The Casuist: A Collection of Cases in Moral and Pastoral Theology, Tom 2

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J.F. Wagner, 1908

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Strona 92 - Omnis anima potestatibus sublimioribus subdita sit : non est enim potestas nisi a Deo; quae autem sunt, a Deo ordinatae sunt.
Strona 11 - ... with this duty. It is the business of the judge and of the jury to decide on the merits of the case, but in order that they should discharge this function it is necessary that the arguments on both sides should be laid before them in the strongest form.
Strona 105 - VIII. Should it happen that in any district the parish priest or the Ordinary of the place or a priest delegated by either of them, before whom marriage can be celebrated, is not to be had, and that this condition of things has lasted for a month, marriage may be validly and licitly entered upon by the formal declaration of consent made by the spouses in the presence of two witnesses.
Strona 27 - Only those marriages are valid which are contracted before the parish priest or the Ordinary of the place or a priest delegated by either of these, and at least two witnesses, according to the rules laid down in the following articles, and saving the exceptions mentioned under VII. and VIII.
Strona 243 - XIII, 2: sumí voluit (Christus) saeramentum hoc tanquam spiritualem animarum cibum, quo alantur et confortentur viventes vita illius, qui dixit: qui manducat me, et ipse vivet propter me; et tanquam antidotum, quo liberemur a culpis quotidianis et a peccatis mortalibus praeservemur. Pignus praeterea id esse voluit futurae nostrae gloriae et perpetuae felicitatis, adeoque symbolum unius illius corporis , cuius ipse caput existir, cuique nos, tanquam membra arctissima, fidei, spei et charitatis connexione...
Strona 190 - Viri e clero seculari ne libros quidem, qui de artibus scientiisque mere naturalibus tractant, inconsultis suis Ordinariis publicent, ut obsequentis animi erga illos exemplum praebeant. lidem prohibentur quominus, absque praevia Ordinariorum venia, diaria vel folia periodica moderanda suscipiant.
Strona 246 - ... hujus sacramenti devotio. Aut non semper caruerunt usu rationis : et tune si prius, quando erant compotes suae mentis, apparuit in eis devotio hujus sacramenti, debet eis in articulo mortis hoc sacramentum exhiberi : nisi forte timeatur periculum vomitus, vel expuitionis.
Strona 11 - Misstatements of facts or of law; misquotations of documents; strong expressions of personal opinion, and some other devices by which verdicts may be won, are condemned ; there are cases which an honourable lawyer will not adopt, and there are rare cases in which, in the course of a trial, he will find it his duty to throw up his brief.
Strona 238 - ... idque in ea, cui adscripti erunt, ecclesia, nisi forte ex causa studiorum absint, atque ita de gradu in gradum ascendant, ut in eis cum aetate vitae meritum et doctrina maior accrescat. Quod et bonorum morum exemplum, et assiduum in ecclesia ministerium, atque maior erga presbyteros et superiores ordines reverentia, et crebrior, quam antea, corporis Christi communio maxime comprobabunt.
Strona 90 - Laws enacted by men are either just or unjust. If they are just, they have a binding force in the court of conscience, from the Eternal Law whence they are derived. . . . Unjust laws are not binding in the court of conscience, except, perhaps, for the avoiding of scandal or turmoil.

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