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heard, too, with pleasure, that in many of these destitute parts of our land, ministers have frequently gone forth in company, two or three at a time, and preached, and visited, and God has greatly blessed their labours.

But, we turn to contemplate more pleasing subjects. It cannot but be grati. fying to the friends of the Redeemer's kingdom, to learn that with few exceptions, the statements which we have received from the different Presbyteries, represent the interests of religion to be on the increase.

Infidelity is scarcely any where openly professed. The churches are generally walking in peace. There is generally an increased attention to the pub. lic ordinances of worship; and many new congregations have been organized, and new churches erected throughout our country. Several of these have been built in regions, where but a short time since was nothing but a waste wilderness, uninhabited by civilized man.

The monthly concert for prayer is generally observed. Bible classes and the catechetical instruction of youth, are still continued with the most beneficial effects. Baptized children with their parents, have in many instances been convened, and reminded of the solemn obligations imposed upon them, by the baptismal covenant. Praying societies are very generally established. Sabbath day schools are numerous and Aourishing, and thousands of youth, who probably would otherwise have grown up ignorant and vicious, have by means of these institutions been instructed, and fitted to make useful members of so. ciety.

Liberal patronage has generally been extended to the various benevolent and pious institutions, which are established within our bounds, and many Missionary, and Education, and Bible Societies are flourishing. It has given the As. sembly unfeigned joy, to hear of the very flourishing condition, and the increasing prosperity, of the American Bible Society. During the past year a considerable addition has been made, both to its funds, and to the number of auxiliary societies connected with it. We offer our fervent prayers that the blessing of the God of heaven-may rest upon it. Several societies for the education of poor and pious youth, who have the gospel ministry in view, have been established during the past year; and the churches appear in some degree to be awaking to a sense of the importance of this subject.

It is with pleasure that we notice the formation of several Missionary Associations of young men. The Young Men's Missionary Society of Richmond, is entitled to particular notice. During the last year they have employed eight missionaries, and have expended in their support about one thousand dollars.

The students in the University of North Carolina, who are members of the Dialectic Society, have generously engaged to contribute $250, payable in five years, towards endowing a professorship in the Theological Seminary at Prince. ton. It deserves also to be mentioned, that several children in the Island of Ceylon and in other places, are clothed, and fed, and instructed by the contributions of pious females, residing within our bounds.

From the report of the Board of Missions, the Assembly are gratified to learn, that the missionary concerns of our church, appear to be crowned with the blessing of God. The number of missionaries is increasing, though by no means sufficiently to meet the growing demands of a rapidly increasing population. Our Seminary at Princeton, is yearly furnishing valuable missionaries, whose labours are received with gratitude, and accompanied with a blessing. Under these circumstances it is hoped that the churches will not fail to take up annual contributions for the missionary fund, to the application of which the Presbyte. rian interest is so much indebted.

It is also gratifying to learn that God still blesses with the influences of his Spirit several of our colleges. Hamilton College has about 100 students, a majority of whom are pious. Union College has about 240 students, and of these about 70 are hopefully pious.

But we have not only to rejoice in the general increase of the interests of religion, there are also special reasons for thankfulness. On many of our congregations God has been pleased to pour out his spirit, and to grant them times of revival and refreshing. The congregations of West Bloomfield, Lima, Avon, Groveland, Nunda, Richmond, Livonia, and especially Mount Morris in the

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several of our sea-port towns, and both mariners themselves, and their families have received great benefit from attending the public ordinances of the gospel. The Assembly recommends to the ministers and members of our churches, to encourage and promote these useful institutions.

The Theological Seminary at Princeton, continues to enjoy the smiles of the great Head of the church. A missionary spirit is diffused among the students, and a few have already devoted themselves to the labours and privations of a foreign mission. The churches are already enjoying the fruits of this most important institution. The Theological Seminary, at Auburn, under the care of the Synod of Geneva, is flourishing; and efforts are also making, with encouraging prospects, to establish Theological Seminaries in other parts of our country.

