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those who had not the courage to discharge their duty, and those who fought only the praise of men, shall be configned to everlasting shame; when the monuments of mere human resolution shall be no more, and the annals of secular fame shall perish in the funeral fire of Nature, you, my respected friends, you, who faithfully adhered to truth and goodness in a luxurious, vain, and unprincipled age, fball receive from the Infallible Judge, palms of victory, and wreaths of glory, beautiful as Paradise, and undecaying through Eternity

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H U M I L I T Y.


E who discourses to Young Men on

ambition and enterprise, on valour in the field, or fortitude out of it, and other points connected with a Manly Spirit, may expect in general to be heard with attention and favour: but he who undertakes to inculcate on the fame persons that precept of our holy religion, « Be cloathed with Humility,” muft not be furprised, if they should liften with some reluctance, and afterwards remark, that however such a garb may suit well enough particular professions, situations, and ages, it is too grave for youth, of too dark-a hue, and too homely a texture, for those who are entering on the public theatre, and naturally desirous of striking the spectators by the vivacity' and lustre of their first appearance; in plain terms, that there is danger left they should be disheartened and degraded by learning to be humble. Nevertheless they may discover, in process of time, that they were under a mistake; that the disposition here recommended is not only the most decent, but in truth the most engaging, of all others; that it is no way incompatible with an elevated character; that, on the contrary, the noblest minds have been most eminently adorned with it. Sooner or later, too, they may be convinced by experience, that Pride, whatever show she may make, or whatever deception the may practise, for a while, is secretly conscious of as much imbecillity as infolence, and seldom fails at last to incur a mixture of contempt, dislike, and indignation. But this kind of conviction we have seen attended with so many mor

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