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JAN 13 1931 – HS +NTS – Ex


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–I-Abhandlung. J. Schipper: The Poems of Walter Kennedy edited with introductions,

various readings, and notes. II. Abhandlung Berthold Laufer: Aus den Geschichten und Liedern des Milaraspa.

- III. Abhandlung. Constantin Jireček: Die Romanen in den Städten Dalmatiens während des Mittelalters. I. Theil. A

–IV. Abhandlung. Friedrich Kenner: Die römische Niederlassung in Hallstatt (Ober

österreich). Mit 1 Tafel und 14 Abbildungen im Texte.

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The reign of King James IV of Scotland was, it is well known, the golden age of Scottish Poesy. It would be superfluous to dwell upon the causes of this fact here, which have been frequently explained, not only by the writer of these lines, but more fully by earlier and later Scotch and English scholars as well. Gavin Douglas and William Dunbar were undoubtedly the two most eminent poets that adorned the Scotch court during the end of the XV" and the beginning of the XVI" centuries, but the latter writer mentions in his Lament for the Makaris, written about 1507, a considerable number of other Scotch poets, who had either died shortly before, or were then still living. Very little, however, or nothing at all has become known of the lives or writings of most of these poets, with the exception of Walter Kennedy, whom Dunbar mentions towards the end of the poem in the following stanza (the last but two) as a dying man: Gud Maistir Walter Kennedy In poynt of deth lyis verely; Grit rewth it wer that so suld be; Timor Mortis conturbat me.

These verses are of interest still in yet another respect, as the epithet gud shows that Dunbar felt no lasting enmity or aversion against Kennedy, with whom he had fought that famous literary duel of coarse raillery and invective which is known in English Literature as 'The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy. Nor is it likely that Kennedy had any

Cf. William Dunbar, sein Leben und seine Gedichte in Analysen und ausgewählten Uebersetzungen nebst einem Abriss der altschottischen Poesie. Ein Beitrag zur schottisch-englischen Literatur- und Culturgeschichte von Dr. J. Schipper, ordentl. Professor der englischen Philologie an der k. k. Universität in Wien. Berlin, Verlag von Robert Oppenheim, 1884 (nun Strassburg, Verlag von C. J. Trübner), 8°. – William Dunbar (1460–1520), A Study in the Poetry and History of Scotland. By AE. J. G. Mackay. Scottish Text Society, vol. 16, Wm Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh 1889, 89. – William Dunbar, By Oliphant Smeaton. Famous Scots Series. Published by Oliphant Anderson and Ferrier, Edinburgh and London (no date), 8°.

Denkschriften der phil.-hist. Classe. XLVIII. Bd. I. Abh. 1

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