The Phytologist: A Popular Botanical Miscellany, Tom 3,Strony 1-384

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George Luxford, Edward Newman
John van Voorst, 1848
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Strona 119 - A primrose by the river's brim A yellow primrose is to him, And it is nothing more...
Strona 167 - JOHNSTON'S PHYSICAL ATLAS — (Continued.) to an extent, and with an effect, hitherto never contemplated. The contents of the many volumes, formerly the sole depositories of information regarding the different kingdoms of nature, have been condensed and reproduced with a conciseness, precision, completeness, and promptitude of application altogether unattainable by any other agency. The elegant substitute of linear delineation registers the most complicated results in the most perspicuous form, affords...
Strona 91 - When a traveller newly arrived from Europe penetrates for the first time into the forests of South America, nature presents herself to him under an unexpected aspect. The objects that...
Strona 21 - The results of the examination are, "that the relationship of the flora to that of the adjacent continent is a double one, the peculiar or new species, being, for the most part, allied to plants of the cooler parts of America, or the uplands of the tropical latitudes, whilst the non-peculiar are the same as abound chiefly in the hot and damper regions, as the West Indian Islands and the shores of the Gulf of Mexico ; also that, as is the case with the Fauna, many of the species, and these the most...
Strona 91 - If he feel strongly the beauty of picturesque scenery, he can scarcely define the various emotions which crowd upon his mind ; he can scarcely distinguish what most excites his admiration — the deep silence of those solitudes, the individual beauty and contrast of forms, or that vigour and freshness of vegetable life, which characterize the climate of the tropics.
Strona 224 - Latin names, a man who plucks flowers, names them, dries and wraps them up in paper, and whose whole wisdom is expended in the determination and classification of this ingeniously collected hay.
Strona 240 - A slight wound from a weapon poisoned with this, — a little arrow made of hard wood, and shot from the blow-tube, as by the South Americans, — makes the tiger tremble, stand motionless a minute, then fall as though seized with vertigo, and die in brief but violent convulsions.
Strona 76 - ... not striking for their beauty, are white, and produced from large, horizontal, green sheaths. The footstalks of the leaves, which are somewhat shorter than the leaves themselves, yield a copious supply of fresh water, very grateful to the traveller, on having their...
Strona 244 - Very different is it with the following phenomena. From the southern point of Africa to the North Cape in Mageroe, the Heaths extend throughout the Old World, merely leaping over the proper tropical regions. With the same latitudes, the same climate and similar conditions of soil, we find not a single species of true Heath in all America. Other allied plants replace them, plants which at least belong to the same family (the...

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