The Novice of Saint Dominick, Tom 4

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Strona 236 - Thy sober Autumn fading into age, And pale concluding Winter comes at last, And shuts the scene. Ah! whither now are fled Those dreams of greatness, those unsolid hopes Of happiness, those longings after fame, Those restless cares, those busy, bustling days, Those gay-spent festive nights, those veering thoughts Lost between good and ill, that shared thy life ? All now are vanish'd!
Strona 352 - And through the mists of passion and of sense, And through the tossing tide of chance and pain, To hold his course unfaltering, while the voice Of Truth and Virtue up the steep ascent Of Nature calls him to his high reward, 'The applauding smile of Heaven...
Strona 236 - Ah ! whither now are fled Those dreams of greatness ? those unsolid hopes Of happiness ? those longings after fame ? Those restless cares ? those busy bustling days ? Those gay-spent, festive nights?
Strona 89 - ... There is room for all in the work, and the race has but commenced. The problems are not to be solved in a moment, but need the best work of the best minds, for an indefinite time. Shall our country be contented to stand by, while other countries lead in the race? Shall we always grovel in the dust, and pick up the crumbs which fall from the rich man's table...
Strona 352 - The great career of justice ; to exalt His gen'rous aim to all diviner deeds ; To chase each partial purpose from his breast : And thro...
Strona 332 - A hundred times was I on the point of throwing myself at your feet at Saint-Cloud ; but, by doing so, I should have lost everything.

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