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8. Feasts of Our Lady. All generations, O Mary, shall call thee blessed, because He that is mighty hath done great things to thee (alleluia). 9. Feasts of Angels. O ye Angels of the Lord, bless the Lord: praise and exalt Him above all for ever (alleluia).

10. Feasts of Saints. Light everlasting shall shine upon Thy Saints, O Lord and an eternity of ages (alleluia).

11. For the Dead. Pity Thou their miseries, O Lord, who hearest their cries: relieve their sorrows, Thou who seest their tears.

After the Anthem :

V. Save Thy people, O Lord, and bless Thine heritage :

R. And rule them, and exalt them, even for


V. Day by day, we bless Thee :

R. And we praise Thy Name for ever and


V. O Lord, hear my prayer:

R. And let my cry come to Thee.

Let us pray.

The Collect for a Sunday, feast, or special day will be found under "The Ecclesiastical Year." On other days one of the following:

Monday. RANT, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that

U the power of the Holy Ghost may be ever present with us, to purify our hearts from sin and to defend us from all adversity. Through Christ our Lord. Amen,


K goodness;

EEP Thy family, we beseech Thee, O

through Thy protection, we may be free from all adversities, and devoted in good works to the glory of Thy Name. Through &c.

Wednesday. GOD, whose

in what it ordains, we suppliantly beseech Thee to put away from us all things hurtful, and to give us those which are profitable. Through &c.

Thursday. 0 GOD, our refuge and strength, and

the author of all goodness; hear, we beseech Thee, the devout prayers of Thy Church; and grant that what we faithfully ask, we may effectually obtain. Through &c.

Friday. RANT to Thy people, we beseech Thee, Gr Lord, to avoid the contagious defile

ments of the Devil, and with a pure mind to follow Thee, the only God. Through &c.


from whom all

ceed; grant that we Thy suppliants may by Thine inspiration think the things that are right, and by Thy guidance perform them. Through &.c.

Commemoration to be made on those Saints' Days which are not observed as minor festivals.

1. Martyrs.-V. Precious in the sight of the Lord: R. Is the death of His Saints.

Grant, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that by the intercession of blessed N. Thy martyr, we may, both in body be freed from all adversities, and in mind be cleansed from evil thoughts. Through &'c.

2. Saints not Martyrs.-V. Rejoice, ye just, in the Lord R. Praise becometh the upright.


May the intercession of blessed N. commend us to Thee, O Lord; that being freed from the captivity of our sins, we may attain to the joys of our true home. Through &c.

Prayers to be said on fast days (other than the eves of festivals), and on the Sundays from Septuagesima to Palm Sunday.

Ps. De profundis, p. 87.

V. Create a clean heart in us, O God:

R. And renew a right spirit within us.

Let us pray.

Convert us, O God of our salvation; and that this (Lenten) fast may be profitable to us, instruct our minds in Thine heavenly discipline. Through dr.

For other special commemorations, see p. 74.

After the commemorations, or if there be none, after the collect of the day, say the following anthem to Our Lady:

POTLESS and inviolate art thou, O Mary,

who art become the shining gate of heaven. O gracious Lady, tender mother of Christ, accept the tribute of our praise. With voice and heart devout to thee we cry: keep our minds and bodies pure. And through thine ever-pleasing intercession, obtain for us pardon and peace.

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God:

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray.

Grant us, O merciful God, strength against our frailty; that we who celebrate the memory of

the holy Mother of God, may by the help of
her intercession rise again from our iniquities.
Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.
V. O Lord, hear my prayer:

R. And let my cry come to Thee.
V. Let us bless the Lord:

R. Thanks to God.

May the souls of the faithful, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


To be added on Monday evenings; and on the day of decease, burial, or anniversary of any for whom it is intended specially to pray. V. Let us pray for the faithful departed: R. Holy Mary and all ye Angels and Saints of God, intercede for them.

V. Through Thy Cross and Passion: R. O Lord, deliver them.

I. That Thou wouldst vouchsafe to admit them to the company of Thy Saints: R. We beseech Thee, hear us.

V. Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world: R. Have mercy on them.

V. Christ, hear us. R. Christ graciously hear us.

V. O Lord, hear my prayer: P. And let my cry come to


Let us pray.

GOD, the free-giver of pardon and the lover of man's salvation, we humbly implore Thy mercy on behalf of those of our relations, friends, or benefactors, who have passed from this world-(or in behalf of the soul of Thy servant N.)-and of all the faithful departed; that through the intercession of Blessed Mary ever-virgin, and of all the Saints, Thou wouldst grant them the full participation of everlasting happiness Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

V. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord: R. And may perpetual light shine upon them.

V. May they rest in peace. R. Amen.



Our Father. Hail Mary.

Let us place ourselves in the presence of God, and give Him thanks for all the benefits which we have received from Him, particularly this day.

GOD, we firmly believe that Thou art here and perfectly seest us, and that Thou observest all our actions, all our thoughts, and the most secret motions of our hearts. Thou watchest over us with an incomparable love, every moment bestowing favours, and preserving us from evil. Blessed be Thy holy Name; and may all creatures bless Thy goodness for the benefits which we have ever received from Thee, and particularly this day. May the Angels and Saints supply our defect in rendering Thee due thanks. Never permit us to be so base and wicked as to repay Thy bounties with ingratitude, and Thy blessings with offences and injuries.

Let us ask of our Lord Jesus Christ grace to discover the sins which we have committed this day; and beg of Him a true sorrow for them, and a sincere repentance.


LORD Jesu Christ, Judge of the living and of the dead, before whom we must appear one day to give an exact account of our whole lives; enlighten us, we beseech Thee, and give us an humble and contrite heart, that we may see wherein we have offended Thine infinite Ma

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