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I Have taken the liberty to in

scribe this discourse to you, in testimony of the great respect which I owe to your character in general; and from a sense of what is due to it in particular from every member of the Church of YORK.

I wish I had as good a reafon for doing that, which has


given me the opportunity of mas king to publick and just an acknowledgment ; being afraid there can be little left to be. Faich upon the subject of Charity, which has not been often thought, and much better expressed by many who have gone before : and indeed, it seems to beaten and cominon a path, that it is not an easy matter for a new comer to diftinguish himself in it, by any thing except the novelty of his Vehicle.

I beg, however, Sir, g'our kind acceptance of it, and of the motives which have induced ine to


addrefs it to you; one of which,

I cannot conceal in justice to mySelf, because it bas proceeded from the sense of many favours and civilities which I have received from you. I am,

Reverend SIR,

Your most obliged,

and faithful

Humble Servant,



I KINGS xvii. 16.

And the barrel of meal woted not, neither

did the crufe of oil fail, according to the word of the Lord which be Spake. by the prophet Elijah.

THE words of the text are the re

HE words of the text are the re

cord of a miracle wrought in behalf of the widow of Zerephathi, who had charitably taken Elijah under her roof,, and administered unto him in a time of

great scarcity and distress. There is something very interesting and affec tionate in the manner this story is related in holy writ ; and as it concludes with a second still more remarkable Vol. 1:



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