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Wide, the villain* March, 61.

was his parish. 2.
Widening, ever, slowly silence all,555.
widow of fifty, here 's to the, 379.

some undone, 149.

weeds appears, in, 387.
Widow's heart to sing, 590.
Widowed wife and wedded maid, 453.
Wielded at will, lit".
Wife and children impediments to
great enterprises*, 137.

Caesar's, above suspicion. 624.

dearer than the bride, 321.

giving honour unto the, 617.

honest, can pee her beauty in, 393

love your neighbour's, 520.

of thy bosom, 687.

the weaker vessel, 617.

true and honourable, m

widowed, and wedded maid, 453.

with nine small children, 585.
Willy patience, flour of, 3.
Wight, if ever such, were, 127.

0 base Hungarian, 22.
Wild and willowed shore, 447-

re starts* 'twas, 333.

in their attire Hit.

in woods, when, 22).

passion -waves lulled to rest, 501.

thyme blows, bink where the, 3j.

waves saying, what are the, 5ol.

with all regret, 551.
Wilderness a lodging-place, 005.

choice grain into this, 171.

lodge in some vast, 3jt).

Love' s such a, 444.

of single instances, 555.

of sweets, 191.
Wild fowl, concerning, 61.
Wile, children with endearing, 341.
Wiles, simple, praise blame, 404-

wanton, cranks and, 204.
Will, be there a, 382.

complies against his, 220

current of a woman's, 253.

executes a freeman's, 511.

for if she. she will, 2 Si.

for the deed, 661.

free, fixed fate, 183.

glideth at his own sweet, 410.

Honeycomb, 252.

1 should have my, 573.
Left free the human, 237
my poverty but not my, 82.
not when he may, 582.
one mans, to live by, 18.
or won't, a woman, 261.
pay thy poverty not thy, 82.
puzzles tie, HI.

reason panders, 116.
•erveth not another's, 143.

Will, star of the unconquered, 536.
state's collected, 373-
temperate, reason firm, 406.
to do the soul to dare, 450.
torrent of a woman's, 261.
unconquerable, 178.
wielded at, 197.
William, you are old father, 426.
Willie Winkie, wee. 566.
Willing, the spirit indeed is, 610.

to wound, 281.
Willingly let it die, 210.
Willow, lake where drooped the, 527.
Willowed shore, wild and, 447.
Willows, harps upon the, 695.
Willowy brook, 401.
Wills and fates so contrary run. 113.

to do or say, 194.
win a woman with his tongue, 21.

the good we oft might, 24-

Pa trick, when in doubt, 634.

they laugh ed, 130, 049.

us to our harm, 90.

us with honest trifles, 90.

would*t wrongly, 91.
Wince, let the galled jade, L.
wind and his nobility, betwixt the, 57.

bayed the whispering, J

blow, come wrack, 100.

blow thou winter, 44.

bio wet h where it listeth, 611.

blows, tell which way the, 156.

breathing of the common, try

crannying, save to the, 474.

dances in the, when she, 227.

dry, dry sun, 6.

estridges that with the, 60.

fly upon the wings of the, 591.

God gives, by measure, 161.

God tempers tbe, 322.

he that observeth the, 601.

hears him in the, 26;*.

hollow blasts of, 29*.

hope constancy in, s

idle as the, 88.

ill blows the, 642.

re turns none to good, 6.

ill, which blows no man good, 042.

large a charter as the, 43.

let her down the, 129.

May the east, never blow when he
goes a fish in i, 157.

or weather. 438.

passeth over it, 594.

run before the, 367.

sit the, in tiiat corner, 28.

sorrow'* keenest, 410.

stands as never it stood, 6.

streaming to the, 180

strumpet, beggared by the, 33.

tears shall drown the, 92.

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Wiped with a little address, 359.
Wisdom, all men's, 634.

and false philosophy, 183.

and wit are horn with a man, 156.

and wit are little seen, 280.

apply our hearts unto, ,iOl,

at one eutranee, 186.

erieth withont, 595.

finds a way, 332.

is hetter than ruhies, 596.

is humhle, 364.

is justified of her ehildren, 608.

is the gray hair unto men, 606.

1s the prineipal thing, 595.

man of, the man of years, 265.

married to immortal verse, 423.

monnts her zenith, 374.

nearer when we stoop, 421.

of many, wit of one, 634.

of onr aneestors, 352.

priee of, is ahove ruhies, 590.

shall die with yon, 500.

the prime, 193.

therefore get, 595.

vain, all and false philosophy, 183.

wake, thongh, 186.

will not enter, 528.

with mirth, who mixed, 342.

world is governed witli little, 156.
Wisdom's aid, friend of pleasure, 336.

gate, suspieion sieeps at, 136.

part, this is, 309.

self oft seeks solitnde, 200.
Wi*e ahove that whieh is written, 613.

all that men held, 170.

amazed temperate and furions, 04.

and masterly inaetivity, 395.

as serpents, 608.

as the frogs, 3i16.