The Assembly sincerely congratulates the churches, under its care, on the recent union which has been completed between the Presbyterian and the As. sociate Reformed Churches. We cannot but cherish the hope that this union will be productive of the most beneficial effects, and that the great Head of the church will bless it to the promotion of the interests of his kingdom. • On the whole, the review of the past year is calculated to awaken the most lively sensations of gratitude, to the great Head of the church, for the blessings which he has bestowed upon it, and to excite us to more zeal and devotedness in his service. We rejoice in the spread of his gospel. He shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. Reviewing his mercies to his church in our land, we are constrained to offer to him our de. vout praises. Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things, and blessed be his glorious name forever; and let the whole earth be filled with his glory._AMEN AND AMEN. Published by order of the General Assembly,


WILLIAM NEILL, Stated Clerk Philadelphia, May, 1822.

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Fourth Annual Report of the Philadelphia Education Society.

In reviewing their operations during the past year, your managers are constrained to regret the limited sphere in which they are compelled to move. Candour requires the statement, that their institution has not met with that liberal patronage, which its acknowledged importance demands.

This fact is announced with sorrow, and also with some degree of surprise ; for they are persuaded if their designs in encouraging and assisting indigent and pious youth in their preparatory studies for the

gospel ministry, were fully appreciated, they would have but little cause of complaint. But whilst your board have observed with pain, the fallacy of that zeal which has its only foundation in novelty, and have in many instances experienced a disappointment of their fondest anticipations, they have sufficient ground of encouragement to proceed in their purpose. Since the instances are exceedingly rare, in which youth of high worldly expectations are willing to submit to the labour and selfdenial attendant upon the sacred office; they feel it to be their imperative duty to aid, in every possible way, the wishes of those, who, although poor in this world, have talents, piety, and a willing heart to consecrate to the service of Christ. With such they have already been connected, and have felt their labour rewarded, in their exemplary deportment and literary proficiency.

The smiles of Providence have not been withheld; and, although some painful occurrences have taken place, as might have been reasonably anticipated, the board have still sufficient evidence, that their cause is identified with the cause of God and his church.

Since the institution of the society there have been twenty-three young men supported, in whole or in part, upon the funds.

There are at present six young men entirely dependant, who are successfully pursuing their studies at approved seminaries; six are partially supported; and

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occasional assistance has been afforded to several others, who have not been brought under the immediate superintendance of the managers.

For the education and maintenance of these, and for defraying incidental expenses, there have been expended during the past year $1097 99.

The receipts during the same period have been as follows; viz. Life subscription for Rev. John Robinson, North Carolina, by Ladies' Benevolent Society of Poplar Tent congregation.

$ 21 00 Ditto for Rev. James Patterson by Female Fragment Society 20 00 Ditto for Rev. Isaac Keller, M'Connelsburg, by ladies of his church 20 00 Collection after last annual sermon

92 00 From Auxiliary Society in First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia 56 50 Do. do. Second do.

89 62 Do. Third do.

83 85 Do. do. Sixth


32 50 From Union Auxiliary Society of Salem, South Carolina

45 00 From Auxiliary Society of Rockland Church

8 282 Do. Harrisburgh

100 00 Do, Neshaminy

20 25 Do. Mount Gilead, Ashton

10 71) Do. Percador congregation

25 50 Do. Providence and Springfield

6 60 Do. St. George and Forest congregation, Dela

145 20 Annual Subscriptions

128 00 Donation from ladies of Shaver creek congregation

4 50 Do. Presbytery of Northumberland

10 00 Do. a prayer meeting

3 00 Do. ladies of Rockland church, D. C.

7 00 Do. sundry individuals

16 00 Do. Mr. Cope, of Lewistown, Delaware

14 00 Do. Georgia, by Mr. Patterson

50 00 Interest of stock

63 60 Collection at Cape Island, by Mr. Patterson

9 50 Rent of property

46 00 Eighty-one volumes, together with a collection of pamphlets, bequeathed by late Mrs. Sarah Hollinshead, of Philadelphia.

19 Auxiliary Societies. The fund at present consists of 1060 dollars in six per cent. stock and 289 dollars in cash.

It should be further stated, that there are at present several candidates, who have been introduced to the notice of the board by the most flattering testimonials, but have been rejected through stern necessity, notwithstanding the plans of the board are founded upon the most rigid economy. Such measures, although resulting from a sense of duty, have excited the liveliest regret. The · remedy, however, is in the hands of the Christian public, and the hope is indulged, that it will not be withheld. All reasonable Christians will deprecate an unlearned ministry, and acknowledge the necessity, in connexion with piety, of those enlightened and dignified views in ministers of the gospel, which are infused by liberal studies; but they should at the same time recollect, that their personal exertions must contribute to effect objects so desirable.

