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The following pages form the first volume of the Fifth Series of the Baptist Magazine. It is confidently hoped that no line or word violates the motto of the Title-page—“ Speaking the truth in love.” Such at least has been the earnest desire and steadfast aim of the Editor. In this respect he had nothing to alter in commencing a New Series, and only needed to tread in the footsteps of his predecessors. In their hands the Magazine has always been pervaded by a spirit of truthfulness and love. Seeking to retain this excellence undiminished, he has endeavoured to introduce into its pages somewhat more of variety; and, whilst preserving its denominational character, to impart to it a more general interest. That he has to some extent succeeded, he ventures to hope ; that he has failed to attain his own standard, he deeply feels; that he may approach it somewhat more nearly during the coming year, is his desire and purpose and prayer. For the cordial co-operation of some, the forbearance of others, and the kindness of all, with whom his editorial duties have brought him into contact, he desires to return his very hearty thanks; and ventures to solicit for another year a continuance of the various forms of assistance so freely rendered to him hitherto. Believing that those great and fundamental principles which we hold in common with all evangelical Christians, and those too which distinguish us as a denomination, are increasingly important, and need more than ever to be steadfastly held and vigorously asserted, his highest ambition is, that the Magazine under his editorship may help in their maintenance and promulgation.

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