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purpose, at leaft not for any continuance, who cannot enjoy their own thoughts. The gratifications of fuch as are for ever flying from themselves, and bustling along in the chace of external objects, that they may fhun the cognizance of reason, and verdict of conscience, are not felicity, but hurry, extravagance, diftraction. The first moment of leisure detects the imposture; and the injured mind, when permitted to speak out, loudly declares that nothing can give her satisfaction, but what The can review with complacence, as dictated by her best sentiments, or not repugnant to them. He, my dear hearers, he alone is bleft, who dares deliberately look inward, upward, and forward ; inward on himself as fincere, consequently upward to his Maker as his friend, and forward to immortality as his portion. Upon this ground 'he may repose with confidence, under the most alarming aspect of Affairs.

Do not apprehend that I am to enter into a political discussion of the questions which now inflame and agitate the kingdom, or that I pretend in any shape to decide them. I am not possessed of the requisite intelligence; and, if I were, this is not the proper place. Far from withing to augment our heats and animosity, I would gladly contribute to allay them, if it were possible. When they break forth with so much fury, they become as dangerous as they are indecent. Instead of serving to enliven and invigorate the general body, or to render the several parts watchful for the safety and welfare of the whole, do they not evidently tend to divide, and by dividing to weaken and expose it? When men feem resolved, with a fierceness not only unchristian, but unworthy of a civilized country, “ to bite © and devour” all that differ from them on points about which the most enlightened are not agreed, is there not reason to fear, either that they will at last “ be

a.consumed one of another;?' or that the common enemy will take advantage of, their contentions, and 'over-power, in its distracted state, a nation which, when united, not all its adversaries have been able to conquer ?

Whether, indeed, an attack from the side of France would yet suspend the difa, ferences subsisting at present among a people so uncommonly irritated against each other, who can tell ? How antipathies for widely diffused, and so deeply rooted, shall be removed; when the minds of the con tending parties shall be composed and seta, tled; or what will be the issue with respect to Britain at large, of the great controversy in which she is engaged *, where is

,. This Address was written and published in the time of the Americau War. Since that unhappy period, our affairs have assumed a very different aspect, under the Administration of a Young Man, who seems to have : been raised up as a kind of prodigy, for the spirit and abilities displayed by him so early in the service of his

the prophet who can foresee? That her case is difficult and inaufpicious on a civil account, will be acknowledged by fuch as are least inclined either to despair or complain : and thofe who reflect on her reigning disorders, who believe in a righteous: Providence, and who compare her fituation at this day with the history of other countries and other ages, will pronounce it perilous in a moral and religious view. Though ready to own with pleasure the many instances of private worthy, and ex

Country. His short experience considered, the extent of his politieal knowledge is astonishing. He appears indeed to have caught the fiame of genius, as well as patriotism, from his late illustrious Father. The eloquence of the Son has less splendor, pomp, and majesty, than that of the Parent, but is attended with superior perspicuity of argument, and force of conviction. The unshaken firmness with which this extraordinary Youth has often stood, almost fingle, the joint attacles of bis: opponents, though some of them long distinguished by their talents, and the dignified composure with which he has often repelled them, will likewise be recorded by impartial History with just applause.

tenfive humanity still left, they cannot but look upon the loss of public virtues, and the extraordinary corruption of principles and manners, lo generally confessed and lamented, as symptoms of a very threatening nature. Nor will you, Gentlemen, think appearances mended, when you observe the virulence and rancour, the abuse and calumny, now indulged by the spirit of party to a height beyond example.

Has not the ruin of all the great states and empires, of which we read in ftory, been preceded and accelerated by factions, Seditions, insurrections, conspiracies, envy on one side, and jealoufy on both; while the functions of government were obstructed or deranged, the operation of the laws was flackened or evaded, and the interest of the community sacrificed to the covetous and ambitious designs of individuals, till at length the struggle ended in the total overthrow of the weakest, and the

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