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SELECT BIOGRAPHY. A COLLECTION OF LIVES OF EMINENT PERSONS, Who have done honons to their Country. 43 finely engraved Portraits. 12 vols., 18mo., in cloth boards, or 24 parts, sened. Published at 31.,

and now sold at a reduced price.

Vol. 1

Lord Bacon
Bernard Gilpin

Vol. 7

Lord Clarendon
Right Hon. C. J. Fox
2 Right Hon. William Pitt

8 Benjamin West

Sir C. Wren
Lord Nelson

William Shakspeare

Duke of Marlborough

John Dryden
James Bruce

Sir Walter Raleigh

William Penn

John Howard
SDr. Samuel Johnson
Alexander Pope

King George III.

King William III.
63 Marquis of Montrose

Captain Cook
General Monk

12 {


“ No part of history is more instructive and delightful an the lives of great and worthy men."-Burnett.

The CABINET ANNUAL REGISTER of 1832, containing most im. portant Public Documents, Abstracts of Reform, and other Acts. Royal 18mo., price ss. cloth ; or 10s. 6d. morocco.

The CABINET ANNUAL REGISTER of 1831, including the Population Returns, and most important Tables, Lists, &c. &c. Royal 18mo., price 8s, cloth; or 10s. 6d, inorocco.

The CABINET ANNUAL REGISTER, and Historical, Political, Biographical, and Miscellaneous Chronicles of the Years 1831-2-3, forming the most comprehensive Summary of the Debates in PARLIAMENT, and an impartial History of Public AFFAIRS, during some of the most eventful periods of our history--d complete Annual BiOGRAPHY and OBITUARY, with a most valuable and useful collection of PUBLIC Documents, TABLES, &c. &c. In 3 vols. royal 18mo., cloth and lettered, price 16. ls.; or in morocco, gilt edges, 11. 11s. 6d.

The following critiqnes are selected from upwards 'of ONE HUNDRED Reviews, Magazines, Newspapers of “ Whig," Tory,” and “Radical” Principles, &c., in which the first volumes of the Cabinet Annual Register bave been favourably noticed.

“ Very neatly got up, and the matter well arranged.”- Literary Gazette.

“ The first volume of this work had our good word, and the second is still more deserving of it."-Athenæum.

Accurately compressed in substance, and very comprehensive in grasp.”—Atlas. “ This book ought to be at the right hand of every person."-Metropolitan. An excellent little book."-Spectator.

“The historical portion seems diligently, aud even elegantly, condensed, and the biographical well written."-Observer.

HENRY WASH BOURNE, Salisbury Square, London ; R. CADELL, Edinburgh; G. G. BENNIS, Paris; W. JACKSON New York; T'HACKER & Co., Calcutta ; and all Booksellers,

Washbourne's Miniature Religious Library. “Quite a treasure for young people, and for old ones who desire to make presents."

1. HERBERT'S PRIEST TO THE TEMPLE, or the COUNTRY PARson, his Character, and Rules of Holy Life ; the Church Porch, &c. Royal 32mo. Price 2s. 6d., cloth; roan embossed, 4s.; or in purple morocco, gilt edges, price 5s.

2. CLARKE'S SCRIPTURE PROMISES, arranged under proper heads. A new Edition. Price 1s. 6d. cloth, lettered ; and 2s. 6d. in silk; gilt edges, elegantly embossed, 3s. 6d.

3. MELMOTH'S GREAT IMPORTANCE OF A RELIGIOUS LIFE, with Morning and Evening Prayers. Royal 32m0., fiue paper, 1s., sewed; Is. 6d. in extra cloth and lettered; 28. 6d. silk; or clegantly bound in morocco, 5s. Ed.

4. TALBOT'S REFLECTIONS for Every Day of the Week; with Thoughts on various Subjects, Poems, &c. Royal 32mo., with vignette, &c. Price 1s.; silk, 28.; or bound with Melmoth, in one vol., 3s. 6d. silk; morocco, os.

5. FENELON'S PIOUS THOUGHTS concerning the Knowledge and Love of God, and other Holy Exercises ; with an engraved portrait and title. 32mo. Price 1s.; in roan, or in a case with gilt edges, Is. 60.; morocco, 4s. ; or silk, elegant, 2s.

6. FENELON’S PIOUS REFLECTIONS for Every Day of the Month, with a fine Portrait, and Life of the Author, 32mo. At the same prices.

