. Lyman, " Geo. L. Mackenheimer, " Alex. M. Marbury,

Henry M. Mason, " James A. McKenney, - Alfred A. Miller,

John Owen,
“ Wm. Pinkney,

Joseph Spencer, D.D.
Harvey Stanley,
Joshua Sweet,

Russell Trevett,
" E. M. Van Deusen,
" R. H. Waters,
" John Wiley,

Henry Williams,

AYES—Clergy, (continued.) Rev. George F. Worthington, " Thomas J. Wyatt,

Wm. E. Wyatt, " R. C. Hall, " Wm. A. White, • Cyrus Waters, " E.J. Stearns, 6 F. A. Baker.-47.

Noes—Laity. Samuel Cheston, Wm. J. Ross, J. A. M. Duncanson, J. R. Ward, Upton R. Buck, Baruch Mullikin, James T. Earle, Enoch M. Lowry, R.C. Hollyday, R. Ghieslin, Wm. Gould, Samuel J. Briscoe, Wm. Jessop:-13.

Ares-Laity. John Gibson, S. J. Donaldson, E. F. Chambers, Allen Thomas, Hanson Penn, Wm. Holmes, J. Mason Campbell, F. W. Brune, Jr. Levin Keene, Jacob Winchester, J. W. Magruder, Frederick Dorsey, Jesse Hollingsworth, Isaac S. Atkinson, James Stewart, Isaac Van Bibber, James Gibson, Richard Gambrill, S. L. Chamberlaine, T. J. Dorsett, Samuel Gallaway, Henry Chamberlaine, J. B. Lake, R. F. Helmsly, Thomas Hayward, Wm. J. Blackistone, Thomas J. Chew, B. T. B. Worthington,

ATES—Laity, (continued.)
B. J. Dashiell,
G. M. C. Jones,
Thomas Lucas,
J.L.G. Hardy,
S. Hambleton.-33.

The resolution was accordingly laid on the table.

On motion, Resolved, That the question that was before the Convention at the time of the adjournment this afternoon, viz: the right of the gentleman from Christ Church, Hagerstown, to be admitted to a seat in this Convention, be taken up.

On motion, the house adjourned.

FRIDAY MORNING, May 29th, 1846. The Convention assembled at 9 o'clock.

Morning Prayer was read by the Rev. E. M. Van Deusen, assisted in the lessons by the Rev. Mr. Gordon.

The roll was called, and the minutes of yesterday evening's proceedings were read and approved.

A member of the Convention stated that he had this morning received from Mr. D. Brunner, a number of copies of the jourinals of Convention for the use of this body.

On motion, Resolved, that the thanks of this Convention be presented to Mr. D. Brunner for his donation.

The chair presented the annual report of the Treasurer of the Diocesan Board of Missions, and on motion, it was referred to the following committee :

Rev. H. T. Harrison, Jonathan W. Magruder, and Thomas I. Chew, Esqs.

The order of the day was taken up, and the question on the adoption of the resolution to admit to a seat in this Convention, the gentleman from Christ Church, Hagerstown, was called for.

The ayes and noes were asked for and granted.

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