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In his very blood away: Be to me, O Virgin, nigh, Lest in flames I burn and die, [day. In his awful Judgment Christ, when thou shalt call me hence

Be thy Mother my defence,

Be thy cross my victory; While my body here decays, May my soul thy goodness praise,

Safe in Paradise with thee.

Devotions to St. Joseph.


(100 days each time; 300 every Wednesday; plenary every month if said every day, and on feasts of St. Joseph. If said seven consecutive Sundays, 300 each Sunday, and plenary on last.)

I. ST. JOSEPH, pure spouse of Most Holy Mary, the trouble and anguish of thy Heart were great, when, being in sore perplexity, thou wast minded to put away thy stainless spouse, but thy joy was inexpressible when the Archangel revealed to thee the high mystery of the Incarnation.

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, we pray thee comfort our souls now and in their last pains, with the consolation of a well-spent life, and a holy death like unto thy own, with Jesus and Mary at our side.

Pater. Ave. Gloria.

II. St. Joseph, blessed Patriarch, chosen to the office of Father of the Word made man, the pain was keen that thou didst feel when thou didst see the Infant Jesus born in abject poverty; but thy pain was changed into heavenly joy when thou didst hear the harmony of the angelic choirs, and beheld the glory of that night when Jesus was born.

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, we pray thee obtain for us, that, when the journey of our life is ended, we too may pass to that blessed land where we shall hear the angelic chants, and rejoice in the bright light of heavenly glory.

Pater. Ave. Gloria.

III. St. Joseph, who wast ever most obedient in executing the law of God, thy heart was pierced with pain when the precious blood of the Infant Saviour was shed at his circumcision; but with the name of Jesus new life and heavenly joy returned to thee.

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, obtain for us, that, being freed in our life from every vice, we too may cheerfully die, with the sweet name of Jesus in our hearts, and on our lips.

Pater. Ave. Gloria.

IV. St. Joseph, faithful saint, who was admitted to take part in the redemption of man, the prophecy of Simeon foretelling the sufferings of Jesus and Mary, caused thee a pang like that of death; but at the same time his prediction of the salvation and glorious resurrection of innumerable souls filled thee with a blessed joy.

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, help us with thy prayers to be of the number of those who, by the merits of Jesus and his Virgin Mother, shall be partakers of the resurrection to glory.

Pater. Ave. Gloria.

V. St. Joseph, watchful guardian, friend of the Incarnate Son of God, truly thou didst greatly toil to nurture and to serve the Son of the Most High, especially in the flight thou madest with him into Egypt; yet thou didst rejoice to have

God himself always with thee, and to see the overthrow of the idols of Egypt.

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, obtain for us grace to keep far out of the reach of the enemy of our souls, by quitting all dangerous occasions, that so no idol of earthly affection may any longer occupy a place in our hearts, but that, being entirely devoted to the service of Jesus and Mary, we may live and die for them alone.

Pater. Ave. Gloria.

VI. St. Joseph, angel on earth, who didst so wonder to see the King of heaven obedient to thy bidding, the consolation thou hadst at his return was disturbed by the fear of Archelaus; but nevertheless, being reassured by the angel, thou didst go back and dwell happily at Nazareth, in the company of Jesus and of Mary.

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, obtain for us, that, having our hearts free from idle fears we may enjoy the peace of a tranquil conscience, dwelling safely with Jesus and Mary, and dying at last between them.


Ave. Gloria.

VII. St. Joseph, example of all holy living, when though without blame, thou didst lose Jesus, the Holy Child, thou didst search for him for three long days in great sorrow, until with joy unspeakable thou didst find him, who was as thy life to thee, amidst the doctors in the temple.

By this thy sorrow and thy joy, we pray thee with our whole heart, so to interpose always on our behalf, that we may never lose Jesus by mortal sin; and if, which God avert, we are at any time so wretched as to do so, then we pray thee

to aid us to seek him with such ceaseless sorrow until we find him, particularly in the hour of our death, that we may pass from this life to enjoy him for ever in heaven, there to sing with thee his divine mercies without end.

Pater. Ave. Gloria.

Ant. Jesus himself was about thirty years old, being, as was supposed, the Son of Joseph.

V. Pray for us, O holy Joseph.

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray.

O GOD, who in thy ineffable providence didst vouchsafe to choose Blessed Joseph to be the husband of thy most holy Mother, grant, we beseech thee, that we may have him for an intercessor in heaven, whom on earth we venerate as our Holy Protector. Who livest and reignest, world without end. Amen.

Prayer to St. Joseph.

GLORIOUS Saint Joseph! Thou to whom God confided the care of the two persons He most loved on earth, forget not that we too have been entrusted to thy care. Thou art our protector and our father, deign to take our interests into thy own hands; but above all, watch over all that concerns our souls. O virtuous guardian of the holy family, by thy powerful intercession make us a family of saints; and, since to merit thy favours we must strive to imitate thy virtues, obtain for us all a sincere will to walk in thy foot

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