Many thanks are due to those who have kindly and steadily co-operated with the board in advancing the interests of the institution; and an especial recognition is made of the assistance derived from Female Auxiliary Associations. That their example may be imitated, is heartily desired and earnestly recommended.

Our appeal is now made to Christian liberality; let it not meet with cold neglect, nor be regarded with listless indifference; especially at a period, when. the necessities of the church, and the deplorable condition of perishing millions, are unceasingly importuning us to send forth labourers into the vineyard.

The Treasurer of the Trustees of the General Assembly of the Pres.

byterian Church, acknowledges the receipt of the following sums for their Theological Seminary at Princeton, N. J. during the

month of May last, viz. Of Anthony Finley, for the privilege of printing 3500 copies of the

Confession of Faith, &c. one half is for the Contingent Fund, being S52 50 Of Rev. Dr. John M‘Dowell, from Mervin Hall of Elizabethtown, for ditto 2500 copies, one half is for the same fund

37 50 Of Rev. Reuben Post, from the Female Cent Society of Washington city, for ditto

16 50 And from the First Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, for ditto 20 00 Of Rev. A. G. Faircbild, from George's Creek Church, Redstone Presbytery, for ditto

5 34 Of Rev. Ezra King, from Long Island Presbytery, for ditto

8 00 Of Rev. A. O. Patterson, from the Female Cént Society of Mount Pleasant Church, Redstone Presbytery, for ditto

20 00 Of Rev. John Barnard, jr. from Ontario Presbytery, for ditto

7 62 Of William M‘Harg, Esq. from First Presbyterian Church of Albany,

43 00 of Rev. Dr. S. Miller, the donation of L. H. of Newburg, New York, for ditto

20 00 Of Rev. Obadiah Jennings, Steubenville Church, Ohio, for ditto 17 25 Of Rev. Henry Reid, from Mrs. Anna E. Norris, of Abbeville, South Carolina, for ditto

20 00 From Miss Ann Gray of ditto, 81, and a locket sold for $1, for ditto

2 00 From Mrs. Ann W. Saxon, of ditto, for ditto

1 00 From Miss Martha Gray, of ditto, for ditto

1 00 From Miss Mary A Patterson, of ditto, for ditto

3 00 And from Miss Ann L. Shaw, of ditto, for ditto

6 00 Of Rev. John Clark, from North River Presbytery, for ditto

4 00 Of Rev., Dr. Jonas Coe, Troy Presbytery, for ditto

30 04 Of Rev. John Smith, from Cooperstown, Otsego Presbytery, for ditto 11 21 Cherry Valley, for ditto

3 00 and Springfield, for ditto

2 50 Of Rev. Dr. Timothy Alden, from Female Cent Society in Erie Church, for ditto

6 00 of Rev. E. w. Gilbert, from W. Moffet, Esq. eastern shore of Maryland, for ditto

5 00 And from Capt. John Hamilton, Wilmington, Delaware, for ditto 5 00 Of Rev. W. R. Weeks, Whitesborough, Oneida Presbytery, for ditto 3 00 Of Rev. Philip Lindsly, donation of Dr. Lewis Condict, of Morristown, New Jersey, for ditto

25 00 Of Rev. Dr. John Woodhull, Freehold Church

9 50 Of Amos Slaymaker, Esq. Leacock Church

6 00 Of Rev. Dr. William Neill, from Rev. Francis Herron, old subscriptions

obtained by Dr. Neill, (one dollar discount paid by Mr. Herron, make $88 on Dr. Neill's list) for ditto

87 00 Of “A Presbyterian,” in a letter from Wheeling, Virginia, after a pe

rusal of professor Lindsly's “ Plea for the Theological Seminary at
"* for ditto

10 00 Of Rev. John Moody, from Carlisle Church, for ditto

12 45 Of Rev. Horace Galpin, Newton Presbytery, for ditto

28 93 Of Rev. Dr. Neill, subscription of Dr. John Wishart, Washington, Pennsylvania, for 1821 and 22, for ditto

6 00 The writer adds:-“ Of the existence of this institution I have been for some time apprized, but for the account of its wants, and its prospects of extensive usefulness to the Church of Christ, I am indebted to the Plea;' which, in my humble opinion, will continue to reflect credit to the heart as well as the head of its author.”

