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GREAT BRITAIN.The Opening of the Reformed Parliament-

Measures of the SessionThe Bank of England and East-India

ChartersChina and Tea-Trade-Colonial Slavery-Act enabling

Depositors in Savings' Banks to Purchase Government Annuities

Act regulating the Labour of Children in Mills and Factories-

Reduction of Taxation effected during the Year 1833—Events of

the Year-State of the Revenue-Proceedings with regard to

Foreign Powers


IRELAND.-State of Ireland at the beginning of 1833—Outrages

of the Whitefeet, and pitiable condition of the Clergy-Formation

of an Association of Volunteersin Dublin-Recovery of Tithes

in Wexford— Appeab on Behalf of the Protestant Clergy of Ireland

-First Meeting of the self-styled Irish National Council—The

Coercion Bill-Its application, in April-Kilkenny declared

within its provisions-Suppression of the Volunteers' Association,

and of the National Trades' Political Union-Mr. Littleton

appointed Secretary for Ireland, vice Sir J. C. HobhouseThe

Marquess Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant, vice the Marquess of

AngleseaMeeting of the Poor Laws' Commissioners in Dublin-

The Effect of the Coercion BillSymptoms of renewed agitation

in DecemberTrial of the “Pilot Newspaper-Outline of the

Irish Church Temporalities' Act-Its Effect on the Sees, with Table

of Values-Values of the Ecclesiastical Benefices of Ireland-

Public Works in progress in that ountry- The Cholera 20–32

SCOTLAND.-Municipal Corporations-Scottish BurghsTrades'



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