Obrazy na stronie

Woman, fury of a disappointed, 248.

good name in man and, 128.

how divine a thing, may he made,

I hate a dumpy, 486.

in her first passion, 487.

in our hours of iime, 460.

in this humour wooed, 70.

is at heart a rake, 274.

lahorin' man and lahoring 665.

laid old Troy in ashes, 2S7.

lays his hand upon a, 393.

lost Mark Antony the world, 237-

lovely woman, O, 237.

loves her lover, 487.

man delights not me no nor, 109.

man that is horn of, 590.

moved, a fonntain tronhled, 47.

nature made thee to temper man,

of her word, honest. 38.

one that was a, 118

perfeet, nohly plauned, 405.

perfeeted .earth's nohlest thing,564

preaehing, 316.

seorned, no fury like a, 267.

she is a, 67, 77.

smiled, till, 441.

still he a, to yon, 258.

stoops to folly, when lovely, 344.

sueh duty, oweth to her hushand.

supper with sueh a, 296.
take an elder, let the, 40.
take some savage, 549
that deliherates is lost, 249.
that seduees alt mankind, 294.
therefore may he won, 77.
therefore may he wooed, 77.
therefore to he won, 67.
what mighty ills done hy, 237.
will or won't depend on't, 261.
win with his tongue, 21.
Woman's hreast his favourite seat,
ere, sueh heanty as a, 32.
eyes, light that lies in, 459.
faith and woman's trust, 453.
looks, my ouly hooks were, 459.
love, hrief my lord as, 113.
mood, fantastie as a, 451.
nay stands for nanght, 135.
praise, sweeter sound of, 523
reason, none hut a, 21.
whole existenee, love is, 487.
will, eurrent of a, 253.
work is never done, 584.
Womanhood and ehildhood, 537.
Womankind, faith in, 551.
Womh of morning dew, 11.

of nature, wild ahyss the, 186.

Womh of pia mater, in the, 32.
of the morning, 619.
of unereated night, 182.
Women, alas the love of, 487.
and hrave men, 473.
hevy of fair, 196.
find few real friends. 321
framed to make, false, 127.
hear these tell-tale, 71.
in their first passion, 675.
like prinees, 321.
men and, merely players, 44.
pardoned all, the, 480.
passing the love of, 588.
pleasing punishment of, 27.
seven, take hold of one man, 003.
sweet is revenge to, 48i,.
weak, went astray, 241.
when Aehilles hid himself amon?.

wish to he who love their lords. 335.
words are, deeds are men, ICJ.
Women's eyes are hooks, 32.
weapons water-drops, 122.
Won, graee that, 193.
nor lost, neither, 321.
not unsonght, 193.
she is a woman therefore to he, 67.
showed how fields were, 340.
thongh haffled oft is ever. 471'
was ever woman in this humonr.
Wonder, all mankind's, 235.
grew,.still the, 341.
how the devil they got there, 280.
nine days', 645.
of an hour, 472.
of Juliet's hand, white, 81.
of our stage, the. 148.
what I was hegun for. 584.
where you stole 'em, 246.
withont our speeial. 97.
Wonderful is death, 492.
most wonderful, 45.
yet again, 45.
Wonderfully and fearfully made, 595.
Wondering for his hread, 362.
Wonders, hair on end at his own, 362.
that I yet havo heard, 86.
to perform, his, 364.
Wondrous kind, makes one, 332.
pitiful, 'twas, 126.
strange, this is, 108.
strong, ye are, 475.
sweet and fair, so, 175.
Won't, if she, she won't, 261.
Wonted fires, e'en in our ashes, 330.
Woo, men are April when they, 46.

her, and that wonld, 126.
Wood, deep and gloomy, 406.
desks dead, 430.

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Words of Marmlon, the last, 450.

of the wise as goads, 602.

of tongue or pen, 541.

of truth and soherness, 612.

report thy, how he may, 198.

smoother than hntter, 593.

spareth his, 597.

ten low. in one dull lina, 277.

that Baeon or Raleigh spoke, 284.

that hurn, 326.

that weep and tears that speak, 174.

thou hast spoken, 490.

thongh ne'er so witty, 14.

to them, wut's, 566.

two narrow, hiejaeet, 15.

uupaek my heart with, 110.

weighty sense flows in fit, 222.

were few, looks were fond, 446.

with these dark, 418.

withont knowledge, 590.

words words, 108.

worst of thoughts the worst of, 128.
Wore a wreath of roses, 508.
Work, hooks or, or heaithful play, 256.

ereature 's at his dirty, again, 280.

for man to mend, 223.

goes hravely on, 247.

hnddle up their, 361.

made manifest, 613.

man goeth forth unto his, 594.

night eometh when no man ean,

nohlest, of God, 272, 389.

nohlest, she elasses 0, 385.

of polished idleness, 395.

of their own hearts, 493.

to sport as tedious as to, 57.

together for good, 613.

under our lahour grows, 194.

what a pieee of, is a man, 109.

who first invented, 430.

woman's, is never done, 584.
Workers, mou the, 549.
Working onr salvation, tools of, 220.

out a pure intent, 413.

ont its way, fiery soul, 221.
Working-day world, full of hriers, 41.
Workings, hum of mighty, 503.
Workman not to he ashamed, 610.
Works, follows God in his, 273

most anthors steal their, 278.

nature sighing throngh all her, 195.

of nature, lord of all, 12.

rieh in good, 616.

son of his own, 678.

these are thy glorious, 190.
World an idler too, husy, 361.

and its dread langh, 302.

and worldlings hase, 64

another and a hetter, 677.

any anthor in the, 32.

