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anxious, should be a complete Man of the World, or what is usually styled a Fine Gentleman, and a person of ability, insinuating, popular, applauded, successful : for, pray take notice, we meet not, as I remember, in two large volumes, with a single sentence pointing to the immortality of man; or the approbation of God, or any other great principle of human excellence. Amidst many useful observations on life, and many necessary axioms of prudence, the most trivial lessons are taught; and his well-known favourite doctrine is, without the least attention to human nature, so incessantly repeated, that it could scarcely fail to disgust, instead of impresling the young man for whom it was designed.

That he should even not scruple recommending to his son the imitation of a deeply criminal fashion in foreign gallantry, is indeed shocking, and what ought to excite abhorrence in every one who retains any sense of decency. Shall I add in a few words, that to allure, to sparkle, to shine, to Aatter, to be fattered, and to rise, at whatever expence of truth, of rectitude, or of regard for nobler pursuits, are held up as the highest ends of existence; and instead of forming the person in question into a just model of improved and elevated nature, to frame him into a mere courtly artificial being, or rather to fabricate and hammer him into a piece of polished machinery, was the supreme solicitude of that man to whom our modish youth in this Christian land look up, as the allaccomplished pattern, judge, and master of life and manners ?

But, that we may draw to a conclusion, let us now in the last place follow those pretty gentlemen- for such they wilh to be thought let us follow them into the world. What do they see and hear of there, but betting, and gaming, and intrigues, and cabals, and places, and posts, and pensions, and stars, and garters; court favour and family interest, statesmen regu

larly buying votes, and their opposers frequently seeking power; almost all mankind bowing in the temple of Rimmon, or else worshipping in that of Mammon; to which last idol, indeed, the apparent votaries of the other direct the homage of their hearts ? In the early ages of Greece and Rome, Glory was the great object of men's devotion. In our times, it is Money: every thing now is sacrificed to money : ambition itself, vanity, pride, all the palfions, wait on Avarice, “ even as the eye “ of a man-fervant on the hand of his • master, and the eye of a maid-servant 66 on the hand of her mistress.” Money, my friends, money is now prized and pursued as that which can purchase all things

And so it can, a few trifling enjoyments excepted, such as good health, true contentment, a good conscience, and unfeigned esteem. As to merit, ability, rectitude, patriotism, and the honours which were wont to attend them in the genuine respect and sincere applauses of the best

men; this more sagacious age has discovered, that such airy qualities, and shadowy acquisitions, might formerly do well enough to satisfy those who were infected with the knight-errantry of virtue; but that they signify little now-a-days. Why? Because they would go for nothing on the turf, at the gaming-table, in the circles of splendor, the abodes of luxury, or the resorts of diffipation. Such, my dear hearers- but " tell it not in” France, “.publish it not in the streets of” Madrid

such are the scenes, the very honourable and highly-improving scenes, which must form, and finish, and send forth from time to time, the hopeful personages that are to be the fathers of the next generation, that are to command our fleets and armies, that are to fit in the British Senate, aud give law to half the globe ; that are to fill the chief offices of government, and allist in the councils of their sovereign; in a word, that are to watch over the dearest interests of liberty, religion, and mankind. Eternal God! what but thy wonder-working Providence and Spirit can save this nation from utter profligacy, ignominy, and destruction ? Ah, my young men, what fuperlative praise would redound to you, whom I now address, were you, in the several spheres for which you are intended_were You, I fay, to unite with the wife, the worthy, and the brave, who yet remain, and to vow in the name of the Omnipotent, that you will exert every faculty which nature has implanted, and every talent which principle can incite, to stem the torrent of general corruption, to oppose against effeminate manners a masculine virtue, to “ quit you like men” in despite of enervating fashion, to show amidst the surrounding flavery of vice that you have “ the rule of your own fpirits;" and wherever duty, wherever honour calls, there “ to play the men for your people, “s and for the cities of your God !"

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