7. FENELON'S THOUGATS AND REFLECTIONS, in one volume, 32mo. Price 2s., boards ; silk, 3$. ; or in morocco, 58.

8. JOHNSON'S (Dr.) PRAYERS, &c., 32mo. boards. Price 1s.; or in silk, 28.; morocco, 4s.; black sheep, 2s.

9. QUARLES'S ENCHIRIDION AND WARWICK'S SPARE MINUTES. 32mo. Boards, ls, 6d.; silk, 25.; morocco, 4s.

10. MODERN INFIDELITY considered with respect to its Influence on Society, by Robert Hall, M.A. 32mo., boards, 18.0d. ; in silk, 28. 6d. elegantly embossed, 35.

13. ADIEU : a Farewell Token of Christian Friendship. Royal 32mo., silk, price 3s. 6d.

14. SACRED POEMS, Original and Selected. 32mo. boards. Price 1s.; silk, gilt edges, 28.

15. HINTS TO CHRISTIANS in their efforts to convert Men to God. 32mo. Price 9d., bound; or 1s. 6d., silk.

16. THE NEW WEEK'S PREPARATION, for a worthy receiving of the Lord's Supper; consisting of MEDITATIONS AND PRAYERS, Forms of Examination, A COMPANION TO THE ALTAR, &c. Two parts, royal 32mo., price 3s. black sheep; 4s. 6d. elegantly embossed; and 7s. morocco. Each part 8-parate, price 2s. black sheep; 3s. elegantly embossed; and 58. 6d. morocco. 17. NOUVEAU TESTAMENT-Revu et Corrigé.

Crown 24mo., price 3s. boards; 48. 6d. roan embossed; and 58. 60. morocco.

18. FLAVEL'S RIGHTEOUS MAN'S REFUGE, 32mo., price Is. 6d. boards, or 2s. 6d, silk.

MORNING AND EVENING DEVOTIONAL SERVICES of the Church of England. Royal 18m)., cloth. Price Is. 6d., or embossed gilt edges, 3s.

«? They are neatly printed—those bound in silk form elegant presents ;--others are suited for more ordiua, purposes or for more general distribution.”-Pulpit.

* Thirteen Copies will be charged as 12–and a liberal allowance made to schools or persons taking quantities for distribution.

+++ Please to order Washbourne's Editions.




Uniform with LARDNER'S CYCLOPÆDIA, the New Editions of the



The Twelfth Edition, revised and improved by new Engravings of the ENGLISH AND Scotch RegaLIA, ORDERS OF KNIGHTHOOD, &c. &c., illustrated by Historical Notices; also a LIST OF FOREIGN ORDERS, and their Abbreviations ; a DictiONARY OF 1200 Mottoes, with the English Trunslations and Bearers' Names alphabetically arranged; the ORIGIN AND USE OF ARMS; RULES FOR BLAZONING and MARSHALLING COAT AG. MOURS; A DICTIONARY OF HERALDRY, with its Terms, in English, French, and Latin; DEGREES OP THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY; TABLes of PRECEDENCY, &c.; embellished with Forty-eight Engravings, illustrative of upwards of 1000 Examples, including the arms of above 500 Families. Royal 18mo., price 20s., with Plates correctly coloured ; 9s. plaiu Plates; and 12s. on paper prepared for Learners to colour.

“ This useful compendium appears to be truly deserving of the liberal support it has received for upwards of half a century.”—Gentleman's Magazine.

“ Clark's Introduction is well adapted to its object. They who wish to learn the principles of Heraldry cannot do better than buy it."-Spectator.


A NEW EDITION, GREATLY ENLARGED AND IMPROVED, Comprising the Crests of every Peer and Baronet of Great Britain, and nearly every Family, with a correct List of the Nobility, their Family Names, and copious Indexes of all the Bearers. The whole accompanied by a Dictionary of Terms, and Remarks, Historical and Explanatory.

“It represents,' he said, the chosen crests of our family-a bear, as ye observe, and rampant; because a good herald will depict every animal in its noblest posture as a horse saliant, a greyhound courant.'”_Waverley.

Royal 18mo. Price 108. bound, or 13s. on prepared paper for colouring.

“We class these books together (i.e. Clark and Elven), because they present united a body of popular information on the subject of Heraldry. The first has been long before the public; and the surest test of its merits is, that the volume has reached its present edition. The second puts forth pretensions of an humbler, but not less useful or interesting kind. It may be esteemed as a complete manual of domestic heraldry. The majority of English families, including even the countless tribes of the Johnsons, Thompsons, and Smiths, will find their chivalric emblenis, and armorial distinctions, accurately engraved in the volume.”- Atlas.