World, as good he ont of the, 248
assassination has never ehanged

the history of the, 530.
hade the, farewell, 441.
halanee of the old, 399.
hanish all the, 59.
hank-note, this, 501.
hestride the narrow, 84.
hlows and huffets of the, 95.
hreathes out eontagion to this, 114.
hrought death into the, 178.
ealled the new, into existenee, 399.
ealls idle, whom the, 361.
eame up stairs into the, 267.
ean give, not a joy the, 483.
ean never fill, void the, 364.
eankers of a eaim, 61.
east out of the, and despised, 15.
ehildren of this, 611.
ereation's heir the, 333.
daflVd the, aside. 60.
dissolves, when all the, 18.
doth hut two nations hear, 232.
dreams hooks are eaeh a, 417.
drowsy syrups of the, 129.
ere the, he past, 340.
fails when Rome falls, 477
fashion of this, pasaeth away, 613.
fever of the, 406.
for all the, he was, 64.
foremost man of all this, 88.
forgetting hy the world forgot, 286
gain the whole, 609.
give the, the lie, 14.
good deed in a nanghty, 41.
governed hy little wisdom, 150.
grew pale, name at whieh the, 311.
had wanted an idle song, 280.
half of the, knoweth not how the

other half liveth, 572.
harmonionsly eonfused, 287.
harmony of the, 18.
has nothing to hestow, 309.
hath fluttered all the, 15.
he gave his honours to the, 74.
him who hore the, 413.
how little wisdom governs the. 156.
how this, goes with no eyes, 124.
how wags the, 48.
I have not loved the, 475.
I hold the, hut as the world. 36.
I never have songht the. 318.
if all the, were young, 13.
in arms, against a, .T22
in love with night, 81.
in the universal, or in Franee, 67
in this eanting, 322.
in whieh I moved alone, 492.
inhahit this hleak, alone, 458.
into this hreathing, 70.
's a huhhle, 141.

World is a eomedy, 334.
-n a stage, all the, 44.
's a theatre the earth a stage, 170.
is a tragedy to those who feel, 834.
is a world of lies, 659.
is all a fleeting show, 461.
is aneieut, when the, 139.
is given to lying, how this, 62.
is good and the people are good,375.
is grown Ao had, 70.
is mine oyster, 22
is not thy friend, 82.
is too mueh with us, 410.
its veterans rewards, 274.
jest and riddle of the, 270.
knows nothing of its greatest men,

light of the, ye are the, 607.
little foolery governs the, 156.
little of this great, ean I speak,125.
look ronnd the hahitahle, 228.
man is one, and hath another, 161.
man of the, amongst men, 523.
must he peopled. 28.
naked through the, 131.
natural and politieal, 340.
ne'er saw, monster the, 236.
no eopy, leave the. 40.
now a huhhle hurst and now a, 258.
of death, haek to a, 438. _
of happy days, to hny a, 70.
of sighs, for my pains a, 126.
of vile ill-favoured fanits. 23.
of waters, the rising, 186.
peaee to he found iti the, 461.
pendant ,hanging in a golden ehain'

pendent, round ahont the, 25.
pomp and glory of this, 73.
prevailed and its dread langh, 302.
proelaim, to all the sensual, 453.
prond, good hy, 532.
queen of the, 300.
raek of this tongh, 124.
reekless what I do to spite the, 95.
eer viee of the antique, 42.
shall monrn her, all the, 75.
shot heard round the, 532.
aink, let the. 161.
slide, let the, 47,141.643.
slumhering, o'er a, 262.
smooth its way throngh the, 208.
so fair, God hath made this, 440.
so runs the, away, 114.
spin forever, let the great, 540.
stand up and say to all the, 89.
start of the majestie, 83.
statue that enehants the, 302.
steal from the, 288.
stood against the, 87-
syllahles govern the, 156.

