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John Parker reminded the members that the increased subscription of 108. had been the means of placing the Society in a much healthier financial position. He then gave a report of the literary working of the Society, and announced the papers which would appear in the forthcoming RECORDS, which would be of exceptional interest.

Mr. Cocks made a few remarks upon the pile-dwelling which had been discovered at Hedsor-the only one known to exist in ihe South of England, and mentioned that it was interesting as being of a later date than others that had been found. Last autumn, whilst making excavations, those in charge of the work were completely flooded out, and Sir John Evans, in his character as President of the Society of Antiquaries, had promised them a steam-pump, but his (Mr. Cocks's) application was sent too late in the season, so they would have to wait till another year, The pile-dwelling had existed for many centuries, and one year would not make much difference. They might, however, discover that there was not only one dwelling, but many, covering some acres of ground. They had found remains of bones and curious objects cut out of oak, objects altogether new to Bucks. The Chetwode barrow which had been opened was somewhat disappointing, as it yielded nothing but a negative result. A windmill had stood upon the barrow, the foundations of wbich had been removed, and disclosed the largest amount of wood ashes he had ever seen in an aborigioal burial spot, but no bones were found. Referring to the Museum, he thought it was not a credit to the county, to the Society, or to himself, Only recently a gentleman bad offered to present them with a collection of shells and minerals, but when he saw the place where they would have to be deposited he would not leave them, but withheld his intended gift. If they could get more cases the prospects of the Museum would be greatly improved,

The following were elected members of the Society :-Mr. and Mrs. Walter Baily, Terrier's Green, Wycombe; the Rev. J. W. W. Bootb, Prestwood Vicarage; Mr. Charles Pigott, Brook House, Aylesbury; the Rev. C. 0. Phipps, Aylesbury Vicarage ; the Rev. W. B. Banting, Little Brickhill Vicarage ; Mr. Thomas Hedges, Heywood House, Stewkley ; and i he Venerable the Archdeacon of Buckingham, Taplow.

Votes of thanks were passed to the Chairman and to Mr. Williams for organising the excursion.

After the Annual Meeting, some delay was occasioned by the conveyances not being in readiness, and, unfortunately, the intended visit to the three Brickhill Churches had to be abandoned, this was the more to be regretted as Mr. Banting, the Vicar of Little Brickhill, had prepared a paper to be read ou the history and architecture of his church. A drive was consequently taken direct to Leighton Buzzard, and a visit was paid to the fine parish church of All Saints. Those of the members and their friends who bad to catch the train at Aylesbury on the Wycombe branch line could only, in a cursory manner, view the churcb, the remainder were able to inspect it at their leisure, and also to examine Dr. Lawford's collection of antiquities.

The members and their friends were met at the church by Dr. Lawford, Mr. D. Pettit, Mr. Richmond, and other gentlemen, who pointed out its principal features. The elaborate iron work of the west door was first examined, and excited much interest. It is supposed to have been made about the year 1290, by Master Thomas de Lightone, who is also credited with having made the iron screen for Queen Eleanor's tomb in Westminster Abbey. It is in an excellent state of preservation, and was evidently the work of no mean craftsman. Upon ontering the church, Dr. Lawford made a few introductory remarks, after which Mr, Richmond read some extracts from a paper he had prepared.

He said the first authentic record they bad of Leighton was in “Domes.
day," under the name of Lestone, and it was supposed to have been the
Lygeanbirg of the “Saxon Chronicles." The earliest reference he could
find to the second name-Buzzard-was in a letter in the muniment room
of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln, dated 1242, by the Bishop of that
See to the Prebendary of “ Lecton Buzzard,” and again in the ordination
of the vicarage in 1277. Buzzard was supposed by some to be a corrup-
tion of “Beau Assart” (a good clearing), by others to be taken from the
family of Bozart, wbo were of some note in the county in the time of
Edward II. and III. (1307-77). The Rectory of Leighton was originally
possessed by the Bishop of Dorchester, as part of the endowment of
that See, which was removed to Lincoln in 1073. The present building
dated from the end of the 13th century. Mr. James Parker, at a meet-
ing bere of the Oxford Arcbæological Society in 1891, stated that there
was nothing earlier in the present fabric than the work of the reign of
Edward I. (1272-1307). The tower, spire, and most of the walls of the
aisles and chancel were believed to be Early English ; the nave, piers,
arches, and chancel, Early English or very Early Decorated ; and the
windows nearly all Perpendicular, some of them having very good
tracery. The font-a very solid piece of masonry-is Early Englisb, and
probably of earlier date than any portion of the fabric of the church.
The vestry was thought to have been an ancborite's cell or priest's
cbamber. The remains of the stone staircase to the rood loft were on
the south side of the chancel arch. The church was carefully restored
in 1886 by Messrs. Bodley and Garner. The porches, which had beea
closed since 1841, and used for staircases to the galleries, were re-opened
and the galleries removed. Some interesting details were brought to
light in the transepts. The nave roof was a good specimen of its kind,
the stone cor bels having the instruments of the Passion carved upon
them. Some of the woodwork of the church was specially worthy of
notice, the base of the lectern being, with other specimens, of the earliest
date. The oak stalls in the chancel were naturally associated with the
Cistercian House wbich existed at Grovebury from 1177. The pulpit was
a dated specimen of Jacobean work, and the folding board in the south
transept bore a record to the effect that in 1638 Edward Wilkes "gave
the cedar pulpit and a purple velvet cushion for the use of the minister."
The altar table and altar rails, as well as the monumente, were also worthy
of note.

The party, after an inspection of the principal objects to which attention had been called, proceeded to Dr. Lawford's residence, where they were entertained to tea in his garden, and afforded an opportunity of viewing his collection of Anglo-Saxon coins, ancient pottery, and other objects found in the immediate neighbourhood. Mr. H. Pettit also exhibited a very interesting collection of old coins and poliery, some of the coins being of very early date and excellent specimens.

The thanks of the members having been given to Dr. Lawford for his kindly reception and entertainment, the proceedings of the Society conoluded.



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