Second Edition. Twenty-two Engravings. 2 vols. small 8vo. Price 10$. 6d. originally published at il.ls.

“We are well pleased to see this cheape-issue of a work which, at its first publication, we commended as a pleasant, honest narrative." -Athenæun.

BANKS'S INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF ENGLISH BOTANY. Thirty-seven Plates. Second Edition. 8vo. cloth. Price 9s.

“ That understanding must be remarkably obtuse that could make slow progress with this Introduction."-Imperial Magazine.

PLAIN ADVICE TO LANDLORDS AND TENANTS, LODGING-HOUSE KEEPERS, AND LODGERS, with a Summary of the Law of Distress, the Powers vested in Tax Collectors and Parochial Authorities, &c. A new Edition. Price 18. 60.

“ It contains a good deal of practical information in a concise form, unobscured by legal technicalities. There is an excellent Summary of the Law of Distress.”—Times.

A FAM R SUMMARY OF THE LAW OF MASTER AND SERVANT, APPRENTICES, JOURNEYMEN, ARTIFICERS, AND LABOURERS; with an Abstract of the New Combination Act, and the Act for the Regulation of Cotton-Mills, &c. &c. &c. 18mo. Price Is. od.

A FAMILIAR SUMMARY OF THE LAW OF BILLS OF EX. CHANGE AND PROMISSORY NOTES, with an Appendix, containing Forms and Tables of Stamp Duties, &c. &c. &c. 18mo. Price Is. 6d.

“We think they will be found very useful appendages to the desk of the trader and the counting-house of the merchant'; indeed, there are few stations in life in which one or other of these works may not be advantageously referred to."-Literary Gazette.

ING BANKS; being a familiar Summary of the two CONSOLIDATING
ACTs on these subjects, with notes, &c. &c. &c. 18mo. Price Is. 6d.
* These Treutises are corrected and improved up to the present time.

THE FAMILIAR LAW ADVISER, containing all the above. Bound in one volumne. Price 5s.

ANSTEY'S NEW BATH GUIDE, illustrated by George CRUIKSHANK; with a Biographical and Topographical Preface, and Anecdotical Annotations, by John Britton, F.S.A. Post 8vo. Price 6s., or, with proof Illustrations on India paper, 98.

ENDLESS AMUSEMENT; a Collection of nearly 400 entertaining Experiments in Science. Plates. 18mo. Price 2s. 60. boards.

COMPREHENSIVE CLASSICAL ATLAS ; with a Memoir of Ancient Geography, and a complete iudex. Twenty-one Maps coloured, square 16mo., half-bound. Price 3s. 6d.

CHRISTIAN SHADE; Selections from Porteus, Blair, Gray, Young,
Cunningham, &c. &c. 18mo. Price 2s.6d, boards.

CHRISTIAN'S BOOK; containing Select and Original Prayers,
Meditations, and Hymns, for Family and Private Worship. Smal 'Svo.
Price 4s. cloth.

HOYLE'S GAMES ; containing several New Games not before published. 24.10. boards. Price 2s. 6d. ; or 3s. 6d. bound, gilt edges.

LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF JOHN NICOL, Mariner. Portrait. 12mo. Price 3s. Od. Originally published at 5s.6d.

DUPIN'S GEOMETRY OF THE ARTS. Practically applied to the present state of Arts in England, by GEORGE BIRKBECK, Esq., M.D. 8vo. Price 9s. Originally published at 10s. 6d.

MURRAY'S MANUAL OF EXPERIMENTS, illustrative of Chemical Science ; systematically arranged with the application of Tests for the Detection of Metallic Poisons, Enumeration of Mineral Waters, &c. &c. Second Edition. Price 3s. boards. Originally published at 5s.

FREEMASON'S POCKET COMPANION; with a List of Lodges, Chronological Events, &c. Royal 32mo. Price 3s. in Masonic blue cloth.

JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY, in miniature, improved and much enTarged. 18mo. Price 3$. roan and lettered; or 4s. elegantly embossed.

AINSWORTH'S DICTIONARY; revised and improved, with a List of Latin Abreviations, by DUNCAN. 8vo. Price 145., bo nd.

SMART'S HORACE, literally translated into E:glish Prose, with the Latin. 2 vols. 18mo. Price 6s. boards.

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