World, ten hours to the, 373.

that nourish all the, 82.

the flesh and the devil, 618.

the whole, kin, 76.

there fs not in the wide. 457.

this great ronndahont, 365.

this little, 55

this tongh, 124.

three eorners of the, 54.

to eurtain her sleeping, 492.

to darkness, leaves the, 328.

to hide virtues in, 49

to live in, very good, 235.

to ptep at sueh a, 3112.

too glad and free, 618.

too mueh respeet upon the, 36.

too nohle for the, 76.

too wide for his shrunk shank, 44.

unintelligihle, 406.

unknown into a, 638.

up stairs mto the, I eame, 257.

uses of this, all the, 102.

vanity of this wieked, 618.

visitations dnze the, 628.

was all hefore them, 196.

was gniity of a hallad, 31.

was heard the, around, 207.

was not to seek me, 318.

was not worthy, of whom the, 616.

was sad till woman smiled, 44L

what 1 may appear to the, 239.

when all the, dissolves, 18.

wide enongh for thee and me. 322.

will disagree in faith and hope, 271.

witeh the, with nohle horseman-
ship, 61.

with all its motley rout, 365.

withont a sun, 441.

working-day, full of hriers, 41.

worship of the, hut no repose, 492.

worst, that ever was known, 235.

worth the wiuning. 225.
World's aitar-stairs, 653.

ereation, most aneient since the,

dread langh, 302.

new fashion planted, 31.

tired denizen, 472.
Worldlings do, testament as, 42.
Worldly ends, thus negleeting, 19.

goods, with all my. 619.

life, the weariest, 26.

wise, he not, 159.
Worlds, allured to hrighter, 340.

hest of all possihle, 623.

erush of, wreeks of matter and, 260.

exhansted, imagined new, 312.

not realized, in, 420.

shonld eonquer twenty, 166.

so many, so mueh to do, 553.

whose course u equahle, 408.

World-wide fluctuation, 554.
Worm, hit with an envious, 77.

darkness and the, 264.

dieth not, where their, 610.

in the hnd, eoneeaiment like a,50.

is in the hnd of yonth, 365.

needlessly sets foot upon a, 364.

that hath eat of a king, 117.

the eanker and the grief, 486.

the smallest, will turn, 1!9.
Worms and epitaphs, let's talk of, 56.

have eaten men, 46.

of Nile, outveooms all the, 134.
Worn ont with eating time, 230.

sooner lost and, than women's, 49.
Worn-out word Alone, 525.
Worse appear the hetter, 182.

ehange for, pray God they, 142.

deed, hettor day the, 637.

for hetter for. 618.

for wear, not mueh the, 359.

greater feeling to the, 55.

remains hehind, 117.

than a erime, it is, 576.

trnth pnt to the, 211.
Worship God he says, 3*9.

of the great of old, silent, 484

of the world, they have the, 492.

srated ealls to, 314.

to the garish sun, pay no, 81.

too divine to love too fair to, 498.
Worshipped stoeks and stones, 208.

sun, honr hefore the, 77.

the rising than the setting sun, 332.
Worshipper, nature monrns her, 447.
Worst iun's worst room, 275.

of slaves, eorrupted freemen, 832.

of thonghts the worst of words, 128.

speak something good, the, 160.

things present seem, 63.

this is the, 123.

to-inorrow do thy, 227.

treason has done hls, 96.

world that ever was known, 235.
Worst-natured muse, 235.
Worth a thousand men, 452.

a whole eternity, 249.

hy poverty depressed. 312.

eonseienee of her, 193.

doing well, 298

in anything, what is, 218.

makes the man, 272.

prize not to the, that what we have
we, 29.

promise of eelestial, 267.

sad relie of departed, 472.

slow rises, 312.

stones of, like, 136.

the eandle, not, 161.

this eoil that's made for me, 52.

two of that, I know a triek, 53.

Worthier, would it were, 478.
Worthless pomp of homage, 505.
Worthy of your love, 417.

world was not, of whom the, 616.
Wot not what they are, 31.
Would I, fain, hnt 1 dare not, 13.
. I had met my dearest foe, 103.

1 were a hoy again, 546.

I were dead now, 518.

it were hedtime, 61.

letting 1 dare not wait upon I, 92.

not if 1 eould he gay, 401.

not liveal way, 458, 589.

not when he might, 5S2.

shonld do when we, 118.

that I were low laid in my grave,
Wonldst highly, what thou, 91.

not play false, 91.

thon holily, that, 91.

wrongly win, 91.
Wound, earth feit the, 195.

feit a stain like a, 850.

grief of a, take away the, 61.

purple with love's, 34.

shoe has power to, her very, 323.

that never feit a, i8.

tongue in every, 87.

us, no tongue to, 459.

willing to, 231.

with a toueh, 296.
Wounded hearts, here hring yonr,461.

in the house of my friends, 606.

spirit who ean hear, 597.

the spirit that loved thee, 531.
Wounds, hind up my, 71.

of a friend, faithful are the, 599.

wept o'er his, 340.
Wraek, hlow wind eome, 100.
Wranglers, imprisoned, 362.
Wraps the present hour, 333.

their elay, turf that, 336.
Wrath, Aehilles', 290.

ean send, plagues thy, 399.

infinite, and infinite despair, 187.

measure of my, not within the, 2L

nursing her, 384.

soft answer turneth away, 597.

sun go down upon your, 615.
Wreath of roses, she wore a, 508.
Wreathed smiles, heeks and, 204.
Wreaths, honnd with vietorions, 59.

that endure afflietion's heaviest
shower, 410.
Wreek of power, lay down the, 605.

way out of his, 74.
Wreeks of matter, 250.

1 saw a thousand fearful, 70.
Wrens make prey, 70.
Wrestles with us, he that, 851.
Wreteh eoneentred all in self, 443.

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