Of Rev. E. Yale, from Mr. R. Hawley, of Charleton, Albany Presby. tery,

4 00 of Rev. David Comfort, old subscriptions in Princeton, for ditto 160 00

in Trenton, for ditto

20 00

in Lawrenceville, for ditto 20 00 Of Rev. Dr. A. Alexander, from William Maxwell, Esq. Norfolk, his donation, for ditto

50 00 Donation of his sister, Mrs. Louisa Cocke, of Fluvanna county,

for ditto

50 00 And ditto of Mr. Cornelius K. Stribling, of Norfolk, for ditto

5 00 Of Rev. Dr. Robert Cathcart, from Monaghan Church, for ditto

4 00 Of Rev. J. H. C. Leach, the subscription of Rev. 1. B. Hoge, in May, 1820, for ditto

10 00 Of Rev. Isaac V. Brown, from the Female Benevolent Society of Lawrenceville, for ditto

28 39 Of Rev. John F. Clark, from the Dollar Society of Greenwich, for ditto 21 00 and frorn ditto

Lamington, for ditto 8 00 Of Samuel Bayard, Esq. the collection in Princeton Church, for ditto 30 00 Of Rev. George Reid, from Salem Union Society, S. C. for ditto 10 00 Of Rev. John E. Latta, old subscriptions

7 00 Amount received for the Contingent Fund $ 962 73 Of Rev. Reuben Post, First Church, Washington city, old subscrip;

tions, obtained by the Rev. Dr. William Neil, for the Permanent Fund 50 00 Of Marcus Wilbur, Esq. old subscriptions in New York, for ditto 800 00 Of Rev. Dr. J. J. Janeway, 20 and 3d instalments on his subscription

for the Professorship to be endowed by the Synod of Philadelphia 100 00 Of a Lady, her 2d ditio for ditto

50 00 Of Rev, Reuben Post, from First Church, Washington city, for ditto 60 00 Of James B. Ross, Esq. from Chambersburg, including $19 old subscriptions on Dr. Neill's paper, for ditto

60 00 Of Rev. John Moody, Middle Spring S10 50, and Silver Spring $5, for ditto

15 50 Of Rev. Robert S. Grier, Piney Creek, and Toms Creek, for ditto 8 00 Of Rev. Jonathan Freeman, Bridgeton and Greenwich, (they gave $60 last year) for ditto

31 63 Of Rev. Samuel B. How, of New Brunswick, the 2d instalment of Col.

John Neilson, for Professorship to be endowed by Synod of New
York and New Jersey

20 00 Second ditto of Jobn Pool, Esq.

20 00 And 2d ditto of Rev. Mr. How

10 00 Of Rev. Dr. John M'Dowell, from Elizabethtown, for ditto

30 00 And from the monthly concert of prayer in Elizabethtown, for ditto 18 00 Of Rev. Dr. Samuel Miller, his 3d instalment, for ditto

50 00 Of Rev. John Clark, Pleasant Valley, for ditto

40 00 From Rev. James

Ostrom, New Paltz and Marlborough, for ditto 38 00 From Yorktown $5, Amenia $4 25, Bedford $16 50, for ditto 25 75 And from a young lady of Newburg, for ditto

3 00 Of Rev. Dr. John Woodhull, the 1st and 2d instalment of Henry Wikoff, Esq. of Freehold, for ditto

40 00 Dr. Woodhull's 1st and 2d ditto, for ditto

60 00 Mrs. Sarah Woodhull's donation, for ditto

50 00 John T. Woodhull, M. D. his 1st and 2d instalment, for ditto

20 00 And Gilbert S. Woodhull, M. D. bis 1st and 2d ditto, for ditto

20 00 of Rev. Jacob Kirkpatrick, collected by him, for ditto

75 63 Of Rev. Elias W. Crane, from the Twenty-five Cent Society of Springfield, for ditto

8 10 Of Rev. Francis H. Porter, Concord Presbytery, for the Professorship

to be endowed in part by the Synod of North Carolina. The fol-
lowing list is entered just as it was received; viz.
Rev. J. MʻRee, D. D.

49 00 S. C. Caldwell,

62 00

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