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It fell to my lot to sustain the misfortune of losing my parents at an early stage of my life, and though at that period I was little sensible of the calamity, every succeeding year brought with it a poignancy which increased until I arrived at maturity, when, as I began to feel my dependence, it forsook me, and finally left upon my mind a sensation of indifference towards myself, and a disinclination to sympathize with the feelings of others. In comparing my situation and circumstances with those around me, I found a void that I could not fill. a chasm caused by the breaking up of filial and parental affection that nothing, now connected with me, could close ; and the happiness in which I saw others placed with regard to their relatives, and the strong interest which each of these seemed to feel in the concerns of the others, created a disappointment that rankled in my heart, and at length produced the evil passion of envy, ultimately terminating in misanthropy. At

There was

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