Social Morality: Twenty-one Lectures Delivered in the University of Cambridge

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Macmillan, 1893 - 414

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Strona 421 - A CLASS-BOOK Of OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY. New Edition, with Four Maps. i8mo. 4*. 6d. A CLASS-BOOK OF NEW TESTAMENT HISTORY, including the Connection of the Old and New Testament.
Strona 116 - THE power of Armies is a visible thing, Formal, and circumscribed in time and space ; But who the limits of that power shall trace Which a brave People into light can bring Or hide, at will, — for freedom combating By just revenge inflamed...
Strona 34 - The elementary group is the family, connected by common subjection to the highest male ascendant; the aggregation of families forms the gens or house; the aggregation of houses makes the tribe; the aggregation of tribes constitutes the commonwealth.
Strona 34 - In most of the Greek states and in Rome there long remained the vestiges of an ascending series of groups out of which the state was at first constituted.
Strona 302 - LUTHER, they say, was unwise; like a half-taught German, he could not See that old follies were passing most tranquilly out of remembrance; Leo the Tenth was employing all efforts to clear out abuses; Jupiter, Juno, and Venus, Fine Arts, and Fine Letters, the Poets, 90 Scholars, and Sculptors, and Painters, were quietly clearing away the Martyrs, and Virgins, and Saints, or at any rate Thomas Aquinas...
Strona 38 - Asia ; but, as has been explained already, its connection with Scripture rather militated than otherwise against its reception as a complete theory, since the majority of the inquirers who till recently addressed themselves with most earnestness to the colligation of social phenomena, were either influenced by the strongest prejudice against Hebrew antiquities or by the strongest desire to construct their system without the assistance of religious records.
Strona 38 - Sclavonians, supplying the greater part of it ; and indeed the difficulty, at the present « stage of the inquiry, is to know where to stop, to say of what races of men it is not allowable to lay down that the society in which they are united was originally organised on the patriarchal model.
Strona 41 - But if I cannot plant resolve on hope, It will stand firm on certainty of woe. I choose the ill that is most like to end With my poor being. Hopes have precarious life. They are oft blighted, withered, snapped sheer off In vigorous growth and turned to rottenness. But faithfulness can feed on suffering, And knows no disappointment.

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