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thy frequent calls and continual assistances in the ways of life, make me ashamed of my ingratitude.

And what dost thou require of me for all thy mercies, or by them, but to love thee? and why dost thou require it, but because thou art my only good?

O my dear Lord! my whole life shall be nothing but a desire of thee; and because I indeed love thee, I will most diligently keep thy commandments. Have mercy on all sinners, as before.

Ninth Petition.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

grant me grace to remember my death.

JESUS, grant me grace always to remember my death and the great account which I am then to give, that so my soul, being always well disposed, may depart out of this world in thy grace.

Then by the holy intercession of thy blessed Mother, and the assistance of the glorious St Michael, deliver me from the enemy of my soul; and thou, my good angel, I beseech thee to help me at that most important hour.

Then, dear Jesus, remember thy mercy, and turn not thy most amiable face away from me because of my offences.

Secure me against the terrors of that day, by causing me now to die daily to all earthly things, and so to have my conversation continually in heaven.

Let the remembrance of my death teach me how to esteem my life; and the memory of thy resurrection encourage me to descend cheerfully into the grave.

Have mercy on all sinners, as before.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

Tenth Petition.

send me here

my purga-

JESUS, send me here my purgatory, and so prevent the torments of that cleansing fire, which attend those souls in the next world that have not been sufficiently purged in this.

Vouchsafe to grant me those merciful crosses and afflictions which thou seest are necessary to break off my affections from all things here below.

Since no one can see thee that loveth anything which is not for thy sake, suffer not my heart to find any rest here, but in sighing after thee.

Too bitter, alas! will be the anguish of a soul which is separated from thee; which desires, but cannot come to thee, being clogged with the heavy chains of sin.

Here, then, O my Saviour, keep me continually mortified in this world; that being purged thoroughly with the fire of thy love, I may immediately pass hence into thy everlasting possession. Have mercy on all sinners, as before.

"Our Lord Jesus Christ humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even the death of the cross."-Phil. ii. 8.

HEAR these my petitions, O my most merciful Saviour, and grant me thy grace so frequently to repeat and consider them, that they may prove easy steps whereby my soul may ascend to the knowledge, love, and performance of my duty to thee and my neighbour, through the whole course of my life. Amen.

Our Father. Hail Mary. I believe in God.

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"In the name of Jesus, every knee should bow," as before.

grant me grace to avoid evil company.

Eleventh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,


JESUS, grant me grace to avoid evil company; or if I chance to come among such, I beseech thee, by the merits of thy uncorrupt conversation among sinners, preserve me from being overcome by any temptations to mortal sin.

Cause me, O blessed Lord, to remember always with dread, that thou art present and hearest, who will take an account of all our words and actions, and will judge us according to them.

How dare I then converse with slanderers, liars, drunkards, or swearers, or with such whose discourse is either quarrelsome, dissolute, or vain?

Repress in me, dear Jesus, all inordinate affections to carnal pleasures, and to the delights of taste, granting me the grace to avoid such company as would excite the fire of these unruly appetites.

Let thy power defend, thy wisdom direct, thy fatherly pity chastise me, and make me live so here among men, that I may be fit for the conversation of angels hereafter.

Have mercy on all sinners, as before.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, grant me grace
Petition. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, to call on thee
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,) for help.

JESUS, grant me grace in all my necessities to

call on thee for help, faithfully remembering thy death and resurrection for me.

Wilt thou be deaf to my cries, that wouldst lay down thy life for my ransom? or canst thou not save me, who wouldst take it up again for my crown?

Whom have I in heaven but thee, O my Jesus, whose blessed mouth has pronounced, "Call upon me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver thee?"

Thou art my sure rock of defence against all enemies; thou art my ready grace, able to strengthen me to every good work.

Therefore, in all my sufferings, weaknesses, and temptations, I will confidently call on thee; hear me, O my Jesus, and when thou hearest have mercy.

Have mercy on all sinners, as before.


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) make me
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, persevere
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) in virtue.

JESUS, make me persevere in virtue and a good life, and never desert thy service, till thou bringest me to my reward in thy kingdom.

In all pious customs and holy duties, in my honest and necessary employments, continue and strengthen, O Lord, my soul and body.

Is my life anything but a pilgrimage on earth towards the New Jerusalem, to which, he that sitteth down, or turneth out of the way, can never arrive?

O Jesus, make me always consider thy blessed example; through how much pain, and how

little pleasure, thou didst press on to a bitter death, that being the way to a glorious resurrection.

Make me, O my Redeemer, seriously weigh those severe words of thine, "He only that perseveres to the end shall be saved."

Have mercy on all sinners, as before.


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,) grant me grace
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, to fix my mind
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,) on thee.

JESUS, grant me grace to fix my mind on thee, especially in time of prayer, when I directly converse with thee.

Stop the fancies of my wandering mind, the desires of my unstable heart, and suppress the power of my spiritual enemies, who endeavour at that time to draw my mind from heavenly thoughts to many vain imaginations.

So shall I with joy and gratitude look on thee as my deliverer from all the evils I have escaped, and as my benefactor, for all the good I have ever received or can hope for.

I shall see that thou thyself art my only good, and that all other things are but means ordained by thee, to make me fix my mind on thee, to make me love thee more, and by loving thee, to be eternally happy.

O beloved of my soul, take up all my thoughts here, that mine eyes, abstaining from all vain and hurtful sights, may become worthy to behold thee face to face in thy glory for ever.

Have mercy on all sinners, as before.

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