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The Canon.

After the Preface follows the CANON of the Mass, or the most sacred and solemn part of this divine service, which is read with a low voice, as well to express the silence of Christ in his passion, and his hiding at that time his glory and divinity, as to signify the vast importance of that common cause of all mankind, which the Priest is then representing, as it were, in secret to the ear of God; and the reverence and awe with which both Priest and people ought to assist at these tremendous mysteries.

A Prayer at the beginning of the Canon. ETERNAL and most merciful Father, behold we come to offer thee our homage this day; we desire to adore, praise, and glorify thee, and to give thee thanks for thy great glory, joining our hearts and voices with all thy blessed in heaven, and with thy whole Church upon earth. But acknowledging our great unworthiness and innumerable sins, for which we are heartily sorry and humbly beg thy pardon, we dare not venture to approach thee otherwise than in company of thy Son, our Advocate and Mediator, Jesus Christ, whom thou hast given us to be both our High-Priest and Victim.

With him, therefore, and through him, we humbly pray and beseech thee, most merciful Father, that thou wouldst vouchsafe to accept and bless these gifts, these presents, these holy unspotted sacrifices: to his most sacred intentions we desire to unite ours; and with this offering which he makes of himself, we desire to make an offering of our whole being to thee. With him, and through him, we beseech thee to exalt thy holy Catholic Church throughout the whole world; to maintain her in peace, unity, holiness, and truth; to have mercy on thy servant N. our chief bishop, N. our prelate, N. our Queen; as also on all orthodox believers and professors of the catholic and apostolic faith.

Be mindful, O Lord, of thy servants, N. and N. [here name those you wish to pray for], our pastor (parents, children), friends and benefactors, &c., of all whom we have in any way scandalised, injured, or offended, or for whom we are in any other way bound to pray; of all that are in their agony, or under violent temptations, or other necessities, corporal or spiritual; of all our enemies; and of all

here present, whose faith and devotion are known unto thee, for whom we offer, or who offer up to thee this sacrifice of praise for themselves, their families, and friends, for the redemption of their souls, for the health and salvation they hope for, and for which they now pay their vows to thee, the eternal, living, and true God.

Be mindful also, O Lord, of all poor sinners; that they may be all converted to thee, and find mercy through Jesus Christ thy Son; through whom we hope one day to be admitted into the company of all thy saints and elect, whose memory we here celebrate, whose prayers we desire, and with whom we communicate in these holy mysteries.

A Prayer when the bell is rung, and when the Priest extends his hands over the Oblation.

WE therefore beseech thee, O Lord, graciously to accept this oblation of bread and wine, which, being composed of many, reduced into one, are symbols of concord and unity; which do thou in all respects vouchsafe to bless, approve, ratify, and accept; that it may be made for us the

Body and Blood of thy most beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and that through him, and through his death and passion, applied to our souls by these sacred mysteries, we may obtain mercy, grace, and peace in this life and eternal happiness in the next.

Give ear, we beseech thee, O Lord, to the prayers of thy servant, who is here appointed to make this oblation in our behalf; and grant it may be made effectual for the obtaining of all those blessings which he asks for us.

At the Elevation of the Host.

HAIL, eternally, most sacred flesh of Christ, to me before all, and above all, sweetness supreme! The Body of our Lord Jesus Christ be to me, a sinner, the way and the life. Amen.

At the Elevation of the Chalice.

HAIL, eternally, heavenly drink, to me before all, and above all, sweetness supreme! The Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ profit me, a sinner, as an eternal remedy, unto life everlasting. Amen.

A Prayer after the Elevation.

Look down, O Lord, we beseech thee, upon this sacred Victim, which was once offered to thee upon the cross, and is now daily offered on thy altars. Remember that thine only-begotten Son, for us poor sinners, was conceived and born into this world; that he suffered a bitter agony and sweat of blood; for us he was betrayed into the hands of sinners, buffeted, spit upon, and in many ways abused; for us he was scourged at the pillar, crowned with thorns, and nailed to the cross; for us he died, and for us he triumphed over death by his resurrection, and he opened heaven for us by his ascension. We desire gratefully to commemorate all these mysteries this day, in the offering to thy most excellent Majesty of thy gifts bestowed upon us, a pure Host, a holy Host, an unspotted Host, the holy bread of eternal life, and chalice of everlasting salvation.

Upon which vouchsafe to look with a propitious and serene countenance, and to accept them as thou wert graciously pleased to accept the gifts of thy just ser

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