Gualteri Burlaei Liber de vita et moribus philosophorum: mit einer altspanischen Übersetzung der Eskurialbibliothek

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Litterarischen Verein in Stuttgart, 1886 - 441

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Strona 104 - Shakspere, Hamlet I, III, Polonius: Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not express'd in fancy ; rich, not gaudy. e Isocrates aao nr. 39. f aao nr. 46. g aaos 26, nr. 15 : *Eiv
Strona 105 - tried, Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel, But do not dull thy palm with entertainment Of each new-hatch'd unfledged comrade! Vgl. Solon
Strona 271 - Not far from that most celebrated place, Where angry justice shews her awful face, Where little villains must submit to fate, That great ones may enjoy the world in state.
Strona 218 - Mark Noble, Memoirs of the Protectoral House of Cromwell, 2 edit., Birmingham 1787, Vol. I, s. 94: It is more certain that Oliver averred that he saw a gigantic figure wich came and opened the curtains of his bed and told him that he should be the
Strona 94 - 2 ebenso Spec, hist.; illocalis CRLNADGB. * a Vine. Bell. Spec. hist. IV, 80: Tullius in libro de senect., (XII, 39 bis 41). b Schiller, die freundschaft : Freundlos war der grosse weltenmeister, Fühlte mangel, darum schuf er geister, Selge spiegel seiner Seligkeit, c Verinus, bl.
Strona 428 - Muir, J., Metrical translations from Sanskrit Writers, with an ' introduction, prose versions and parallel passages from classical authors. London 1878. Mullach, FGA, Fragmenta philosophorum graecorum, 3 vol. Paris 1860 bis 1881.
Strona 218 - person in the kingdom, but did not mention the word king, and though he was told of the folly as well wickedness of such an assertion he persisted in it ; for which he was flogged by dr Beard (Cromwells lehrer)
Strona 134 - Cato, Lib. I, D. 11. Dilige sic alios ut sis tibi carus amicus, Sic bonus esto bonis ne te mala damna sequantur! Fiore di Virtù s. 61 : Cato dice : sii buono ad altrui che mai danno non ti seguisca. Verinus
Strona 141 - Bridges, Prometheus the Firegiver, London 1884: Oft our shortsigted prayers to heaven ascending Ask there our ruin and are then denied In kindness above granting; were 't not so, Scarce could we pray for fear to pluck our doom Out of the merciful withholding hands.
Strona 136 - dici iubebat : Quod tibi fieri non vis, alteri ne feceris ! Quam sententiam usque adeo dilexit ut et in Palatio et in publicis operibus praescribi juberet; s. Scriptores Histor. roman,

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