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in tears ;

tage, where poverty and affliction reign together. There let him behold the disconfolate widow – fitting - steeped

thus sorrowing over the infant, she knows not how to succour O my child, thou art now left ex

posed to a wide and a vicious world, “ too full of snares and temptations for

thy tender and unpractised age. Per

haps a parent's love may magnify " those dangers.

But when I consider " thou art driven out naked into the “ midst of them, without friends, with

out fortune, without instruction, my “ heart bleeds beforehand for the evils " which may come upon thee. GOD, “ in whom we trusted, is witness, fo " low had his providence placed us, " that we never indulged one, wish to « have made thee rich, virtuous we

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« would have made thee ;

father, my husband, was a good man " and feared the Lord, and though « all the fruits of his care and industry " were little enough for our support,

yet he honeftly had determined to “ have spared some portion of it, fcanty

as it was, to have placed thee fafely " in the way of knowledge and instruc"tion - But alas ! he is

gone never to return more, and with him are fled the means of doing it:

For, Behold the creditor is come upon us, “ to take all that we have." Grief is eloquent, and will not easily be imitated.

But let the man, who is the least friend to distreffes of this nature, conceive fome disconfolate, widow uttering her complaint even in this manner, and then let him consider, if there is any for.

from us,

tow like this sorrow, wherewith the Lord bas afilięted her ? or, whether there can be any charity like that, of taking the child out of the mother's befom, and rescuing her from these apprehensions. Should a heathen, a stranger to our holy religion and the love it teaches, should he, as be journeyed, come to the place where she lay, when be faw, would be not have compafhon on her? God forbid, a christian should this day want it ; 'or at any time look upon such a distress, and pass by one the other side.

Rather, let him đó, ás his Saviour taught him, bind up the wounds, and pour comfort into the heart of one, whom the hand of God has fo bruised. Let him practise what it is, with Elijah's transport, to say to the afflicted widow L4


- See, thy son livetb! - liveth by my charity, and the bounty of this hour, to all the purposes which make life desirable, - to be made a good man, and a profitable subject : on one hand to be trained up to such a sense of his duty, as may secure him an interest in the world to come; and with regard to this world, to be fo brought up in it, to a love of honest labour and industry, as all his life long to earn and eat his bread with joy and thankfulness.

“ Much peace and happiness rest up

on the head and heart of every one “ who thus brings children to Christ

May the blessing of him that was “ ready to perish come feasonably upon " him. --The Lord comfort him, when « be most wants it, when he lays fick


upon his bed; make thou, O God!

all his bed in his fickness; and for « what he now scatters, give him, then, " that peace of thine which palleth all

understanding, and which nothing in « this world can either give of take

away." Amen.


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