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this world, which are nothing but corruptions; now let my heart and prayers ascend like incense in thy sight; and pardon me all the sins which I have committed by my smelling.

My tongue hath in many ways offended both in speaking and tasting: now let its whole business be to cry for mercy: pardon me, dear Jesus, all the sins which I have committed by words, or by any excess in eating or drinking.

My hands have offended in contributing to many follies, injurious to myself and my neighbour: now let them be lifted up to heaven, in testimony of a penitent heart and pardon me, O Lord, all the sins which I have committed by the ill use of my hands.

My feet have gone astray in the paths of vanity and sin: now let me walk in the way of thy commandments: and forgive me, O Lord, all the sins. which I have committed by my disordered steps.

By this holy anointing and the power of thy grace, O God, forgive all my sins, and convert my heart wholly to thee, that I may cheerfully submit to death, in pun


ishment of my offences, and so enter into thine eternal rest.


A Prayer after Extreme Unction.

O MY God, it is by thee that I have been created, redeemed, and sanctified: it is thou who hast preserved me from many dangers, both of soul and body; it is thou who hast nourished me with the adorable sacrament of thy Body and Blood, and granted me the grace to receive the rites of thy Church, preferably to so many others, who are carried off by a sudden death, without being favoured with such succours and graces as thou hast bestowed upon me, a most ungrateful sinner. For these and all other blessings, I return thee innumerable thanks. Oh that I had the heart and tongue of all men and angels, how willingly would I employ them all in praising, loving, and glorifying thee. To thee I resign my heart. Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit. Receive me, O dear Jesus, in thy mercy, into those loving arms, which were extended on the cross for my redemption, and admit me into. the embraces of thine infinite charity. I

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desire not to be freed from my pains, since thou knowest what is best for me. Suffer me never to murmur, but grant me patience to bear whatever thou wilt, and as long as thou pleasest. Should it be thy will to inflict greater punishments on my weak body and languishing soul than those which I now suffer, my heart is ready, O Lord, to accept them, and to suffer in whatever manner and measure may be most conformable to thy divine will.

This one grace I most humbly beg of thee, that I may die the death of the just, and be admitted, after the sufferings and tribulations of this transitory and sinful life, into the kingdom of thy glory, there to see and enjoy thee in the company of the blessed, for a never-ending eternity. Amen.

The Last Blessing and Plenary Endulgence.

As the hour of death approaches, that awful hour on which so much depends, the pious Christian should fervently prepare to receive the Last Blessing and Plenary Indulgence granted to those

who are near their end. For our Lord Jesus Christ promised to St. Peter (Matt. xvi.) “the keys of the kingdom of heaven," assuring him that "whatsoever he should bind on earth should be bound in heaven, and whatsoever he should loose on earth, should be loosed also in heaven." By this power of binding and loosing, derived from St. Peter to his successors, and by them communicated to the pastors of souls, the latter are authorised to grant a Plenary Indulgence, together with a solemn Blessing, to all such as are in or near their last agony. But then the dying Christian should remember well that, in order to receive the benefit of this Plenary Indulgence and Blessing, it is requisite that he concur on his part, by renouncing and detesting all his sins, both known and unknown, mortal and venial; by accepting with patience and resignation whatever he may have yet to suffer, and offering up his pains and death, in union with the sufferings and death of his Redeemer, in satisfaction for his sins.

During the time the Priest is conferring this solemn Blessing, the following prayer may be repeated:


MY God, I once more O and detest all my sins. Have mercy on me, O God, according to thy great mercy. I cast myself into the arms of thy holy love, and I resign myself to thy blessed will. I unite myself to thy Son dying on the cross; I offer thee my sufferings in union with his. Receive me,

I beseech thee, into the number of thy servants, that I may praise thee for ever. -Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. Lord Jesus, receive my soul. Amen.

The Recommendation of a Departing Soul.

All ye holy Disciples of our Lord,

LORD have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
Holy Mary,
Pray for him.

St. Lawrence,

All ye holy Angels and All ye holy Martyrs,

St. Sylvester,
St. Gregory,

All ye choirs of the St. Augustin,

Archangels, Holy Abel,

Holy Abraham,
St. John Baptist,
St. Joseph,

All ye holy Patriarchs
and Prophets,

for him.

St. Peter,

St. Paul,
St. Andre
St. John,

All ye holy Apostles
and Evangelists,

All ye holy Innocents,
St. Stephen,

Pray for him.

All ye holy Bishops.
and Confessors,
St. Benedict,
St. Francis,

All ye holy Monks and

St. Mary Magdalen,
St. Lucy,

All ye holy Virgins
and Widows,
All ye men and women,
Saints of God,

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