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Periodicals noticed: French, 257, 535; German, 250, 539; Italian, 253, 531.
Persecution of English Catholics by law, 315.

Poets, Minor, of Modern France, 377; Breton and Provençal, 391.

Ponsard, François, Poems of, 388.

Pulpit Commentary, Spencer and Exell's, noticed, 263.

"RECORD, The," character of, 5.

Reid, T. Wemyss, Politicians of To-day, noticed, 270.

Revision of the New Testament, 127; Catholic view of, 129; King James's,
130; history of present, 132; method adopted in, 133; results of, 134;
Catholic truth and, 136; omissions in, 140; effect of, on religious
minds, 143.

Rheims Testament, value of, 128, 130.

Richards, Rev. W. J. B., The Confraternities, noticed, 564.

"Rock, The," character of, 7.

Rosmini-Serbati, Della Vita di Antonio, noticed, 268.

Rule, Martin, on Lanfranc and his Modern Critics, 406 seq.
Rules of the Association of the Holy Angels, noticed, 564.
Russell, Rev. Matthew, S. J., Erin, noticed, 279.

Ryan, Rev. A. J., Poems, noticed, 302.

Ryder, Rev. H. J. D., Catholic Controversy, noticed, 303.

SALVATION Army newspapers, 24.

Schmitt, Dr. J., Instructions for First Communicants, noticed, 564.

Schools in Germany before the Reformation, 111.

Schoupe, Rev. F., S. J., First Communicant's Manual, noticed, 564.

Schultz, Dr. Ludwig, Thomas-Lexicon, noticed, 551.

Scott, G. Gilbert, Essay on History of English Church Architecture, noticed,

Ségur, Mgr. de, Familiar Instructions on Truths of Religion, noticed, 564.
Sermons in Germany in Fifteenth Century, 111, 120.

Shapcot, Reuben, Autobiography of Mark Rutherford, noticed, 293.

Slave Trade, Cruelties of African, 173.

TANGANYIKA, Lake, 170.

Testament, New, see Revision.

Textual Criticism, Methods of, 133; and results of, 124.

Thijm, Prof. Alberdingk, on Recent Works in Germany, 106 seq.

Thompson, E. Healy, Letters and Writings of Marie Lataste, noticed, 564. ·

Tozer, Rev. H. Fanshawe, Turkish Armenia, noticed, 272.

ULSTER Tenant Right, peculiarities of, 228.

"Unitarian Inquirer, The," 28.

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VALLAVRII, Thomæ, Inscriptiones, noticed, 277.

Villemarqué, Hérsart de la, Poems of, 392.

"Virtual" Intentions, 38; Lugo's theory about, 39; Superstitious acceptance
of, 41.

Walsh, Dr. W. J., his De Actibus Humanis, 38; his Plain Exposition of

Irish Land Act of 1881, noticed, 563.

"War Cry, The," 24.

Ward, Dr. W. G., on Extent of Free Will, 29 seq.

Warren, F. E., Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church, noticed, 294.

Wenham, Canon, The Catechumen, noticed, 546.

Wesleyan Newspapers, character of, 20.

Wesley, The Work of, 206; its effects, 326 seq.

Will of God, The, noticed, 564.

William the Conqueror's Marriage with Matilda, 413.

Wolter D. Maurus, O.S.B., Præcipua Ordinis Monastici Elementa, noticed, 553.
Wren, Edmund, The Intermediate Education History of England, Part I.,
noticed, 275.

YOUNG, Literature for the, see Literature.





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