Prussian Apocalypse: The Fall of Danzig 1945

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Pen and Sword, 19 lip 2012 - 240
Egbert Kieser s graphic account of the Red Army s assault on East Prussia in 1945 is one of the classic histories of the destruction of Hitler s Germany, and it has never before been available in English. Using extensive, firsthand, unforgettable eyewitness testimony, he documents in riveting detail the catastrophe that overtook German civilians and soldiers as they fled from the Soviet onslaught and their world collapsed around them. Tony Le Tissier, in this fluent and vivid translation of the original German text, brings to bear all his expert knowledge of the military defeat of the German armies in the East and the enormity of the human disaster that went with it. Egbert Kieser was born in 1928 in Bad Salzungen, Thüringen and studied philosophy and the history of art at Heidelberg University. He worked as a freelance journalist, writer and editor. Among his many publications are two outstanding studies of German Second World War history Danziger Bucht 1945 (which is translated here as Prussian Apocalypse) and Operation Sea Lion: The German Plan to Invade Britain, 1940.

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Precipitate Flight
The Last Trains
The Fall of Elbing
The German 4th Armys Breakout
Over the Ice of the Frisches Haff
The Road along the Spit
The Pillau Exit
Flight from Konigsberg
The Sinking of the General von Steuben
Westwards over the Vistula
From Pillau to Gotenhafen Chapter 15 Danzig cut
Chaos at the Mouth of the Vistula
From Hela to the West Chapter 18 The Fall of Konigsberg
The Soviets occupy the Samland
The End of Pillau
The End at the Vistula and Hela

The Soviet Invasion of the Samland
The Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff

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Informacje o autorze (2012)

During many years working in several senior official positions in Berlin - including spells as provost marshal and British governor of Spandau prison - Tony Le Tissier has accumulated a vast knowledge of the campaign the led up to the fall of Berlin. He has researched every aspect of the 1945 battle for the city in unprecedented detail and has published a series of outstanding books on the subject, inlcuding The Battle of Berlin 1945, Farewell to Spandau, Berlin Then and Now, Zhukov at the Oder, Slaughter at Halbe, The Third Reich Then and Now, With Our Backs to Berlin, Death Was Our Companion, Berlin Battlefield Guide: Third Reich and Cold War and The Siege of Küstrin 1945: Gateway to Berlin.

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