11.ieon or hrave Raleigh, 2S4.

he not worldly, 159.

colTee makes the politieian, 279.

eonvey the. it eall, 22-

do never live long, 71.

exeeeding, fair-spoken, 75

father knows his own ehild, 38.

follies of the, 312.

folly to he, 326.

for eure on exereise depend, 223.

good to he merry and, 641.

great men are not alwavs, 590.

histories make men, 138.

in his own eoneeit, 599.

in show, 209.

in their own eraftiness. 589.

in your own eoneeits, 613.

little, the hest fools he, 144.

made lowly, 418.

man is strong. 598.

man's son, every, 49.

men's eounters, words are, 155.

Wise passiveness, 416.

saws and modern instanees, 44.

son maketh u glad father, 596.

spirits of the, sit in the elonds, 63.

the ouly wretehed are the, 241.

the reverend head, 255.

to talk with past hours, 263.

to-day, he, 262.

type of the, 407.

with speeJ, he. 266.

words of the. 602.
Wisely, one that loved not, 131.

tell what honr o' the day, 215.

worldly, he, 159.
Wiser and hetter grow, 234.

for his learning, no man is, 156.

in his own eoneeit, 599.

in their generation, 611.

than a daw, no, Hi.
Wisest hrightest meanest, 272.

eensure, mouths of, 127.

man who is not wise, 404.

men, relished hy the, 331.

of men, Soerates the, 197.

seeond thonghts are, 23J.

virtuonsest hest, 194
Wish and eare, man whose. 288.

her stay, who saw to, 193

his religion an anxions, 506.

not what we, 332

was father to that thonght, 64.
Wished she had not heard it, 126.

that 1 had elear for life, 245.
Wishes, all their eountry's, 336.

in idle, fools supinely stay, 382.

lengthen like onr shadows, 265

soher, never learned to stray, 329.

soon as granted fly, 448.

stillel, he my vain, 3iK,.
Wishing, eontent myself with, 319.

of all employments, 264.
Wit, a man in, 28.i

aithongh he hid mueh, 215.

among lords, 315.

and wisdom are little seen, 200.

and wisdom horn with a man, 156

hrevity is the soul of. 108.

hrightens, how the, 278.

eanse that, is in other men, 62.

devise, write pen, 31.

eloquenee and poetry, 173.

enjoy yonr dear, 202.

hast so mueh, 252.

her, was more than man,224.

high as metaph.vsie, 215.

in his little finger, 644.

in the eomhat, 462.

in the very first line, 342.

invites von, hi". 357.

is a feather, 272.

is out when age is in, 29.

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pit* Dvr. ifail'. io» it back. 57L

plentiful !*ck <-f. I *

put bis whole, in a jcM. 1-J2-

fikinnifh of. there ** a. ST.

so Barrow human, 276.

that can creep. 281.

to mortify a, 283-

too fin* a point to row, 574.

too proud for a, 342.

true, is nature,277.

whole nation void of, 334.

will conw, and fancy, 290.

will shine, 223.

wings of borrowed, 155.

with dunce*. 265
Wit'o end, at their, 594.
Witch hath power to charm. 101.

the wurld with noble
Witchcraft, hell of. 136.

this only is the, I hare used, 126.
Witchery of soft bine sky. 401*.
Witching time nf night, 114.
Witchinek instil a swiftness, 303.
With thee" conversing. 1**.

thee. nolJTing. 252.

too much quk ktKss. 274
Wither, leaf ai*o *hall not, 591.
Withered and shaken. 512

and so wild in their attire, S9.

when true hearts lie, 458.
Withering fled. hope. 481.

on the ground, 291.

on the stalk, maiden?. 417.

on the rirgin thorn. 33.
Withers areunwrung. 114
Within. I hare that. 102.

19 good and fair, 437.

one of her, 651.

that awful Tolume, 453.

the* that are, would fain go out.
Without thee T cannot live, 60S.

Thee we are poor, 363-

they that are. wnuM thin go in, 145-
Witnesses, cloud of, 616.
Wits, dunce with. 285.

encounter of our, 70.

great, will jump, 641

h<-*ne-keepinc touth hare homely.

lord among. 315.

to niaine** new allied, 221.
Witty in myself, 1 am not owly. 62-

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