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In the course of a long and tempestuous passage over the Atlantic, at a season when the greatest part of the twenty-four hours was clothed in darkness, I had very many moments for meditation. The country I had left behind me occupied by far the greater part of them. More endeared as it was farther removed, I daily felt more sensibly my attachment to that land where I first had existence. Our public affairs very frequently pressed into my mind, when the howling of the winds would. not permit repose; and in thinking of my country, and my friends, I insensibly forgot my own situation.

Enclosed you have a paper marked American Finances, which is partly the result of my maritime meditations; but I incline to think, that you would not have been troubled with them, if circumstances had not retraced the ideas since my arrival. In effect, it has frequently happened, that, while sitting with Mr Jefferson, our conversation turned on that subject. He, who also feels ardently for the welfare of America, induced me, without intending it, to make the sketch above mentioned. I afterwards showed it to him, and his approbation has given me a better opinion of it than I had before, and very probably

much better than it deserves. Such as it is, however, I now commit it to a friend, who has, I know, the same fervent zeal for the prosperity of the union, which warms my heart. If it should be in the smallest degree useful, my wishes are satisfied, and my labor is doubly and trebly repaired. I am, &c. GOUVERNEUR MORRIS.


New York, September 27th, 1789.

My Dear Gouverneur, It is now late on Sunday evening. I am just come from a Committee of the Senate, which has been sitting the greatest part of this day, in order to make a report tomorrow morning, so as to forward the business, that we may adjourn on Tuesday evening.

Ever since the receipt of your letters, I have been so much engaged with the public business, that it has been impossible to attempt answering them, and I must do it after my return to Philadelphia, where I hope to be on Thursday or Friday


Congress is to meet again on the first Monday in January, and I expect we shall then turn our attention to an excise, a stamp tax, or rather a tax on law proceedings, &c. so as to provide sufficient funds for paying the interest of our whole debt, which, from all my observation I am led to believe, that every one concerned in the government is seriously bent upon doing. I have not a doubt but Rhode Island and North Carolina will come into the union this winter, and you will readily perceive, from the progress which the government has made, and is making, that the price of public securities will rise. Nothing but the very great scarcity of money keeps them down at present, but this is a scarcity very likely to

*Mr Robert Morris was at this time a Senator in Congress from Pennsylvania. The Congress assembled in the city of New York.

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