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down above to be inculcated to dying persons, may be suggested to him: or the following Acts may be made:

An Act of Thanksgiving.

My God, you have Created, Redeemed, and Sanctified me. You have preserved me in many dangers both of Body and Soul. You have fed me with your most blessed Body and Blood. You have shewn immense Patience in bearing with my repeated crimes, and often called me to repentance. For these and all other blessings bestowed upon me a most ungrateful sinner, I offer you innumerable Thanks.

Act of Resignation.

My God, I chearfully receive the certain summons of my Death. It is a greater happiness to fulfil your will, than to enjoy ten thousand Lives. O happy news of my Departure! I shall soon hear the Choirs of Angels sing your eternal Praises. Let Death hasten his pace,

that dying I may no more offend you, but live with you, and love you eternally.


Act of Contrition.

AM truly and heartily sorry for all my sins, not for the fear of Hell, nor for the hope of Reward; but for the Love of thee my God and only Good. And were I beginning, as I am ending my Life, I would not offend thee for a thousand worlds. O my God, despise not a contrite and humble heart.

The Soul being departed the following Responsory is to be said.


NOME to his assistance, all ye Saints of God: meet him, all ye Angels of God: receive his Soul, and present it now before its Lord. May Jesus Christ receive thee, and the Angels conduct thee to thy place of Rest. May the Angels of God receive his Soul, and present it now before its Lord.

V. Eternal Rest give to him, O Lord and let perpetual Light shine upon him.

R. May the Angels of God present him now before his Lord.

V. Lord, have mercy on him.
R. Christ, have mercy on him.
V. Lord, have mercy on him.
Our Father, &c...

V. And lead us not into temptation.

R. But deliver us from evil.

V. Eternal Rest give to him, O Lord.

R. And let perpetual Light shine upon him.

V. From the Gates of Hell.
R. Deliver his Soul, O Lord.
V. May he rest in Peace.
R. Amen.

V. O Lord, hear my Prayer.
R. And let my Supplication come

unto thee.

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Let us Pray.

O thee, O Lord, we recommend the Soul of thy Servant N. that being dead to this world he may live to thee: and whatever sins he has committed in this life through

human frailty, do thou in thy most merciful goodness pardon. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, &c.

Then for a Conclusion may be added the following Prayer for those who are present.


RANT, O God, that, while we lament the Departure of this thy Servant, we may always remember that we are most certainly to follow him. And give us Grace to prepare for that last hour by a good life, that we may not be surprised by a sudden and unprovided Death, but be ever watching, that, when thou shalt call, we may with the Bridegroom enter into eternal Glory. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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Sabbatum Pascha, et Pente-


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