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All ye holy Apostles and Evan-]

All ye holy Disciples of our Lord,
All ye holy Innocents,

St. Stephen,

St. Lawrence,

All ye holy Martyrs,

St. Silvester,

St. Gregory,

St. Augustine,

All ye holy Bishops and Confes

sors, St. Benedict,

St. Francis,

All ye holy Monks and Hermits,
St. Mary Magdalen,

St. Lucy,

All ye holy Virgins and Widows,

Pray for him, (or her.)

All ye men and women, Saints of God, intercede for him.

Be merciful unto him. Spare him, O Lord.

Be merciful unto him,

Be merciful unto him,
From thy wrath,

From the danger of eternal


From an evil death,

From the pains of Hell,

her) O Lord.

Deliver him, (or

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From all evil,

From the power of the Devil,
By thy Nativity,

By thy Cross and Passion,
By thy Death and Burial,
By thy glorious Resurrection,
By thy wonderful Ascension,
By the Grace of the Holy
Ghost the Comforter,

In the day of Judgment,


O Lord.
Deliver him, (or her)

We sinners. Beseech thee to hear


him. We beseech

That thou thee to hear us.



Lord, have mercy on him. Christ, have mercy on him. Lord, have mercy on him. EPART, Christian Soul, out of this world, in the name of God the Father Almighty, who created thee in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God, who suffered for thee: in the name of the Holy Ghost who sanctified thee: in the name of the Angels, Archangels, Thrones and Dominations, Cherubim and Seraphim: in the name of the Patriarchs and Prophets, of the holy Apostles and Evangelists, of the holy Martyrs, Confessors, Monks,

and Hermits, of the Holy Virgins and of all the Saints of God: may thy place be this day in peace, and thy abode in holy Sion. Through Christ our Lord. Amen,

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MERCIFUL and gracious God; O God, who according to the multitude of thy mercies blottest out the sins of such as repent, and graciously remittest the guilt of their past offences, mercifully regard this thy Servant N. and grant him a full discharge from all his sins, who with a contrite heart most earnestly begs it of thee. Renew, O merciful Father, whatever has been vitiated in him, by human frailty, or by the frauds and deceits of the enemy: and associate him as a Member of Redemption to the Unity of the Body of the Church. Have compassion, O Lord, on his Sighs, have compassion on his Tears: and admit him, who has no hope but in thy Mercy, to the Sacrament of thy Reconciliation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

RECOMMEND thee, dear Brother, to the Almighty God, and consign thee to the care of him, whose


creature thou art, that, when thou shalt have paid the Debt of all mankind by Death, thou mayest return to thy Maker, who formed thee from the Dust of the Earth. When therefore thy Soul shall depart from thy Body, may the resplendent multitude of the Angels meet thee: may the Court of the Apostles receive thee: may the triumphant army of glorious Martyrs come out to meet thee may the splendid company of Confessors clad in their white robes encompass thee: may the Choir of joyful Virgins receive thee: and mayest thou meet with a blessed repose in the bosom of the Patriarchs: may Jesus Christ appear to thee with a mild and chearful countenance, and appoint thee a place amongst those, who are to stand before him for ever. Mayest thou be a stranger to all that, which is punished with darkness, chastized with flames, and condemned to torments. May the most wicked enemy with all his evil spirits be forced to give way: may he tremble at thy approach in the company of Angels, and with confusion fly away into the vast

chaos of eternal night. Let God arise and his enemies be dispersed, and let them that hate him fly before his face: let them vanish like smoke; and as Wax that melts before the fire, so let sinners perish in the sight of God; but may the Just rejoice and be happy in his presence. May then all the Legions of Hell be confounded and put to shame: and may none of the ministers of Satan dare to stop thee in thy way. May Christ deliver thee from torments who was crucified for thee. May he deliver thee from eternal death, who vouchsafed to die for thee. May Jesus Christ the Son of the living God place thee in the ever verdant lawns of his Paradise: and may he, the true Shepherd, acknowledge thee for one of his Flock. May he absolve thee from all thy sins, and place thee at his Right-hand in the midst of his Elect. Mayest thou see thy Redeemer face to face, and standing always in his presence behold with happy eyes the most clear Truth. And mayest thou be placed among the companies of the Blessed, and enjoy the sweetness of the

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