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to Mary, the last poem composed by Cowper at Weston, 158—
Cowper resides at North Tuddenham- Removes to Mundsley, a
village on the Norfolk coast- Removes to Dereham, and thence
to Dunham 'Lodge, 166_ Induced to revise his Homer in 1795.

- In September he visits Mundsley again— In October returns
to Dereham, and settles there for the winter- Gradual decline
and death of Mrs. Unwin, 168— Cowper's solicitude on the last
morning of her life; her funeral, and tablet to her memory, 170
- The obstinate malady of Cowper- Fruitless endeavours to
cheer his dejected spirit- Infinite merit of Doctor Johnson in his
care to mitigate the calamity of his revered relation, 174
Cowper receives a visit from the Dowager Lady Spencer, 177—
Extract from a Letter to Lady Hesketh, 178— Doctor Johnson
reads to Cowper his printed and manuscript poems - He re-
ceives a visit from Sir John Throckmorton, 179- Finishes
the revisal of his Homer, 1799–Resumes and quits his poem on
the Four Ages— Composes a Latin poem, 180— His last ori-
ginal poem entitled “The Cast away,” 182— Removes to a larger
house in Dereham- Translates various Latin and Greek verses
and some fables of Gay into Latin verse.


Sends an improved version of a passage in his Homer to his friend
of Eartham- His health becomes more impaired Receives a
visit from Mr. Rose in March--Declines, and dies on Friday the
25th of April- Buried on the 3d of May in the church of
Dereham, 188— Inscription on his monument, 189— His cha.
racter, and remarks on his poetry_ His opinion of the deference
due to criticism, particularly from reviews, 206 — Remarks con-
tinued to page 274.

PostsCRIPT_ Death of Lady Austen- Epitapha on
that lady, 277.



No. 1 Original poems, ..............................281

2 Translations of Greek verses, ....................297 3 Translations from Horace and Virgil, ............319 4 Translations from the Latin poems of Bourne, and

from a few epigrams of Owen, .............. 345 5 Montes GLACIALES, in Latin and English,......391 6 Verses to the memory of Dr. Lloyd, ............ •397 7 Translations from the fables of Gay,..............401 8 The Connoisseur, Nos. 119, 134, and 138, ...... 408 Motto on the king's clock, ....

........431 Conclusion, ........................................432 Circular Letter to those persons, who have honoured the in

tention of raising a Public Monument to Cowper, by en

tering their names on the list of subscribers ............439 Yardley-Oak, a poetical fragment, ........... ........443

CHICHESTER : Printed by J. Seagrave.


Which will be published on the first of March, in quarto, with

the head of the Author,

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Many of the admirers of Mr. Cowper's writings having expressed a desire of possessing an edition of his Poems which should contain his devotional pieces with the rest—this volume has been supplied with two Appendixes. --The first includes his Translations from the works of Madame Guion, which he presented in manuscript to the Revd. WILLIAM Bull, who printed them separately in a small volume; and it is with his permission that they are here inserted. The second consists of Poems which were written during his residence in the parish of the Revd. John Newton, with whom he joined in composing a volume for social worship and private use, which was published in 1779, under the title of " Olney Hymns.”

This quarto edition of the Poems, with the letters and poetical pieces published in Mr. Hayley's Lise of Cowper (to which this volume will form a very proper companion) will comprise all the works of the author except his Version of Homer, printed in two volumes quarto and sour volumes octavo, and his Translations from Milton's Latin and Italian Pocms, with parts of a Commentary on the Paradise Lost, now preparing for the press by his Biographer. The last will be published for the bene. fit of an Orphan, the Godson of Mr. Cowper, in one volume quarto, price iwo guineas.

Subscriptions for the Milton will be received by J. JOHNSON, in Saint Paul's Church Yard.

JOHN SARGENT, Esqr. m. P. and SAMUEL SMITH, Esqr. m, p. have kindly undertaken to act as Trustees on the occasion for this intere ting Orphan.

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